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Bleacher Reports ranks our Rotation as 16th best

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Eddie Altamonte, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Eddie Altamonte

    Eddie Altamonte Hammerhead

  2. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    You are surprised that the Yankees' rotation is ranked higher? Sabathia, Kuroda, Tanaka and Nova is a pretty solid top four. I don't get it with the Mets though, as Matt Harvey isn't going to pitch this year.
  3. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    to be middle of the pack is actually really good for 1 ace and a bunch of guys who are still pretty unproven. I mean I don't think it would shock people if Eovaldi or Alvarez (or both) slipped a little this season. I don't expect them to plumment or anything but a top 10 ranked #2 and #3 rotation arm, we're not there yet. Turner is still anyone's guess, and #5 is still up for grabs. Now once they add Heaney and whoever else wins the 4/5 jobs, then we could be sneaking in that top 10.
  4. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    I think that's fair. We don't really know what to expect with these guys yet since they are so young, and I think most of them outperformed where they will end up averaging over their careers (Eovaldi in particular).
  5. Rapp/Laettnerfanatic

    Rapp/Laettnerfanatic Grasshopper

    It's bleacher report. Enough said.
  6. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Really? Usually we see eye to eye, but I think most of these guys are going to be pretty darn good. Eovaldi still hasn't proven over a full season he is the real deal as a starter, however even if he moves to the pen he'll be very good there. I do think Alvarez is going to be a pretty good starter, even if it's just Ricky Nolasco good. Turner, I would agree, no idea what he's going to turn in to...
  7. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    Anything on Bleacher Report is absolutely meaningless. It's just random people writing.
  8. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    Turner has a much higher upside than Alvarez. Alvarez is probably a 3rd or 4th starter. If Turner puts it together, he has ace potential.

    I agree that Eovaldi would be good in the pen if he doesn't become a starter long time.

    When I say I think they are probably overperforming, it's because I can't imagine that Fernandez has that amazing a season again, since I think he was one of like 3 modern pitchers to put up those kinds of numbers at his age. I still think he'll be great, but I'm more concerned about the others. Thankfully we still have some interesting prospects like Heaney and Flynn who will be able to contribute down the road.
  9. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I disagree regarding Turner; I think he was an interesting prospect but becomes less interesting the more I see him. I feel the opposite about Alvarez, the more I see him the more impressed I am. But I do agree that Alvarez is a #3 starter at best, which is in line with my likeness to "Nolasco" success.
  10. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    I would hope he turns out to be a lot more consistent than Nolasco.
  11. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Yea, but all things considered Ricky has forged out a pretty good career. Good enough to get two really nice contracts...

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