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NBA Trade Deadline

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Iowa, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Looks like he's a Knick.

  2. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    First, a link needs to be added.

    Second, the Knicks are absolute idiots. James Dolan is a complete idiot. Donnie Walsh would never approve of such a trade. This has got to be the work of Isiah Thomas.

    Walsh understood that he could get Melo for free at the end of the offseason, so he kept the asking price low.

    Thomas comes in and gives up three legitimately good players for somebody that wanted to join them anyway.

    The Knicks are still an embarrassment of a franchise.
  3. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    It's on rotoworld
  4. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I'm just saying that you should've linked rotoworld to it. I could put anything in quotes and say it's legit.

    This is all setting up for them to get Paul in 2012. I still think the Knicks gave up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much for Carmelo Anthony. I remember when the offer was just one or two of Felton/Gallinari/Chandler/Fields for Carmelo, now they gave up three of them. Just terrible.
  5. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Now on ESPN -
  6. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    This should start the domino effect around the league. Already rumors of Devin Harris to Dallas and Battier to Boston. Bulls have been linked to Courtney Lee, JR Smith and Anthony Parker.

    Also sounds like New Jersey may send some picks to denver for some of the players that Denver acquired for Melo
  7. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    The Nets need to come up with SOMETHING out of all this. They look really bad after whiffing on all the 2010 free agents and now Carmelo. Somebody of some significance needs to go to New Jersey/Brooklyn in order for the fans to maintain some hope, even if it's false hope.

    Also, Minnesota comes out looking like idiots after this trade. Giving up a first round pick for a guy who doesn't even play for the Knicks (Anthony Randolph) and a guy whose contract was considered untradeable (Eddy Curry)
  8. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Updated from Marc Spears on Yahoo via twitter:

  9. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    I don't think they ended up giving up a pick

    So whats the Knicks lineup?

  10. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    What did the Warriors get if they're giving away two 2nd round picks?

    I heard rumblings for a while that Minnesota was giving up a 1st round pick for Anthony Randolph, so I thought this trade would include one of the Wolves first round picks.

    As far as the Knicks lineup, I'll guess

    PG: Billups
    SG: Fields
    SF: Anthony
    PF: Stoudemire
    C: Who cares.
  11. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    I'm guessing NY owned those picks from the David Lee sign and trade? Not sure
  12. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    Knicks PPG just went up to about 105 Points but there PPGA went up to 120!

    Stupid trade. They Lost Chandler, Felton, Randolph, Galo, Mozgov and Curry (not to mention 4 1st round picks) for Melo and Billups basically.

    If Chris Paul decides to go to Orlando and they can't get him or Jameer Nelson or someone else, they are going to be screwed at the number 4/5 spot in the east for the next few years.
  13. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    Billups contract comes off the books when Paul/Williams are free agents in 2012.. something to think about. But until then, I don't see them being better than Miami, Chicago and Boston... and by then, Miami and Chicago could be really good. Super teams could be the norm in the East. Imagine if the Knicks get Paul and the Bulls get Howard. Yikes
  14. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Who would've thought the Knicks would get Melo and nearly all Knicks fans universally HATE the deal.

    Crazy world.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    Deron williams is going to NY, I think. Which could mean Paul to Orlando if Howard stays. :)

    Also, the nba is insane.
  16. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    How would the Magic get Paul? Not trying to be argumentative, just wondering as they have a lot of money tied up in the future.

    I'm holding out hope Howard wants to be traded midseason next year, ala Carmelo. Bulls would be able to offer a good package

    Also, Broussard just said Knicks get Corey Brewer from Minnesota as well.
  17. bobbob1313

    bobbob1313 Rally Sad Nats Fan!

    How will Orlando afford Paul and Howard with Gil under contract until 2013?
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    I think nelson is a FA that summer. The big contracts we would have to get rid of would be Hedo and Gilbert. I think we can keep hedo, though. As long as we trade arenas away, I think we could land him.

    I think he will be gone, unfortunately. As of now, I'm expecting a mid season trade like Carmelo. Rumors say if we don't win this year, he wants out. Rumors though.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    We don't.
  20. bobbob1313

    bobbob1313 Rally Sad Nats Fan!

    And who will take the $44 million Arenas is owed from 2012-2014?

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