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Favorite and Hated Players on Your Teams

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by BosnianBaller_, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    list your favorite player and most hated player on the teams you follow

    NBA - Sacramento Kings
    Hated - Kenny Thomas. Easily
    Favorite - Tyreke Evans. He's going to save the franchise

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio. I wouldn't hate him if he had not teased me the 1st week of the season
    Favorite - Hanley Ramirez. No explanation needed
    Soccer - Liverpool
    Hated - No one really
    Favorite - Fernando Torres. World class striker who consistently has clutch goals

    NCAA Basketball - Penn State Nittany Lions
    Hated - No one really
    Favorite - Talor Battle. The only player ever worth mentioning to have worn a Penn State jersey

    NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
    Hated - No one currently but i really disliked LJ Smith. When he played for us he just looked like garbage and consistently made misplays
    Favorite - DeSean Jackson. Extremely overlooked when being compared to the top WR in the league
    now your favorite/hated of all time in any sport

    NBA - Hated - Kevin Garnett. Dirty player that gets credit for playing "good defense"
    Favorite - Peja Stojakovic. The only reason I started following basketball and the kings

    MLB - Hated - Joba Chamberlain.....overrated
    Favorite - Dontrelle Willis. A pitching phenom during his time with the Marlins

    Soccer - Hated - Wayne Rooney. Douche
    Favorite - A 3 headed monster here.....Ibrahimovic, Dzeko, and Srna. Ibrahimovic cuz I thought he was the coolest player ever and is of Bosnian origin. Dzeko, cuz he represents Bosnia in the world cup qualifiers and is gonna be a star. And finally Srna just because I loved watching Croatia in the world cup cup a couple years ago and I think they still have the best uniforms.

    NCAA Basketball - Hated - JJ Redick. Everyone hates him [​IMG]
    Favorite - Talor Battle

    NFL - Hated - Brett Favre. Just retire..................again
    Favorite - DeSean Jackson.
  2. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    NBA - Miami Heat
    Hated - Mark Blount
    Favorite - Dwyane Wade.

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio.
    Favorite - Hanley

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated - Ted Ginn since I know he can be so much better then he has been.
    Favorite - Ronnie Brown.

    Soccer - Real Madrid
    Hated - Dudek.
    Favorite -Kaka' and Raul

    Hockey- Panthers
    Hated- Horton since he misses so many goal opportunity's but can be a solid player.
    Favorite- Booooooooooooooooth

    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - Used to be Eddie Jones but now its Dwyane Wade

    MLB - Griffey Jr. was going to be the best without all those injuries.

    NFL - Jason Taylor and Yo this is T.O.

    Soccer - It's a tie between Ronaldihno and Donavon since the 1st game I ever saw was with both of them and they both scored.

    Hockey- Sid the Kid/Malkin
  3. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    i always liked eddie jones even though i'm not a heat fan. i just looked up his stats and never knew he had such a good career

    Oh, i forgot to add hockey. but i'm not a big hockey fan anyway. be free to add any sports i left off or forgot
  4. Mets_bs

    Mets_bs Hammerhead

    MLB - New York Mets
    Hated - Carlos Delgado
    Favorite - David Wright

    NFL - New York Football Giants
    Hated - Sinorice Moss for being such a bust.
    Favorite - Justin Tuck

    Soccer - Everton
    Hated - Phil Neville, I guess. Last year it was easy, Andy Van Der Meyde.
    Favorite - Phil Jagielka

    NHL - New York Rangers
    Hated - Donald Brashear
    Favorite - King Henrik

    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    MLB - Howard Johnson

    NFL - Jesse Armstead

    Soccer - Jozy Altidore

    NHL - Adam Graves
  5. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    David Wright, eeeehhhh :D
  6. Mets_bs

    Mets_bs Hammerhead

    You would love him if he were on your team. But that's how it always goes.
  7. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    damn straight i'd love him on my team

  8. NHL-Florida Panthers
    Hated -
    Nathan Horton. A talented lazy f***, who has admitted to being lazy before.
    Favorite - David Booth. The opposite of Horton.

    MLB-Florida Marlins
    Hated -
    Renyel Pinto. I think he's talented...but he walks too many people, and that annoys me.
    Favorite - Hanley. I'd say there's no explanation needed.

    NBA - Michael Jordan...again, no explanation needed, I assume.

    MLB - Luis Castillo. Smart player, got on base, gold glover...Lui was the man; I was sad when he left.

    NFL - Don't have a favorite, but I can say that I hate Brett Favre.

    NHL - Milan Lucic. He's a beast.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    NBA - Orlando Magic
    Hated - Hedo Turkoglu. He acts as if he's the Turkish MJ
    Favorite - Jameer Nelson. So underrated and such a beast. I love this player.

    MLB -
    Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio.
    Favorite - Hanley. Obvious

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated -
    Favorite - Miami Dolphins. Love the whole f*ckng team.

    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - MJ. He's the geatest player of all time, and I loved how he competed.

    MLB - Ken Griffey Jr. MarlinPride was on the money. Could've been the greatest player of all time.

    - Peyton Manning. Elite, reminds me of Marino, and Is halarious
  10. Rabbethan

    Rabbethan Member of Captain Mitre's Pirate Crew

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - I don't hate anyone on the team right now. Feelings of extreme dislike sometimes fall out towards Hermida.
    Favorite - Cody.

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated - No one, Andre Goodman's not on the team anymore.
    Favorite - I'm not sure I have a favorite.

    NHL - Florida Panthers
    Hated - Brett McLean left, so no one.
    Favorite - David Booth.

    Soccer - No favorite team, maybe ManU. Only watch from time to time.
    Hated - Cristiano Ronaldo. Diving asshole.
    Favorite - Wayne Rooney.


    NBA - Michael Jordan. I was all about MJ as a kid.

    MLB - Jeff Conine.

    NFL - Dan Marino.

    NHL - The Great One? Not really sure.
  11. Puma

    Puma Hammerhead

    NBA - Miami Heat
    Hated - Don't really hate anyone on the team.
    Favorite - Dwyane Wade. One of the top players in the league, plus one of the nicest guys you'll find off the court as well, hard worker, etc.

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Toss up between Bonifacio and Hermida. Bonifacio because he sucks, Hermida because he's lazy.
    Favorite - Hanley, most of the time. I'm also a big John Baker fan, love his attitude and work ethic, his knowledge of the game, and the way he presents himself. I believe he will be a big league manager after his playing days are over.

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated - Ted Ginn, nothing against him personally, but Draft Day 2007 still haunts me.
    Favorite - Ronnie Brown. Jake Long honorable mention.

    now your favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - Zo Mourning

    MLB - Cal Ripken Jr.

    NFL - Dan Marino
  12. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Only favorites

    Chicago Bulls
    All Time: MJ
    Current: DRose

    Chicago Bears
    All Time: Urlacher

    Chicago Blackhawks
    All Time: Chris Chelios
    Current: Patrick Kane

    Florida Marlins
    All Time: Andre Dawson
    Current: Hanley

    Iowa Football
    All Time: Tim Dwight/Bob Sanders
    Currrent: Adrian Claybourn

    Iowa Basketball
    All Time: BJ Armstrong
    Current: Matt Gatens
  13. McFly

    McFly The Wade-y Bunch

    NBA - Miami Heat
    Hated - Dorrell Wright. Yakhouba Diawara gets honorable mention.
    Favorite - Dwyane Wade.

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Hermida and Bonifacio are neck & neck
    Favorite - Hanley

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated - Jason Allen
    Favorite - Jason Taylor

    now your favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - Alonzo Mourning. Dwyane Wade will overtake that spot eventually.

    - Can't say I have an all-time favorite player. Loved Conine, Cabrera, Hanley now.

    NFL - Dan Marino
  14. Speed914

    Speed914 Jammer

    NBA - Denver Nuggets
    Hated - None
    Favorite - Carmello

    MLB - Chicago Cubs
    Hated - I love all of God's creatures.
    Favorite - Aramis Ramirez

    NFL - Denver Broncos
    Hated - Well last year it would be the whole defense.
    Favorite - Toss up between BDawk and Eddie Royal

    NCAA Football - Missouri Tigers
    Favorite - Jeremy Maclin, Chase Coffman

    Hockey- Avalanche
    Favorite- Wojtek Wolski

    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - Carmello

    MLB - Aramis or Maddux

    NFL - John Elway

    Soccer -

    Hockey- Patrick Kane / Wojtek Wolski
  15. Schnellders

    Schnellders The Sinister Scotsman

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Favourite - Hanley Ramirez
    Hated - Renyel Pinto

    NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Favourite - Even tho he hasnt yet played for us, Kellen Winslow. Or maybe Barrett Ruud
    Hated - Nobody really, although I'm not that keen on Michael Clayton considering he got $$$ after a few hopeless seasons

    NBA - Orlando Magic
    Favourite - Superman Dwight Howard
    Hated - None, probably because I don't really follow basketball

    Soccer - Glasgow Rangers
    Favourite - Kris Boyd
    Hated - Kirk Broadfoot
  16. fluxuation

    fluxuation lulz

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated: Hermida
    Favorite: JJ

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated: No one really
    Favorite: Ronnie Brown

    Favorite Dolphin All Time - gotta go with Marino
    Favorite Marlin All Time - Reggie Abercrombie
  17. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - I don't hate anyone on the team right now. Feelings of extreme dislike sometimes fall out towards Hermida. (repeated verbatum from Rab)
    Favorite - Josh Johnson

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated - Jason Allen (WTF was the reason for drafting him Saban!!!!!!!!)
    Favorite - Patrick Cobbs (I used to love Welker because he did everything, Cobbs seemed to always do something great last season when he wasn't supposed to)

    NHL - Florida Panthers
    Hated - Tomas Vokoun (for stealing starts from Anderson)
    Favorite - Craig Anderson

    Soccer - Team USA ldo (as for MLS, only team I really know are the Galaxy
    Hated - David Beckham (obvious choice, hate people who think they are greater than the game)
    Favorite - Kaka (say it with me, KAKA!)

    NBA- Miami Heat
    Hated- Yakuba Diawara
    Favorite- Daequan Cook


    NBA - Alonzo Mourning (even if he wasn't a Heat player, the story of Zo's journey during his NBA career is amazing in itself, let alone a HOF playing career)

    MLB - Luis Castillo (I emulated how I played baseball by the way Castillo played the game)

    NFL - Ricky Williams (I grew up watching Williams with the Fins, every time he touched the ball without a joint he would do something special)

    NHL - Mark Messier
  18. gizmo

    gizmo RALLY, BITCH

    I'm sure you're aware that Anderson is no longer on the team :(
  19. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.


    I had no idea he went to Colorado :(
  20. gizmo

    gizmo RALLY, BITCH

    Yeah, but we did get Scott Clemmensen though.

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