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NBA Trade Deadline

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Iowa, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    Brian Windhorst is reporting that the Heat have been floating Mike Miller's name is trade discussions in hopes of acquiring either a PG or C. Adds the Heat could also throw in the Twolves 2011 2nd rounder.
  2. Dr Beinfest

    Dr Beinfest Larry's Little Helper

    That's potentially stupid and potentially smart.

    I hate the concept of "OH sh*t TRADE HIM!" but at the same time... he's got a long contract. What if it doesn't work out?
  3. So...Deron Williams to the Nets? :eek:
  4. I Love Me Some Fish

    I Love Me Some Fish 2013 = year of the fish?

    Well that was unexpected. What a huge clusterf*** for Utah...I would have never guessed at the beginning of the season that Jerry Sloan and D-Will would no longer be with the Jazz.
  5. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I don't think anybody would've expected that.

    Good move by the Nets. Doesn't make them a contender yet, but they're finally moving in the right direction.

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