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***OFFICIAL*** college football preseason thread

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by FIUMarlinfan, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    I made this so every college fan can post about their favorite team and predict their season outcome and/or big game victories/defeats.
    this should be fun we have a variety of fans(also id like to hear about fiu they have an interesting scheduele.

    lets also talk about anything/everything college football,

    my first prediction, USf shocks the nation and beats bama in tuscaloosa 27-20(10k bull fans expected there)

    my other team, the gators, loses to miami 28-13, in front of a huge tv audience and plenty of the gator nation in miami

    like to hear your input, ill have further to say about the gators and bulls

    doesnt fiu have two televised games? i think versus holy cross
  2. minus

    minus Hammerhead

    I wonder if FSU and Miami are going to be in the same division now that Miami is in ACC.
  3. Ramp

    Ramp Hammerhead


    go Hoosiers?
  4. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    lol, yeah, you better stick to bball over there in bloomington, youre going nowhere fast
  5. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    minus i doubt it, the revenue and money in a conference championship game between um and fsu would be HUGE
  6. Ramp

    Ramp Hammerhead

    for a team going nowhere, both our QB's were drafted last year(Tommy Jones and Gibran Hamdan) and 1 the year before in Randle El

    we have a decent qb this year(from Notre Dame) in Matt LoVechio
  7. MaXx

    MaXx Bits of Real Panther .

    FIU has 3 games televised, 2 on Sunshine Network and one on NBC 6. The schedule:

    Date Opponent Time (ET) / Result
    Sept. 6 at Indiana State 4:00 pm
    Sept. 13 at Maine TBA
    Sept. 20 BETHUNE-COOOKMAN 6:00 pm
    Sept. 27 CARSON-NEWMAN 6:00 pm
    Oct. 4 at Georgia Southern 1:00 pm
    Oct. 9 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN (TV-Sunshine) 7:00 pm
    Oct. 18 at Troy State TBA
    Oct. 25 HOLY CROSS (HC) | (TV-NBC 6) 10:00 am
    Oct. 30 JACKSONVILLE (TV-Sunshine) 7:00 pm
    Nov. 8 at Louisiana-Lafayette 5:00 pm
    Nov. 15 at Gardner-Webb 1:30 pm
    Nov. 22 FLORIDA ATLANTIC 3:30 pm

    It's a tough schedule, on some college football website they ranked us with the 4th toughest schedule in I-AA football. I hope we pull out some upsets.
  8. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    not an easy scheduele, good to see them have courage! hopefully theyll have improvement, i might be there at the shula bowl :D
  9. 1truefan

    1truefan I am who I say I am

    I'm looking forward to that game. Kegs and Eggs baby! lol. no's a start some tradition and it's nice to know that we are a part of it.
  10. MaXx

    MaXx Bits of Real Panther .

    The FAU game should definitely be interesting, I still feel they robbed us last year and this year should be very different.
  11. MaXx

    MaXx Bits of Real Panther .

    That does sound interesting, Should be fun either way. :lol :D ;)
  12. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    i anticipate a usf/fiu game in 5 years
  13. Ramp

    Ramp Hammerhead

    Indiana's Schedule
    so let's see here
    4-8 seems about right
  14. Das Texan

    Das Texan Classic. .

    oh hell....

    I guess I had better talk about SMU then.

    Just not today.

    They suck too much.
  15. minus

    minus Hammerhead

    GO FSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    no way minus, lol,

    but, in other news...

    Quote:Rumors roll on merger with Big East


    News staff writer

    Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky said Wednesday he has not talked with Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese about a possible merger between the two conferences.

    There has been speculation that the Big East and C-USA might morph into a new conference. A New York Times story published Wednesday said a person with first-hand knowledge of the potential C-USA realignment stated it is possible the Big East members that play football could merge with several C-USA members to form a new conference. The remaining Big East colleges that play basketball would then merge with C-USA's basketball only schools to form a new conference.

    Banowsky, who has been in constant contact with Tranghese about how to proceed with possible realignment, said none of their discussions have centered around a merger.

    "The focus of our communications has been on the process and how we can ensure that all issues are thoughtfully and carefully analyzed," Banowsky said. "We've not spent time speculating about potential outcomes."

    Banowsky's comments came on the heels of a Wednesday teleconference involving C-USA's Board of Directors. C-USA's presidents agreed during the teleconference to abide by the league's bylaws, which, under the circumstances, prohibit any member from withdrawing before June 30, 2005.

    The move means C-USA members like Louisville and Cincinnati, rumored as possible replacements for Miami and Virginia Tech in the Big East, won't leave before the 2005-06 academic year.

    "People are not anticipating any rapid changes until 2005-06," said UAB president Carol Z. Garrison who said she was pleased with what was accomplished in the teleconference.

    However, C-USA's future might not include its lone service academy member. Army Athletics Director Rick Greenspan told the Tampa Tribune Wednesday that "in a week or two," his university would decide whether to remain in C-USA past 2004.

    Army, which plays UAB at Legion Field on Nov. 1, joined C-USA in 1997 as a football-only member but could explore becoming independent. The Black Knights are 7-27 in C-USA games.

    "We won't make any excuses up here," Greenspan told the Tribune. "If we don't win games, it's something we have to square away."

    A move by Army would leave C-USA with 10 football playing members. Banowsky said he has spoken with Army officials for the past several months about the future of the Black Knights' football program.

    Banowsky also said expansion remains an option for C-USA as well. He recently told the Dallas Morning News that Southern Methodist Universitycould be an expansion option in the future. SMU was considered for possible C-USA membership in 1999 along with current C-USA member Texas Christian University.

    "My job is to fight to protect the interest of Conference USA and its member institutions," Banowsky said. "I will work to make C-USA as strong as I can, including potentially adding members."

    Banowsky expressed confidence in C-USA surviving realignment although he declined to speculate on whether the league will be all-sport or a hybrid.

    "I absolutely believe there will be a Conference USA in five years and I absolutely will not speculate as to its membership," he said.
  17. FIUMarlinfan

    FIUMarlinfan Grasshopper

    this could be huge news for the bulls. they could enter a bcs conference without paying cusa the hefty exit money
  18. i believe the plan was to keep UM and FSU in the same division in order for them to renew the rivalry yearly. if they were'nt in the same division it wouldnt be guaranteed that they play every year. and the truth is i like it that way
  19. MaXx

    MaXx Bits of Real Panther .

    That's pretty cool, FIU plays Indiana State the week before you guys play them.
  20. Marlins Bandit

    Marlins Bandit Grasshopper

    Oh really? What round was Tommy Jones drafted in smart guy.....?

    He wasn't!

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