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Marlins sign Marmol

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Jokersgoon, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    Don't see this as a big deal. If he's good, you can flip him at the dead line. If he's bad, you have his replacements in the minor leagues and let him go.
  2. Vince0926

    Vince0926 Hammerhead

    Out of all the smart moves they have I scratch my head on this one.
  3. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    If the Marlins can somehow get Marmol to throw strikes, he can be an asset. If not, he will be out of town before July.
  4. More than anything I'm shocked that this is a guaranteed contract and not a reclamation project on a minor league deal. Why guarantee a guy with a renowned history of failure? Our pen and its depth are a silent strength of this team, why risk disrupting the makeup of a pretty nice bullpen? You can bet he'll be given the eight inning from the start. For a team that stressed keeping Cishek for the sake of preserving wins for the psyche of its young players, this move seems to be the exact opposite of that mindset. Ugh.
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  5. Bret Hart

    Bret Hart ↑This girl make me sick

    BTW, In 40-man roster, there is no empty space for Baker and Marmol. (Roe has signed minor deal.)
    Who's gonna DFAd?

    Let me guess : Sam Dyson and J.T. Realmuto. (maybe Jimmy Paredes or Hatcher could be)
  6. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    This signing is mostly irrelevant and not worth making a big deal about. The reality is that, all kidding aside, Marmol probably isn't as bad as people think although he's very annoying to watch pitch. This is the predictable veteran signing. He's basically replacing Qualls. They lost Webb and Qualls and got Capps and Marmol pretty much.

    As for Cishek, anyone feel like the organization might extend him? They have to pay someone, right? Stanton is as good as gone imo. The reliever market also changed this offseason. And we all know that this franchise has: a) had trouble with closers and b) values saves.

    I could see a Cishek extension happening way before a Stanton extension ever happens. After the recent Freddie Freeman extension, I think Stanton is just here until both sides decide to move on. They should have made the decision already, but I think he'll ultimately be traded after this year.
  7. fanofthefish

    fanofthefish The Grinch's Biggest Fan

    Wow Marmol! He sucks, he should fit right in
  8. CYmarlins

    CYmarlins 5 0

    I really didn't think about it that much until u brought it up. Both A and B make sense. We have had trouble with closers the past couple of years especially through FA. Although I don't they will necessarily sign him to an extension I do think they will give it some thought.

    The Stanton situation sucks, just a couple weeks ago Jennings was quoted as saying they reached out to Stanton and wanted to get something done sooner than later. With the signing of Freeman and other players being locked but the chances don't get any better. Even IF they wait until after next season and Stanton is willing to listen to what they have to offer they will still play a lot more.
  9. MarlinsLou

    MarlinsLou Bonifaciennes Unite!

    I can't imagine a scenario they designate Realmuto. He might be the backup catcher next year (and could get a call up before Brantly if Salty/Mathis get hurt this year) and has big upside. He is really young. You keep him. I think the pool starts with Hatcher, and next four in no order Brady, Dyson, Jensen, and Paredes. I don't think it really matters which of those 4 you DFA. All of them have talent and you'd like to keep (Jensen-bench power 28 bombs AA/AAA last year but hit .230, Paredes ideal 4th OF has killed AAA for 2 years, Dyson and Brady middle-back bullpen arms), but end of the day doesn't impact the core. I think I would go Dyson too, because they have arms and need to gamble on the bats.
  10. Sirspud

    Sirspud Sun

    Marmol at times was one of the most dominant relievers in baseball. Pitching in a lower pressure environment instead of the hot mess that Chicago can be should help. There's no guarantee the move pans out but I think the chances are worth the gamble. If Marmol toes a fine line he can be successful even with a high walk rate because he is effectively wild. If he can stay close enough to log strikeouts he can offset that.
  11. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    So Matt Lindstrom all over again.

    I thought the reliever panic attacks were gone once Heath Bell/Kevin Gregg were sent packing. I now know it's never over.
  12. They must think they can fix him. And to give him 1.25 million....
    His numbers are weird because so many categories are great but the walk numbers are laughable.
    IF he can get walks under control you never know but I would have liked to put that money towards someone else.
    But I guess trading Ruggiano for Bogusevic and then giving the money that could have gone to Ruggiano for Marmol is a little weird.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  13. BroncoBob27

    BroncoBob27 Hammerhead

    I can see this. Maybe also hoping a new environment and coaches will have a positive effect on him for that trade value. They have been saying since before Christmas that they were looking for a veteran presence in the pen. Apparently he is it.
  14. Slept on it. Still dislike the move. Its the guaranteed contract that I hate. It shouldn't have been anything more than a minor league deal.

    Marmol said it was important for him to get a major league guarantee, which in his case means "Man if I got a minors deal and had to prove myself to make a team, I'd have never made any team! Thanks God I can now sneak my poor performance onto a major league roster no matter how much I blow."
  15. anotherrealfan

    anotherrealfan Hammerhead

    this says it all. Out of all people out there, I never wanted to see him on my team-and I was worried that Kevin Gregg was still out there.
  16. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    I can't imagine Cishek sticks around beyond July this year. He's prime trade-bait and could net a decent return, and relief pitchers are notoriously inconsistent from year to year.
  17. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I couldn't care less about the move. As someone else mentioned, give him a shot, low risk and high reward. If he succeeds, great. If not, release him in June and move on.
  18. Sirspud

    Sirspud Sun

    Some of the results may be similar, but Matt Lindstrom was a 100 mph fastball that was fast enough to miss bats much of the time without exceptional movement. Marmol's pitches have so much movement you can understand watching why he can struggle to hit the plate, but its as difficult for hitters to hit him as it is for him to throw strikes.
  19. Benched

    Benched Hammerhead

    Won't mind him in the 6th and 7th but no later. Control sucks.
  20. Benched

    Benched Hammerhead

    It's a typical Marlins move. Picking up a guy who used to be decent thinking they can get him back to his former self.

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