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2011-2012 NBA Thread

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by poptart, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. poptart

    poptart Hungover

    Christmas Day

  2. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I was woken up by people telling me that the players and owners came to an agreement. Season on starting Christmas. Heat/Mavs will be the first Heat game.

    So it's settled, Heat gon win.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    Woooo!! Although do not expect much response back. We may be the only humans awake right now, lol.
  4. MarlinKidd101

    MarlinKidd101 Don't Read This.

  5. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    Win win win. Checking in.

    Miami's gonna win it all and be accused of not having a real season to play for it in.
  6. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Social Assassin

    Shut the f*ck up! Is this really happening or am I really hungover?!
  7. I Love Me Some Fish

    I Love Me Some Fish 2013 = year of the fish?

    Christmas day is opening day?

    That's sick.

    And when I saw part of the tread title on the first page I was very scared to click it...I was expecting to see "Breaking News: NBA Season will be canceled"....whew!!
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  8. Beetle

    Beetle Groundskeeper

    Threads merged.
  9. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    LeBron will have a sick fourth quarter and everyone in the media will say, "of course he did, it's not the finals."

    Book it.
  10. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    Now the Heat can watch Dallas raise their banners in shame.

    Should be a good message to start the season.
  11. Qbanj69

    Qbanj69 Hammerhead

    Good. I hope they all share that feeling they had last year after losing the finals- all the way to this year's finals.
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  12. prin

    prin Grasshopper

    If the Heat can pick up a decent Center I think they'll roll. I don't care about seeding - just finish top 3 in the East and rest guys for the playoffs. Don't want to burn out our players on these frequent back to back games.
  13. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion


    See you guys in the ECFs again. Go Bulls!
  14. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    If the season were any shorter I'd be afraid for both the Bulls and the Heat losing their spot to the elderly Celtics.

    But at this point 66 games is still arbitrarily a full season.
  15. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Social Assassin

    I'm glad it worked out like this because I don't have anything else to do on Christmas and I rely on the NBA to ensure I don't have to go to a Chinese restaurant and/or the movies. I'm very curious to see how the Heat play that first game in Dallas. Not only will it be an emotional game for them, but they were out of synch at the beginning of last season and they've had so much time off now with the ridiculous lockout.
  16. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    Should be nice starting the season with a healthy Miller and Haslem. Wondering who they go after in free agentcy and who starts at the point between Chalmers and Cole if they don't get a vet. Personally, I want to see what Cole can bring to the table. He had some big games against West Virginia and Butler last year in college.
  17. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    The popular choice seems to be Samuel Dalembert with the MLE.
  18. bobbob1313

    bobbob1313 Rally Sad Nats Fan!

    I'm totally fine with standing pat at point guard. I'm one of the few Heats fans that doesn't irrationally hate Chalmers, and I think he's more than capable of being the starting point guard. And I think Cole is a really intriguing talent, especially on this team.

    Add Dalembert at C and some veterans at the minimum who aren't 38 years old, and I'm happy.
  19. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    I keep hearing rumblings of a possible Boozer/Scola trade on the radio. Not sure how reliable that is.. but i would assume any trade with Houston would involve Asik and Courtney Lee, among other things.
  20. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Social Assassin

    Teams better act fast. Really small time frame to make moves.

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