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Favorite and Hated Players on Your Teams

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by BosnianBaller_, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    He's no Craig Anderson though :(
  2. Yeah...he's better.
    And Tomas Vokoun's better than both of them.
  3. Rabbethan

    Rabbethan Member of Captain Mitre's Pirate Crew

    What's with you and your insane love for backup players?

  4. That was sarcasm, right?
  5. marlins6

    marlins6 florida panthers = nhl playoffs,HOPEFULLY

    mlb:florida marlins favorite:hanley best in baseball. hated:emlio he is the worst ever nfl:carolina panthers favorite:steve smith hated:jake delhomme for now throwing 6 interceptions vs the cardinals. nba:charlotte bobcats favorite: gerald wallace hated:alex ajanica waste of a draft pick. nhl:florida panthers favorite:david booth came up from the ahl has worked hard and earned every penny he has gotten in the nhl. hated:nathan horton just a straight bust. all-time favorites florida marlins:luis castillo did just about everything u asked him to. florida panthers:pavel bure the most electrifing player in panthers history. carolina panthers:sam mills true leader and evey thing good about the panthers. charlotte bobcats:emecka okafor i miss him already
  6. fluxuation

    fluxuation lulz

    yes and no. he's my favorite in an ironic sort of way.
    My honest favorite all time marlin is probably Alex Gonzalez. I still say he's the best defensive shortstop we will ever have. I know hitting was not his strong suit but he did decent and gave us that 12th inning home run in game 4 of the 2003 world series.
  7. marlins_09

    marlins_09 Grasshopper

    MLB Florida Marlins

    Favorite- Hanram
    Hated- Boner/ Hermida

    NFL Miami Dolphins

    Favorite- Ronnie Brown
    Hated- none

    NCAA FOOTBALL- THE U-niversity of Miami

    Favorite- ALL
    Hated- none

    all time

    Florida Marlins- D-TRAIN/ Pierre

    Miami Dolphins- Marino/ Zach Thomas

    The U- Sean Taylor/ Hester
  8. Fallen Apple

    Fallen Apple Hammerhead

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated: Hermida
    Favorite: Hermida

    NFL - Miami Dolphins
    Hated: No one
    Favorite: Jake Long

    Favorite Dolphin All Time - Marino
    Favorite Marlin All Time - Cabs

    NBA - Shaq

    NFL - Ray Lewis
  9. Midaz101

    Midaz101 Grasshopper

    NBA - Miami Heat
    Hated - Dwayne Wade
    Favorite - No one really, but i am not a big b-ball guy

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio, what a crappy baseball player you are.
    Favorite - Hanley, JJ and Nolasco are all tied up in my book.

    NFL - Green Bay Packers
    Hated - Bret Favre, it counts right? Just STFU already and retire for good.
    Favorite - Donald Driver

    Soccer - Manchester United
    Hated - Carlos Tevez
    Favorite - Wayne Rooney
    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - Michael Jordan

    MLB - Nolan Ryan, the incarnation of badass.

    NFL - Antonio Freeman

    Soccer - Juan Arango
  10. Schnellders

    Schnellders The Sinister Scotsman

    Midaz101 - You do know that Tevez is with Man City now, right....?
  11. Midaz101

    Midaz101 Grasshopper

    Well good to hear, in that case Park is pretty crappy, lol. I actually didn't know he transefered, guess it was overshadowed by the other big transfer, f***ing Real Madrid.
  12. gizmo

    gizmo RALLY, BITCH

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio, although hate is a strong word
    Favorite - Besides Hanley, Chris Coghlan

    NHL - Florida Panthers
    Hated - Owners
    Favorite - Radek Dvorak/Michael Frolik
  13. sweet lou

    sweet lou The Intimidator

    NHL - Dallas Stars
    Favorite -
    Mike Modano
    Hated - None

    NFL - Dallas Cowboys
    Favorite -
    Jason Witten
    Hated - None

    MLB - Texas Rangers
    Favorite -
    Ian Kinsler
    Hated - C. J. Wilson, though he is getting better.
  14. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    add your all-time hated player too for each sport
  15. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    kenny thomas is not my most hated anymore. that honor would probably go to kevin martin at this time because he's just useless.
  16. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Clemmensen- 3.53 GAA

    Craig Anderson- 2.52 GAA

    I rest my case. (inb4 Panthers have horrible defensemen excuse).
  17. Rabbethan

    Rabbethan Member of Captain Mitre's Pirate Crew

    That's "Panthers have horrible defensemen" reason.

    Because the Panthers have a HOOOOOORRIBLE defensemen. It's so hard to watch sometimes.
  18. BosnianBaller_

    BosnianBaller_ Hammerhead

    wow, it's been a year since I did this and alot of changes have occurred to my teams so I think it's time to update this.

    NBA - Sacramento Kings
    Hated - Coach Westphal. Stop benching Cousins and start running the offense through him
    Favorite - DeMarcus Cousins....really impressed by him and I love the passion he shows on the court

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Wes Helms, so useless but at least he's "professional" at it
    Favorite - Mike Staton.....Beast
    Soccer - Liverpool
    Hated - No one really
    Favorite - Now that Torres betrayed me I'd have to say Luis Suarez

    NCAA Basketball - Penn State Nittany Lions
    Hated - No one really
    Favorite - Talor Battle. The only player ever worth mentioning to have worn a Penn State jersey

    NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
    Hated - No one currently but i really disliked LJ Smith. When he played for us he just looked like garbage and consistently made misplays
    Favorite - Michael Vick....the most entertaining football player in the world
  19. TheFlyinUruguayan

    TheFlyinUruguayan Grasshopper

    NBA - Miami Heat
    Hated - Eddie House everytime he touches the ball its goin up in the air/ sometimes Wade. Turnover/bad shot king
    Favorite - MIke Miller/ LeBron. Love the way they play

    MLB - Florida Marlins
    Hated - Emilio Bonifacio.
    Favorite - Hanley.

    NFL - New England Patriot
    Hated - Patrick Chung doesnt know what he's doing
    Favorite - Tom Brady with out him we wouldnt be nearly as good

    Soccer - Real Madrid
    Hated - Ozil. looks like a bird, hes so damn ugly
    Favorite - Christiano Ronaldo

    now you're favorite all of all time in any sport

    NBA - LeBron

    MLB - Juan Pierre. loved watching him back in his days with marlins

    NFL - Benjarvis Green-Ellis the law firm/Tom Brady

    Soccer - Diego Forlan: props go out to my fellow Uruguayan for making us look really good in the World Cup.

    NCAA Basketball - Nick Calathes, being a gator fan it was fun watching him play

  20. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Brian Scalabrine is the epitome of a fan favorite. The only player in the league whose name gets chanted in unison on the road.

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