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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by dim, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I like MMA. I've been following the UFC ever since UFC 100. Thus, I decided I must make a thread to document my thoughts on the sport.

    Tonight UFC on Versus 2 took place, and as expected Jon Jones beat the living snot out of Vladimir Matsyushenko or however you spell it. Matsyushenko really hasn't been a serious threat in the UFC for a few years, so Jones' victory isn't completely impressive, but the fact he beat an experienced veteran counts for something. I personally think his beatdown on Matt Hamill was way more impressive. Now Jon Jones is expected to face the top of the light heavyweight division. My guess is he fights Lil Nog, considering he hasn't fought since his controversial win against Jason Brillz. If he can beat Nog, he's probably in line for a #1 contender fight.

    Next Saturday's UFC 117 card is pretty stacked. Fitch vs Alves to decide who faces winner of Koscheck/GSP matchup for the welterweight belt, Almeida vs Hughes for pretty much bragging rights, some other impressive fights also on the belt, but the one I'm anxious to see is Sonnen vs Silva for the middleweight belt. I watched Silva's last title defense against Maia, and I've gotta say that was a total disgrace. Dana White has even said that if Silva fools around like he did in his last fight, he's going to be cut. Sonnen's talked a whole bunch of trash, which has been pretty hilarious, and Sonnen's got a great amount of experience in the octagon and definitely showed that he is ready for Silva after his last fight against Marquardt. I think Sonnen could give Anderson Silva a run for his money, but in the end I think Silva's just too strong of a fighter, and his stand up game is still a lot more polished than Sonnen's. If the fight goes to the ground Sonnen stands a chance, but if they remain on their feet too long Sonnen's gonna get tagged by Silva. Should be interesting to watch.

    If anybody understood a thing I said, give yourself a pat on the back.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    I'm patting myself on the back.

    Dana White said if Silva puts up another disgraceful performance like that again, he's out of UFC. So you know he's going to bring his A game, which is scary.
  3. Fish4Life

    Fish4Life Do you bleed Marlins Baseball?

    Jonny Bones Jones is the MAN!
  4. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I'm right now watching UFC 117.

    Roy Nelson put up a hell of a fight with Junior Dos Santos. Nobody before him was able to take Dos Santos' punches, and Nelson stood toe to toe with him the entire fight. He got rocked in the 1st round and took punches the entire fight, but he threw some nice combos, and I he earned my respect and probably many others respect. Dos Santos now in line to face the winner of Lesnar/Velasquez.

    Matt Hughes surprised everybody (not me, I predicted a 1st round submission win) by throwing a huge right hand, connecting with Almeida and knocking him down. From there Hughes got control of the neck and basically put him to sleep. Hughes is probably just a side show at this and not a serious contender, but he should continue to get good fights with the UFC until he decides to go.

    Guida and Dos Anjos was a nice fight. I'm not a big fan of either fighter, but the crowd loves Guida. Guida knocked Dos Anjos down late in the fight, and without even putting a submission move on him, Dos Anjos tapped because of an apparent jaw injury. Guida seems to be coming back after two recent back to back losses.

    Fitch/Alves was a boring fight. Fitch controlled a good portion of the fight, basically went in for a punch that had little impact and ran out of the way, got Alves to the ground, basically played a ground control game. Fitch wins by decision.
  5. Fish4Life

    Fish4Life Do you bleed Marlins Baseball?

    Wow! SHOCKED! Sonnen dominated that fight.... But Silva with the triangle finished it. CRAZY ASS CARD! Loved it
  6. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Sonnen definitely dominated. The problem is Sonnen has lost a lot of fights because he gets caught with the triangle. Sonnen couldn't have executed a better gameplan throughout the entire fight, basically doing ground and pound on Silva the entire fight. Silva couldn't get away, and Silva took a ton of punishment.

    The thing is Silva took advantage of Sonnen's biggest flaw at the end of the fight, and it cost Chail. He had the match won, all he had to do was avoid that triangle or armbar that Silva was trying for a long time in that final round.

    I think this match deserves a rematch, UFC 125 should be the headliner imo. Silva has basically gone through the entire middleweight division with this being his 7th title defense (iirc), and Sonnen was the first fighter to ever to face Silva in the UFC to get him to fight on his back. I think Sonnen deserves a rematch, regardless of whether he was stupid to allow that triangle in the end. I can't think of a good opponent for either Sonnen or Silva next, and considering the nature of this fight, a rematch is needed.

    However, Silva will probably just turn down the fight. If he does, I want to see Silva vs GSP. That's the only reason not to have Sonnen get a rematch imo.
  7. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I'd also classify it as a crazy main event, not a crazy card (main card). Roy Nelson v. Junior Dos Santos went as expected, although Roy Nelson stayed in the fight longer than anybody expected.

    Matt Hughes pulling off the upset was nice for the old timers in the UFC, but it has really no effect on the welterweight title picture. Jon Fitch always brings a boring fight, always goes 3 extremely dull rounds with Fitch. Not excited to see him against GSP, as Fitch has already lost to GSP and it really wasn't close. Guida win was nice but again it wasn't the most exciting of fights and has no real repercussions on the larger picture in the lightweight division.

    The only really interesting fight was Sonnen/Silva, and that was because Silva has never been dominated like that, and nobody gave Sonnen much of a chance (I thought Sonnen would give him a good fight, but not THAT good).

    Overall, UFC 116 was WAY better than UFC 117. The next great card should be UFC 121. Lesnar/Velasquez, Ortiz/Hamill, Jake Shields debut, Nightmare Sanchez looking to make up for his last bad loss, Brendan Schaub getting a step up in competition against Gonzaga, Court McGee's first UFC fight since winning TUF, imo I think it's a better all around card than this one.
  8. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    You'd think with me living in Miletich country that I would be a huge fan of MMA.. but I'm just not. All my friends love it and I've tried to get in to it.. i just can't for some reason.

    I was happy to see Hughes win the other night though.. was always a favorite.
  9. Mets_bs

    Mets_bs Hammerhead

    Matt Hughes gets under my skin. But I have to hand it to him, he's the new Gracie Hunter.

    Jon Fitch is interesting in that he's clearly the 2nd best fighter in the division but he's the same exact fighter as GSP but with less talent and athleticism. They could fighter 100 times and GSP would beat him every time. I feel bad, because he deserves a title shot, but he's going to get dominated again. He should really cut bait and settle for being a big fish in a small pond in StrikeForce.

    Sonnen worked over Silva bad, he earned a lot of credit for the gameplan and relentless pressure. I think Okami deserves the title shot after Vitor and could very well be the guy to end Anderson's reign.

    UFC 116 in terms of entertainment was the best card in years, in terms of quality of fights it was just ok. 117 had better quality but some fights (like Alves-Fitch) were snoozefests. I don't think much of Jake Shields, but he's the last real guy GSP has to beat to clear out Welter Weight. Schaub - Gonzaga does look ok and I liked Court McGee on the show but I don't think the quality of the card compares.
  10. Iowa

    Iowa Midwest Invasion

    I've met Matt Hughes a couple of times at some local fights and at bars.. very nice guy. Also met Pat Miletich numerous occasions. He is a cool guy. I blew a tire right next to his gym and he came out and talked to me while I was changing it.

    Tim Sylvia on the other hand.. biggest douchebag there is.
  11. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    I will probably update this thread throughout the UFC 118 main event.

    First fight was Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis. As expected, the fight was a stand up, boxing battle throughout. They exchanged for quite a while, but once Diaz cut Davis above the eyebrow, the entire fight changed. Davis wasn't able to see, his striking got worse, and Diaz just started to tee off. He ended up breaking Davis' cheekbone (easy to see, it was nasty), and after exchanging for a while with Diaz basically getting the best of Davis, in the 3rd round Diaz got Davis to the ground, threw some punches to soften him up, and just choked him out (and put him to sleep). Diaz wins by submission round 3.

    The next fight, Florian vs Maynard, was a completely one sided fight. Maynard took Florian down each round, and Florian rarely got up. Maynard just took him down, kept him down, got a few shots in, but more importantly the judges saw that he had total control over what Florian did. Florian made a last ditch effort to win in the last minute, but he really stood not shot with Maynard's clearly superior wrestling. Maynard wins by unanimous decision and earns a title shot against the winner of Penn vs Edgar II.

    Third fight was Maia vs Miranda. Not much to comment on. Maia took Miranda down at will every round, dominated him and got dominant position every chance he could. However, three times Miranda got out of Maia's armbar (which was very poorly executed), but overall very poor quality of fight and Miranda was just nowhere near the class of Maia.

    The fourth fight was the most interesting fight, Toney vs Couture. As expected, Couture went for the takedown to begin and got it. Basically, this fight from there became a Randy Couture instructional video on Greco Roman Wrestling. Toney took a punch of shots from Couture that were uncontested. Then, Couture did what he did best, softening Toney up and then quickly transitioning into an arm triangle choke. The first one he got wasn't very strong and Toney didn't tap because of that, but then soon after Couture got a much stronger arm triangle choke and Toney tapped. Couture wins by submission in the first round (I think everybody in the world predicted Couture would win in the first round).
  12. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Main Event: Edgar vs. Penn. I actually wasn't completely shocked that Penn lost, but the surprising part is just how dominating Edgar was. Edgar took his short jabs at BJ most of rounds 1-3, and BJ gave it all he had in the 4th round to try and get the takedown (and did), but Edgar easily got out of it. The 5th round wasn't close with Edgar winning. Edgar won every round but the 4th decisively and won all rounds without dispute. Edgar is without a doubt the best lightweight in the world...

    However, it will be near impossible to sell a Maynard vs Edgar title fight. Will probably be one of the most boring title fights in recent memory. Still, Edgar is a demon, and it takes a lot to beat BJ twice (although BJ isn't what he used to be. He did dominate Florian and Sanchez), but I think this is the end of the Penn era. I don't think he's anywhere near Liddell status just yet, but he doesn't seem the have the total motivation or the skill of guys like Maynard or Edgar.

    I don't know what Penn should do. He's lost to Edgar twice, and he doesn't stand a chance at beating GSP if he moves to welterweight. I think this is the last time we'll see Penn in a title shot in a very long time, and personally I don't think he'll ever be in another title fight.
  13. Marlin Nation

    Marlin Nation Hammerhead

    Penn isn't finished, he's just always been a front-running fighter, this isn't even an opinion, he doesn't win wars or really any fight where there are significant exchanges, where the fight ebbs and flows in either direction. He either railroads someone with little resistance or encounters resistance and wilts. This is where a strong training camp that prepares you for all eventualities is really important with a fighter like BJ, he needs a corner that will correct him when a plan of action is not working and tell him explicitly what he needs to do. I think BJ was plenty motivated, assured, and in good physical condition he just had no answers for Edgar and neither did anyone cornering him until the last round.

    I think after the first round, it's painfully obvious that Penn could not hit Edgar consistently, if that is the case you have another 20 minutes to try to drag Edgar to the ground and try your luck in the area you are most comfortable with, where you largely built your fame on. But instead Penn slept through the first 4 rounds swatting at the air, playing directly into Edgar's pace and area of superiority (again), it basically took Penn and his camp 9 rounds to realize he should be trying to take this guy down.

    He'll probably re-match Gomi for his next fight, Gomi hasn't changed his approach since 2003 so this should be a fight he should take. Gomi is another guy who is still a terror for most 155'ers, definitely the hardest puncher at that weight, but just hasn't added enough to his sprawl-n-brawl style to keep up with the state-of-the-art. He'll still knock anyone out at that weight if his opponent stands right in front of him.
  14. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Todd Duffee was released by the UFC today. He was one of UFC's biggest rising stars after knocking out Tim Hague in 7 seconds, a UFC record, but he recently lost to Mike Russow at UFC 114 (although in his defense, he was dominating the entire fight and lost only because he was caught with a right hand that caught him by surprise, knocking him out in the final round).

    Rumors are that Duffee was released because he and Dana White had issues. If this is the true reason, I'm disappointed. Duffee was a really good fighter and could've built himself into a main card mainstay.

    Good thing for the UFC is that the heavyweight division is the most stacked division, and there will be no real losses felt with his release.
  15. Marlin Nation

    Marlin Nation Hammerhead

    Duffee, I think, mentioned he was sick of being broke on Twitter, before he got released. UFC brass is very touchy about fighter pay and money in general being discussed in the media. UFC in general has a very tight, focused grip on the media in general and are very conscientious about how their brand is perceived. I'm a pretty solid fan of MMA and I wasn't really sure who he was, so no biggie.
  16. Marlin Nation

    Marlin Nation Hammerhead

    Hughes/Penn 3 targeted for UFC 123.
  17. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Perfect fight choice.

    Penn needs a bounce back fight against a named opponent (and I personally think Penn needed to move to welterweight considering he can't beat Edgar and won't prove anything beating all the other guys in the lightweight division), and Hughes has proven with that win over Almeida that he still has one more run welterweight title run in him, and a win over BJ Penn probably begins talks of a Hughes vs GSP welterweight title match after GSP annihilates Koscheck.
  18. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    UFC 121 tomorrow. Lesnar v. Velasquez, Shields v. Kampmann, Matt Hamill v. Tito Ortiz, Sanchez v. Thiago, Gonzaga v. Schaub.

    All I've gotta say is that is one awesome main card.
  19. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    Quick Predictions for the Main Card before it starts:

    Schaub over Gonzaga
    Shields over Kampmann
    Hamill over Ortiz
    Sanchez over Thiago
    Lesnar over Velasquez.

    Let's get this started! Probably will update the details of the Main Card as it occurs.
  20. dim

    dim President of the Robert Andino Fan Club.

    First fight was Gonzaga vs Schaub. Brendan Schaub absolutely dominated. He was the aggressor throughout, Gonzaga played completely defensive the entire fight and when he did try to be aggressive it was way too late. Schaub wins by unanimous decision 30-27.

    Hamill vs Ortiz was alright. Ortiz pushed the pace early, won the first round. After that it was Hamill who controlled the pace, got a timely takedown at the end, and put some ground and pound on Ortiz. Hamill wins.

    Thiago vs Sanchez was the best fight of the night thus far. Sanchez showed so much energy throughout the entire fight. At times it was back and forth, but for the most part Diego Sanchez proved why he was so dominant pre BJ Penn fight. Sanchez wins and convinces people that he isn't fading just yet.

    Jake Shields vs Martin Kampmann. I'll leave it at this. Shields doesn't belong at Welterweight. From what I've seen, he's nowhere near the class of GSP, and was completely overrated because of the lack of competition he faced beforehand. Shields won this fight, but he proved that he can't go a full fight at welterweight, and that Fitch, no matter how painful it is to say this, should get the next title fight after the GSP/Koscheck fight where GSP will dominate.Jake Shields wins by split decision, but he looks completely gassed, and proved absolutely nothing in that fight.

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