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LoMo traded to Seattle

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by MrAndMrsFish, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I read he has a very good curveball to compliment the fastball. Change needs work but he has a third pitch, too.
  2. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    He needs to attack the strike zone with that fastball and curveball.
  3. Sirspud

    Sirspud Sun

    I thought we got rid of Beinfest. I like that we are signing players, but it makes little sense to pay decent money for a guy with little upside left, then trade a guy with upside.
  4. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    You're not wrong, sir. Doesn't make much long term sense.
  5. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    Welll I guess if anyone is going to keep doing that, we certainly will
  6. Bret Hart

    Bret Hart ↑This girl make me sick

  7. I find it hilarious how everything I've read about Logan from Seattle's perspective is that he's an outfielder who was "limited" to playing first base last year because of his knee injuries. Which of course sounds like they'll consider him healthy and put him back in left field.

    They have no idea that he's a first baseman who was playing the outfield out of necessity and was thus injured because of that outfield play.
  8. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Looks like he's back to #20...
  9. Entendu

    Entendu sXe

    It's going to be pretty funny once they find out...
  10. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    What's going to be funny is when they find out that they traded for a guy that is all hype and no performance.
  11. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I'm gonna laugh when he's an All-Star this year.

    Personally, I don't think Safeco was the best place for him, but it's not the worst either.

    LoMo in 2014: .280 Avg, 24 HR, 85 RBI, .360 OBP, .480 SLG, .840 OPS

    We should make the LoMo predictions a game and see who wins.
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  12. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    He might make the AAA-All-Star team this year. No way he gets a whiff of those numbers. He will be on the D.L. for two months of 2014 if the Mariners have him playing in the outfield.
  13. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Great, so make your prediction and we'll wager $50 to see who is closer at the end of the year (proceeds go to Larry).
  14. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    Morrison, an All-Star. That's funny. Carter Capps probably has a better chance.
  15. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    First off, if I bet you $50, the proceeds are going to me (not Larry or anyone else). Secondly, I would bet you that he WON'T be on the All-Star team in 2014.
  16. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I won't bet that he is an All-Star. However, I will bet the statistics prediction.

    I'll bet you a one month ban, since you won't bet a donation to Larry. Deal?
  17. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    Sure, I guess.
    You're a big fan of mediocre players for whatever reason. Even if Morrison hits .280/.360/.480 (which I think most would agree is unlikely), he's still not all that valuable due to how terrible he is defensively.

    For comparison's sake, Garrett Jones put up an .833 .OPS in 2012 yet he ended up with a 1.4 WAR that year. They're the same guy. Morrison could end up with an ~.840 .OPS (which is what you're predicting) and he still ends up being a very replaceable player overall. This is not even taking into account that it's now been a pretty long time since he was a good hitter. But sure, I'll take your bet for fun.
  18. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    Yeah, why donate to the site? It's not like it costs money to run this place or anything!
  19. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    Why won't you bet that he won't make the All-Star team? So, if he doesn't hit at least. 280 with 24 homers, 85 RBIs, a .360 OBP and a .480 lose the bet? If so, I'll taking the one month ban bet. He also has to play in at least 120 games in 2014 or you lose the bet.
  20. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    He won't be an All-Star because those aren't All-Star numbers for an OF or 1B. And no, you make your prediction for his numbers and whoever is closer wins the bet. And this is not "The Price is Right", you can't predict one digit below me just to try and win. Since you think he's so bad, I want a real prediction. ALSO, he has to play 120+ games for the bet to be eligible, because he would need enough AB's to reach those numbers of course.

    Since you're taking the bet, same terms as above. Give me a stat line that you predict for LoMo, a real prediction. This will be fun.

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