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Favorite Vacation Spot?

Discussion in 'Outfield' started by MrMarlinPride, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    Like the title say, what's your favorite place to vacation or that you've vacation before.

    I'd personally have to go with Los Angeles/Santa Monica.
  2. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    Favorite place in florida = ft myers
    Favorite place in USA for a family trip = gatlinburg, TN
    Favorite place in USA for party trip = tie between vegas/nyc/miami (staycation)
    Favorite place outside of USA for family = Salzburg, Austria
    Favorite place outside of USA for party trip = Ibiza, Spain
  3. fanofthefish

    fanofthefish The Grinch's Biggest Fan

    My favorite place is Charleston South Carolina, a town steeped in history, amazing architecture, close enough to beaches and great golf courses. For a family trip I would go to Washington DC, lots of stuff to do, most of it free. Both have baseball in the summer which is a great plus
  4. Schnellders

    Schnellders The Sinister Scotsman

    Had a lot of good holidays in the past - Vegas, Miami, Barcelona and California are all up there!
  5. Lissy

    Lissy I may have made it rain .

    Las Vegas
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  6. jmenjes

    jmenjes Imagination...

    A place I've been to 22 times, and will hopefully make it 23 in December for Reunion 2014...

    Walt Disney World
  7. Lissy

    Lissy I may have made it rain .

    Never understood the fascination with that place.
    As I kid, I found it stupid, overrated, boring, a waste of time. :-/
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