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Gio Gonzalez to Nationals

Discussion in 'Major League Baseball' started by Jokersgoon, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Jokersgoon

    Jokersgoon Squall's Bench Coach

    We’ve heard the Marlins connected with all manner of free agents. But how a trade rumor? Here’s one: Miami is talking with the Athletics about Gio Gonzalez

    David Villavicencio is the man with this report, and he says that sources close to Gonzalez are telling him that the two teams are talking trade for the lefty. It’s not clear from the report that a deal is imminent, but Villavicencio reports that three different players have been discussed as potential pieces for the deal and that all three ”played significant time with the Marlins last season.” Not all three would be part of a potential trade.

    Such a trade would make all kinds of sense for everyone involved. The A’s are — as always — looking to get a lot of talent in return for someone they soon won’t be able to afford, and Gonzalez is worth a boatload on the trade market right now. Meanwhile the Marlins, despite playing footsie with Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes, really need starting pitching, and Gonzalez would upgrade the rotation in major fashion.

    Oh, and let us not forget: the Marlins are all about building a strong local brand, and Gonzalez is a Miami native.

    Stay tuned to this one. Because even if the Marlins aren’t ready to pull the trigger on this, there are any number of teams who would like to get in on the Athletics selling off their best pitcher.
    Report: The Marlins are talking to the A’s about Gio Gonzalez
    The Marlins are on the verge of upgrading their starting rotation.

    A source close to Gio Gonzalez reports the Miami native could be joining his hometown team soon.

    The 26-year-old is coming off the best season of his young career. Gonzalez won 16 games and struck out 197 batters while posting a 3 .12 ERA and representing the Oakland A’s in the All-Star Game. He has won 31 games and struck out 368 over the past two seasons with Oakland.

    Gonzalez would be interested in joining his hometown team if a trade can be agreed on between Oakland and the Marlins. The left-hander is hoping for an extension should he get moved to another team and the Marlins appear to be interested. He will not become a free agent until 2016.

    Upgrading their rotation is a priority for the Marlins and they have been connected to several pitchers this off-season. The Marlins hosted free agent Mark Buehrle last week and have been rumored to have interest in Gonzalez and Tampa Bay’s James Shields.

    Adding Gonzalez would give the Marlins a formidable duo at the top of their rotation. Ace right-hander Josh Johnson and Gonzalez would form a tandem that would rank behind only Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain and Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter in the National League.

    But adding a player like Gonzalez comes at a price. The lefty is young, performing at a very high level, affordable and under team control through 2015. A’s general manager Billy Beane could expect to get a nice package in return for the left-hander. He is also certain to receive plenty of calls from fellow GMs should word get out that Oakland is actively looking to move him.

    The source says three different players have been discussed as potential pieces for the deal. All three players played significant time with the Marlins last season. It is unlikely that all three would be involved in the deal.
  2. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    I'm trying to figure out who that author is. It looks like he was the foxsports beat writer for the Marlins, but now he's independent? I don't trust that report in the least, but it's interesting.

    The first blurb is from NBC, who picked it up from this Villavicencio dude.
  3. I have no doubt that the A's would listen to a package not involving LoMo.

    Gaby, Matty D, Chad James, and maybe a few throw ins would be worth listening to.

    However, it's just a matter of if its the BEST package that the A's would receive.
  4. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    If there's no LoMo, then I'd have to think there's definitely Yelich.
  5. I Love Me Some Fish

    I Love Me Some Fish 2013 = year of the fish?

    3 Marlins who played in significant playing time last year? LoMo and who else?
  6. Fish4Life

    Fish4Life Do you bleed Marlins Baseball?

    Yes that's him. The fox sports kid who once in awhile would be interviewed by Craig Minervini.

    3 players that had significant time with Marlins last season? Have to think its Gaby. Maybe also Volstad? and a Top prospect? Even Peterson because isn't the whole Oakland OF Free agents?
  7. I Love Me Some Fish

    I Love Me Some Fish 2013 = year of the fish?

  8. Thats what I was thinking but more along the lines as Oakland brought him up. Stanton should be going nowhere though and I doubt the team would shop him.
  9. I understand the whole "You have to give to get" thing, but Yelich is another piece I wouldn't want to trade. Or if we did, take Matty D or Chad James off of the table.

    But I guess if Gaby, Chad James, and Yelich could get Gio (who is under team control for 4 more years), then I think we have to do it. Plus its not like any trades to the A's would come back to bite us in the ass later.
  10. Fish4Life

    Fish4Life Do you bleed Marlins Baseball?

    Stanton is going NOWHERE. That's 100% guarantee
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  11. LoMo, Gaby, and Bonifacio, I would think.
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  12. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    Supposedly there's a report about the A's asking for Nolasco, LoMo, Ozuna, Yelich, but I can't find it. If that report was accurate, then Nolasco should be 1 of the 3, but I don't know.
  13. Which is pretty much what I said. Im sure Oakland probably mentioned him but even our FO isnt stupid enough to send him out at this point.
  14. I Love Me Some Fish

    I Love Me Some Fish 2013 = year of the fish?

    Please, take Nolasco.
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  15. Maybe this is just me, but at this point in time, I would rather give up Matty D then Yelich. Im not sold on D's bat and Yelich had a great year, granted its single A but I would rather take my chances with Yelich.
  16. knglover

    knglover Grasshopper

    Wes Helms
    Dwayne Wise
    Alfredo Amezaga

    Pull the trigger before the A's figure they arent here anymore QUICK QUICK
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  17. If the A's want Nolasco, great. I'm sure that we'll have to eat a good portion of that salary. Probably 2/3rds ($6MM) so its less than Gio's for 2012. That should actually give us more leverage in a way. Instead of just loading them up with prospects, A's would get a proven MLB pitcher, an All-Star 1st baseman, and a couple of high-mid prospects like Matty D and Ozuna. I'd still be reluctant to throw in Yelich.

    Ugh, this whole Gio thing is giving me a headache. I want to call up Billy Beane myself and get answers lol.
  18. MiamiNative0722

    MiamiNative0722 The Almighty

    Everyone loves talking about Gaby instead of LoMo but if that were to happen, please tell me what do you guys plan on doing to fill the void at first base?

    Its as if everyone wants to avoid that topic, the only reasonable way for that to work is bring in Cespedes, put LoMo at first and Boni at Left, i dont know how likely that would be


    Lomo to first boni to left and coggs in center they will do that because its cheap
  20. It's a pretty easy fix. LoMo is a solid defender at 1st. Or at least he was in the minors. And even if we don't bring in Cespedes - Petersen, Mattison, and/or Coghlan could hold down LF. Move Boni to CF. Or sign another OF with what would be Cespedes' money.

    We have options.

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