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Jose Fernandez Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by dom2613, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. canefandynasty

    canefandynasty Hammerhead

    Brian McCann on Jose Fernandez

    ''He was the best pitcher I faced last year. He's going to be great for a lot of years to come. I've got respect for him. I enjoy the way he pitches. His stuff is incredible.''

    NOTE: He had 6 PAs against Kershaw in 2013, and faced pitchers like Strasburg (5 PA), Wainwright (7 PA), Cliff Lee (8 PA) and Bumgarner (3 PA) last season.
  2. BroncoBob27

    BroncoBob27 Hammerhead

    Couple bad examples there. Miggy didn't want to stay here. And so far Stanton dosen't even want to talk long term. That's not looking good either. I have nothing against waiting AT LEAST one more season before seeing if he is interested in signing long term. So far he has been saying all the right things about being in Miami, so this could turn out differently.
  3. MarlinsLou

    MarlinsLou Bonifaciennes Unite!

    Miggy was never offered a longterm contract 04/05 before arbitration, neither was Stanton 12/13/14. Your comments are irrelevant to the issue.

    If the Marlins stepped up and offered them market rate or better longterm arbitration buyout contracts, there is a 100% chance they would have signed. These kids would have made less than $2 million total at that point, been 21-22 years old, been 3-4 years away from free agency, and only eligible for single year tendered contracts drastically impacting their lifestyle and expected salary moving forward. This is compared to guaranteed money for life in case anything happens (like an injury, underperformance), while still letting them be a free agent in their prime. It's not arguable. It's a no brainer. The Marlins position has always idiotically been "pay for performance," which I think is their way of saying "Loria is cheap." This is contrary to all other teams in baseball who buy out their premier youth.

    The only bad examples are all of your posts on this matter. You really don't get it and understand baseball finances at all. They have missed a huge opportunity with Stanton the last 2 years, and if they don't deal with Fernandez by the end of 2014, it's going to happen again. Completely irresponsible for a "small market" franchise.

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