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Jarrod Saltalamacchia signs

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Larry, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. gizmo

    gizmo RALLY, BITCH

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  2. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Looks like the plan is already working... heh
  3. Giancarlo Stanton

    Giancarlo Stanton Grasshopper

    I like this move. We need any offense we can get.
  4. Quick! Send him the 10/200 offer! He's happy again, offer it now!
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  5. Just saw on MLB Networks ticker that they missed the M in the $21M...

    So the ticker read Marlins and Saltalamaccia agree to 3 year $21 deal pending physical.

    So just cuz its the Fish that's a hilarious typo. Cheap ass Loria couldn't offer him enough for a tank of gas.
  6. Giancarlo Stanton

    Giancarlo Stanton Grasshopper

    That sounds much more like a Loria deal
  7. Good signing and for cheaper than I thought considering Joe Smith got 3 years and 15.75 million to be a middle relief pitcher.
  8. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    True, this is a fair deal.
  9. BroncoBob27

    BroncoBob27 Hammerhead

    Me, for one. With salt (no pun intended) and lots of ketchup please. Not even going to add in some pessimistic posts. Just going to take my lumps and have a wait and see attitude.

    I wanted to draft Salty and was upset when the Braves beat us to him. So can't say I am unhappy about this. Just very surprised.
  10. Pnino

    Pnino SlamaLamaDing-Ding

    Don't kid yourselves. The caveat of this whole deal that it is a backloaded contract. This doesn't give me one iota of confidence with this ownership. Stupidity like this doesn't help Public Relations one bit. Why? In essence, if we read between the lines, the deal breaks down into $6/$7/$8 million respectively.

    If we follow the pattern of the last couple of free agent signings, Salty won't be here to even smell that $8 million. At least we can pretty much guarantee that someone else will be footing the back end of that bill. Some things never change. It is so much easier to root for the Rays. C'mon people. This is the MARLINS we are talking about. Grab something to hold on to because within the next year to year and a half, the rug will once again be pulled out from under us.
  11. ^ are u serious bro? Its backloaded by one million only, this isn't the same as what happened with Reyes and Buehrle.
  12. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    A lot of teams have done contracts like that, it's a normal contract. You act like we gave Salty 3 mil in year one and double digits in year 3.
  13. yokofox33

    yokofox33 lol desu

    This isn't Carlos Delgado/Jose Reyes backloaded money. This is like a difference of 2 million dollars. I'd say there's a solid chance of him being here all 3 years. And even if he isn't that probably means Realmulto is ready to take the job.
  14. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    Calling that a backloaded contract is akin to calling it a fire sale when we non-tender a guy like Ryan Webb.
  15. Pnino

    Pnino SlamaLamaDing-Ding

    Yes. I'm very serious. I want to root for the team. But I truly have no faith in it anymore.

    Call me Charlie Brown.

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  16. Retnuhrace

    Retnuhrace Grasshopper

    This is a nice signing, I'm definitely thinking him being from Palm Beach played a major role in him signing here. Hopefully he doesn't turn into John Buck 2.0.
  17. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    Actually the Marlins have abandoned the Palm Beach fansbase. That's also why no one goes to the games.
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  18. DolphinJohn

    DolphinJohn Hammerhead

  19. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    Petey is opinionated but a cool guy.
  20. DolphinJohn

    DolphinJohn Hammerhead

    He was probably referring more to Ellsbury than Salty I guess, but still.

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