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Discussion in 'Outfield' started by geemoney, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    Orton/Kane was okay, but the ending was sort of expected in that there wasn't a clean winner....Smart of them to make a Haas/Viscera feud out of the Lillian situation. Too bad that's what was needed to get Haas a feud (since I don't think he was going anywhere)....Duggan's promo backstage was kind of humorous....The McMahon speech wasn't as newsworthy as I expected....The crowd seemed to be into the Torrie/Candice match, so I'm sure we'll see more of those....I liked Mitch getting thrown out of the curtain. The SS/Trips match was alright. Finally, they can move forward with this DX storyline....Duggan has some weird facial expressions while selling....Flair/Foley interview was hot, and I like Flair going back to crazy old man....Nitro/Carlito was okay, but like most matches, too short to amount to anything....The M.E was okay, and at least Cena only trounced mid-carders.
  2. MrAndMrsFish

    MrAndMrsFish Lets Go Miami Marlins! .

    pretty good show looking forward to seeing the ECW debut tonight at 10 p.m. should be fun to watch some of those guys get some ring time
  3. If you didnt like Torrie/Candace then your gay.....I can't wait to see what Cena does tonight.....
  4. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    I was disappointed, and this time it wasn't so much the match quality or story quality that bothered me, but what it was. I was expecting something a lot more for the Aftermatch of ONS, but instead, there was very little.

    Foley, c'mon. I know it's not his fault, but it was a disappointment to see him do the generic heel move and not fight Flair right then and there. I know they're building it up for a PPV, but I hate how 90% of the time, the heel says "Not tonight." I think that there are other ways he could've handled it that would've turned out better. Overall, though, great segment.

    Why did Vince act suprised about the reunion of DX? They advertised it during ONS. Shouldn't he have known it was going to happen? Also, I'm not sure how they're going to go with the DX Angle. I mean, physically and character wise, they've changed so much since the DX days. Is it to bring some lightheartedness to the characters, or are they going full on DX?

    The water fight match had to be the most craptacular match I have ever seen. I know it's eye candy, but that was just flat out rediculous.

    I'm actually curious to see where they're taking this Kane thing. I'm sure it's just away to get him to become the old Kane again, but still, something about this storyline makes me feel young again.
  5. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    I'm sure there will be more aftermath tonight on the ECW show on Sci-Fi. Two nights in a row of ONS review would be overkill.

    Obviously, you're supposed to ignore the advertisements about DX returning.

    As for last night's RAW, I was kinda disappointed too. The matches were way too short, and despite a couple good promos, I thought last night was below-average.
  6. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    Then what would be the point of advertising them. The DX thing last night would've been a lot better had they not advertised it. It was like Goldberg. They advertised him at WrestleMania XIX. Now, had they not advertised anything and he just appeared the next night on RAW to challenge The Rock, that would've made it a whole lot better.
  7. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    I honestly don't know what the deal was there. It could be a mistake for all I know. Most fans knew the DX reunion was coming anyway, whether they saw the ads or not, so maybe the E thought that airing the commercials weren't going to hurt anything.
  8. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    Best Line of the night already happened.

    RVD: I am proud to hold the ECW Championship. And look at this one. It spins.
  9. Spike

    Spike Hammerhead

    Anyone else ever get the feeling RVD has smoked alot of pot over the years?
  10. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    No. Why do you ask.

    /sarcasm. lol
  11. Spike

    Spike Hammerhead

    The show really wasnt that good...not for a first show.

    Except that Kelly girl. I could definantly go for seeing more of her.
  12. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    A very lackluster show. It felt very WWE. Like, every bit of it. The fact that the crowd wasn't into it all didn't help it any. They need to get away from the WWE angles and truely establish themselves as their own identity.
  13. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    That show was horrible. I mean, really bad. And I'm usually easy to please, but I didn't see any redeeming qualities in this show that makes it look good for the future, or to differentiate it from Smackdown or RAW. It was just....what's the word?....EXTREMELY disappointing.
  14. Spike

    Spike Hammerhead

    The Zombie was awesome tho
  15. BlackaWhacka

    BlackaWhacka LP, LP, -->, LK, HP

    That was an AWESOME line. And the zombie gimmick..... I hope it was a shot at sci-fi's idea for the vampire stable..... it was funny as hell.

    All in all it was a good show I guess. I havent been excited about wrestling for a long while. They do need to do a lot more in order to make this feel like it really is ECW though.

    1. Generic music is somewhat killing their characters (I know it must cost a bit to play Sandman and Man in the Box every week but hey, simple things like that were important)
    2. Smaller setting will make things feel like they used to.
    3. Having the Raw/Smackdown guys getting time on for now and for the near future is not bad but in the long run, it should be kept to a minimum.
    4. Dont make the old guard look like jobbers.
  16. Bradcore

    Bradcore Captain Awesome

    So, what would you rate the show?
  17. Spike

    Spike Hammerhead

    2.5 out of 5...the Zombie got it that extra .5 from me.
  18. awful show......awful awful awful.....and Joey Styles said how there's no wrestling during Raw and Smackdown and ECW puts this sh*t out????
  19. BlackaWhacka

    BlackaWhacka LP, LP, -->, LK, HP

    Well you gotta consider this is the debut of the new show, only 1 hour, and right after monday night raw and ONS. The storylines are still centered around the WWE..... and most importantly, vinnie mac owns the product. I looked forward to this with low expectations and maybe thats why I didnt think it was that bad of a show after all, because I knew it would be heavily loaded with WWE crap. I think we all need to give this thing awhile and see what happens during these 12 weeks, but if I had to put my money on it, ill bet on this to flop big time just like anything vince touches.
  20. Buckeye

    Buckeye WWCD

    I'd rate it a 4 or 5 out of 10.

    It felt like RAW. Too much like RAW. I really like Heyman taking shots at Sci-Fi with the Zombie stuff and I liked the Angle squash and Sabu winning the main event...

    But do they really need some stripper who can't wrestle to help kick in the wrestling revolution or whatever? I'm willing to hold off all judgements on the Vampire stuff until they actually do something with it that sucks. Plus, doing the show in front of unnappreciative Smackdown fans in too large of an arena just doesn't work.

    And I now see why RVD was never world champ. Call me crazy, I just don't think he's world title material.

    4 or 5 out of 10. They did some things right, but they have a LOT to work on.

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