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Marlins trade/FA talk

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Hotcorner, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Vince0926

    Vince0926 Hammerhead

    Lol no just playing. First two marlins I thought of for no reason. I don't think anyone is an asshole. Except for nyjer Morgan......and Jose Fernandez. lol. Jk.
  2. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    I'm sure you expect great things from him.
  3. Entendu

    Entendu sXe

    Did you know that he went to Dartmouth?
  4. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

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  5. Vince0926

    Vince0926 Hammerhead

    Maybe that's the only qualification he needed to be an asshole,
  6. MarlinsLou

    MarlinsLou Bonifaciennes Unite!

    The Marlins bullpen hierarchy right now is…

    Dunn, Ramos
    Capps, Jennings, Koehler (if not SP5)
    Caminero, Flynn (if not SP5)
    Brady, Dayton, Dyson, Olmos, Sanchez < - All of whom are 6/7 guys in bullpens for at least a third of the league, or next guy up minimum
    Urena (because he will still work as a SP for now, but he has more upside than 5 guys above end of the day)

    That's just the 40 man roster. That's 2 bullpens. There is also DeScalfani, Conley, and especially Wittigren lurking past that.

    They don't need to acquire or spend any money on relievers, they need to let this heap sort itself out so they can trade Cishek/Dunn when the right deal comes up and get more infield bats.

    If they are going to spend money, they should get a bat that can play anywhere and hit lefties. Preferably a 1B/OF.
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  7. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    Ed Dartmouth went to Lucas.
  8. Frisaro today: "For the marlins, signing Kendry morales for three years is a bigger risk than Garrett Jones for two years."

    ...thoughts on that statement anyone?

    News has been nonexistent lately, I thought that statement could be a productive discussion.
  9. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    He also forgot to mention the huge difference in cost and the compensation pick we would lose to Seattle.
  10. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    And that Morales would probably make Jones look like a gold glove caliber first baseman. If we had the DH, fine.
  11. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Garrett also has a little hidden value being able to play the outfield.
  12. BroncoBob27

    BroncoBob27 Hammerhead

    Should have posted the entire thing, including the question. The questioner thought we could have gotten Morales for 3 years @ $18 mil. Frisaro said he doubted those numbers would have gotten the job done in December when we signed Jones, and that the wording of the Jones contract makes his far more attractive. I'm guessing he means if Jones dosen't work out and we end up trading him and some/all of his remaining $$$.
  13. Backin2008

    Backin2008 Backin2008

    How many times can I say Jeff Baker!
  14. UltimaKilo

    UltimaKilo Grasshopper

    So we all know that this is a make-or-break season for a lot of players to prove they deserve to stick around after this upcoming season in hopes for a playoff push in 2015. Which players are on the hot-seat? Hechavarria and jones are the only two I can think of.
  15. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    He sucks and the Marlins had a better version of him in Ruggiano.
  16. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    When Baker faces lefties, he does not suck. Career .875 OPS vs lefties. Good platoon guy.
  17. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    I'm aware of the LHP splits, but that's basically all he does. He's worthless against RHP, so I really don't see the need to waste a roster spot on him.
  18. MarlinsLou

    MarlinsLou Bonifaciennes Unite!

    It's a likely 1-2 win improvement of him versus Dobbs, especially since he can be platooned hard with Jones after they realize in April he shouldn't be playing but spot duty against left handers (as I suspect Mathis, Bugosevic, and Lucas are safe, Lucas because he hits lefties too and they are going to need that). Baker also isn't exclusively an outfielder like Ruggiano. Gives them some flexibility.

    I'd be content if the cut/traded/give away Dobbs and replaced them with Baker (Marlins would have heavy splits RHP-Bugosevic and LHP-Baker/Lucas). Even better if they figure out how to upgrade Solano too with another SS and make him the de facto 26th man when anyone on the field gets hurt.
  19. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    I'd take Baker over Dobbs, but that's not going to happen if you consider the way the Marlins handled his contract. Other than that, I see no use for Baker with the way the roster is set.

    It's not like the Marlins really platoon people anyway.
  20. Vince0926

    Vince0926 Hammerhead

    Coghlan went to cubs WHY WHY WHY?!!?!!?!?!

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