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2012-2013 NFL Thread

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by I Love Me Some Fish, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Schnellders

    Schnellders The Sinister Scotsman

    Some wild plays in that Denver game last night!
  2. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    Wow ... just, wow.
  3. Piazza31

    Piazza31 Pr*ck

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    Very fun game.
  5. Lessons from the Weekend:

    Baltimore at Denver: Fox is chickens***, refs hate Peyton
    Green Bay at San Francisco: It is more difficult to score at the Chicken Ranch than it is to score on the Packers
    Seattle at Atlanta: Carrol is still a moron.
    Houston at New England: The Texans remain not ready for prime time
  6. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    SF and Baltimore to the Super Bowl. Battle of the Harbaughs, which we'll probably get tired of hearing about.

    Two pretty good games. Feel good for Flacco. Wish Ryan would've gotten over the hump too actually.

    30-42, 396 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT, sacked once.
    Hard to believe those are the stats for a losing QB today..
  7. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    Has Ray Lewis stopped fake crying yet?
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  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    I was convinced NE was going to be in the SB.
  9. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    Rooting for the team with more UM players, I guess? Frank Gore isn't too shabby, but go Ravens!
  10. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    My friend Steven and I independently called this SB matchup from the preseason (or maybe even before it) one drunken night. We wrote it down and we still have the papers. One difference... he chose Baltimore. I chose SF.

    It's a showdown for the ultimate bragging rights.
  11. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    Ya'll can call it the HarBowl; I'll call it the Dr. B Bragging Rights Bowl.
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  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    AP for MVP!
  13. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    This superbowl is going to suck. Calling it now.
  14. poptart

    poptart Hungover

    placed a dozen prop bets, so that if it sucks I'm still gonna be into it
  15. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

  16. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    Started off suckish, ended great.
  17. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

  18. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    Beyonce killed it. Game still wasn't very good. It was DECENT at the very end. Yay.
  19. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    Beyonce was great and all but ain't nobody gettin half naked in 22 degree snowfall next year. Hope they go back with a band.

    Bryan Adams would put on a good show.
  20. MarlinKidd101

    MarlinKidd101 Don't Read This.

    They should just have a huge snowball fight during halftime instead.

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