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Jarrod Saltalamacchia signs

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Larry, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    3 years, 21 million
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  2. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

  3. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.


    If that 2/24 number is correct, it's obviously a bit of an overpay, but it's for two years and our payroll is still insanely low so YAY. We finally have somebody else who can hit a baseball in the lineup.
  4. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    Reputable places, it's real.
  5. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    Larry's the source, bitch!
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  6. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Fair enough, lololol. As long as it isn't squall.

    Obviously I think everyone knows my position on this move. Awesome.
  7. Vince0926

    Vince0926 Hammerhead

    Excellent.... Loving it
  8. and strike out 30% of the time...Oh wait we already have that :p

    For a team with no 3b, no SS, questionable 2b and no 1b I find it hard to get too excited for this. If we were a piece or 2 away from contending and C was one of those spots, then hell yeah I'd be stoked. Oh well at least I won't have to watch Brantly next year
  9. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

  10. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    How can you not be excited? A position of weakness becomes a strength, without having to give up any future pieces... Awesome move. Hopefully just the first of a few that will solidify other holes you mentioned.
  11. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    We had a catcher who had 232 AB's last season while batting .181, and you can't find even a little excited about getting a catcher/1st baseman who is coming off a .800+ OPS season?

    Hell, it's a two year deal. This isn't the kind of deal that hinders the Marlins potential to sign anybody long term (or even short term). Low risk, high reward signing. It's a nice step in the right direction for a team that's looked somewhat directionless since the Toronto trade.
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  12. There once was a man named John Buck...that's why... I don't like players being signed for a lot of money with 30% k rates and BABIPs over over .350.

    If C was the piece we needed to be contenders then yes, I'd see the point. We won't be contenders during the two years salty is here (fish won't pick up the 3rd year) so it seems kind of silly to me.

    But I'll stop and won't rain on the parade anymore!

    Welcome to the fish Salty!
  13. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    something happened! woooooo Salt!

    we'll see if it's still the 2 year offer with an option for 3rd. If so, good stuff.
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  14. gizmo

    gizmo RALLY, BITCH

    Well, it will be nice to have a MLB catcher for a change.
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  15. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    This team loves signing players after a career year.

    At least we have a catcher now. Will they address the rest of the infield?
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  16. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    Hopefully spelling bee can have a nice 15-20 HR season and not be awful defensively
  17. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    And yes, we still need a 3B desperately this off season, and likely a 1st baseman if Morrison is traded (and Hechavarria when they finally realize he's probably never going to hit at a major league level). The offense is still crap, but it's not something that can't be fixed.

    C: Salty
    1B: Morrison
    2B: Dietrich
    SS: Hechavarria
    3B: *crickets*
    LF: Yelich
    CF: Ozuna
    RF: Stanton

    I personally am a fan of Dietrich and feel he can be a good hitter, so I'll say that I like a lineup with Salty/Morrison/Dietrich/Yelich/Ozuna/Stanton involved. Obviously Hechavarria and whoever plays third base will likely be a black hole in the lineup, but there's some potential for growth with the lineup. Long term we're likely to see Morrison traded and Stanton moved to first base to make room for Marisnick (I see Marisnick spending all of next year in AAA).

    The pitching staff looks really nice, and we still have the pieces to make a trade that would net us a 3rd baseman or some kind of hitter that can make this lineup major league caliber. We got a lot of pitching depth. Trading a guy like Turner/Alvarez with a few other prospects could net us something really nice in the trade market, and our pitching depth wouldn't take much of a bump at all.
  18. Salty has been a + defender his whole career. I don't see why that would change.
  19. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I completely disagree. We're a legitimate third baseman away from being a potential .500+ team IMO.
  20. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    Haven't seen much of him but I remember he had issues throwing the ball a few years back. I like the move though, best catcher the Marlins have had since Pudge

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