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Marlins to Sign Chaz Roe

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by floridafly, Feb 6, 2014.


    As of right now the terms aren't known. This would be great on a minor league deal (which I assume it would be). Guy lit up AAA last year and seems to have set-up man potential.

    Our bullpen, and pitching staff in general, should be in the top half of the league this year.
  2. SongInTheAir

    SongInTheAir So it goes.

    That bullpen is getting crowded. Should make for some good competition (and, when July comes, a solid replacement for Cishek if he's traded)
  3. cool name. I approve
  4. Exactly. As much as I love Cishek, his top value will be in getting us a nice little package at the trade deadline. With Ramos, Capps, Roe, Wittgren, and probably a few others possibly able to fill those late inning spots in the upcoming years, it's for the best.
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