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Castillo traded to Twins

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by vinivedivichi, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. vinivedivichi

    vinivedivichi Grasshopper

    As per ESPNEWS bottom corner
  2. bobnatalforever

    bobnatalforever Muckdog

    boog just reported it, more details to follow. the sale continues
  3. Junior

    Junior Hammerhead

    Yep, I'll confrim that

    Fish get 2 minor league pitchers.
  4. rmarlins

    rmarlins Grasshopper

    This was confirmed by bug on his show just now
  5. MiRi

    MiRi Hammerhead .

    This sucks.
  6. wanks1212

    wanks1212 Hammerhead
  7. vinivedivichi

    vinivedivichi Grasshopper

    "In exchange for two minor league pitchers."

    I hate to see Luis go. Of all the Marlins, it seems he has always given his all and played for the good of the team. Beckett whining, Gonzalez loafing, Cabrera being Cabrera, and Castill always giving it his all. This one hurts the most IMO.
  8. JonDigital

    JonDigital 60 Million Reasons to Love Hanley!

    Mark my words Luis will be a Marlin in 2006.

    LOL riiight. Anyone know who we got?
  9. Accord

    Accord Semper Fi

    f*** this sh*t.
  10. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Jesus... Are we not allowed to get any hitting prospects? Who the hell plays 2nd for us now?
  11. TSwift25

    TSwift25 Bring on Contraction!

    So who plays second now?

    Oh, wait, it's ok WE GOT PITCHING!!!!!!! :mad
  12. rferry

    rferry A Clutch Leadoff Walk

  13. CyggyMarlin

    CyggyMarlin 2013 Montreal Marlins

    *SIGH*... If anything, I am pissed off at the "powers that be" in Florida who made all this possible...
  14. Accord

    Accord Semper Fi

    Easley :plain
  15. CyggyMarlin

    CyggyMarlin 2013 Montreal Marlins

    I thought the exact same thing... Enough pitching, get some f'n position players
  16. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Bowyer had 96 K's in 74 IP in AAA last season.. posting a 2.79 ERA.
  17. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Andino and Wilson probably.

  18. Lefty

    Lefty Agrippa

    In all honesty, I think I'll take a break from the forums for a bit (aside from CBL). This one hurts....a lot
  19. JonDigital

    JonDigital 60 Million Reasons to Love Hanley!

    How many double plays has he started at second base? :confused
  20. Valyekrin

    Valyekrin Grasshopper

    :crying My Favorite Marlin... gone... at least he is going to a good place, the Marlins of the AL. Thanks for the memories Louie.

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