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Discussion in 'Outfield' started by geemoney, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    I liked the Mickie/Trish match. I guess the ending with Nitro and Melina will set up some mixed tag matches. Is this the end of the Trish/Mickie feud then?....They didn't ask Umaga or Kamala to do too much, which was smart. The bodyslam was impressive....I wonder if Edge is headed to Smackdown. That'll deepen their roster....The tag match wasn't good, and had little heat....The DX as McMahons segment was okay, but went on too long. I'm glad Trips worked in a "quite frankly." Too bad he couldn't fit a "notwithstanding" in there....I'm glad Flair got some promo time and they didn't immediately forget their match last night....Orton/Kane looked like it went about half speed. Should be interesting to see how fake Kane retaliates from his first ass beating by Kane....Announcing the ME contestants when they were already in the ring gave it a big match feel. The match was real solid.
  2. I thought the DX as McMahon's thing was tremendous.....although i would have liked to seen an actual match. Thought there was too much filler tonight. I'm waiting for them to relate Kamala and Umaga somehow. I can see Edge going ECW already and I really think Orton needs to join DX even though he's got a feud comin up with HHH.
  3. Gator

    Gator Grasshopper

    The DX as the McMahons segment was one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Much better than the DX as NOD thing. That video of McMahon dancing and singing was absoloutely hilarious.

    Although I could've gone without Lawler and Ross giggling in the background.
  4. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    According to Meltzer, the Kane/Kane segment last night was the blowoff to the feud. I don't get why- I thought it was going well, and was interested where they'd end up. My guess is creative just didn't have a finish for the storyline. Something must have happened between Sunday and Monday though, cuz something tells me Fake Kane wouldn't have gone over at Vengeance if they knew the feud would end Monday night.
  5. MrAndMrsFish

    MrAndMrsFish Lets Go Miami Marlins! .

    hmmm...something has to be behind that move....very weird
  6. JetsMania

    JetsMania Hammerhead

    They have a fake kane now? What it this 1993 (with the fake undertaker)?
  7. MVPosey

    MVPosey F**k yeah!!!

    or 1996 with the fake Sting
  8. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    I was surprised Roadkill got that much offense in against Sabu....Tommy Dreamer gets his ass kicked again; there's a surprise....Good, intense promo from Angle to set up the main event....Knox looked okay against Doring, and the "fan" took a nice bump, but I get a sense that Knox isn't a full-fledged heel....Okay, who in WWE has the fat male stripper fetish?....Very good main event. I won't have a problem with ECW if they make it a habit to have the main event run 15 minutes.
  9. show was kinda lame.....the whole sandman gig is getting old....missed the sabu match....RVD-Angle was good but the show is really lacking the headliners....from what i remember of the old ECW it wasn't even close to this....I hope their building to it
  10. Buckeye

    Buckeye WWCD

    There have been a lot of similarities between content from week to week. Same things happening in the same places, and by same things I mean the EXACT same things.

    But, two really good matches is better than I usually get on most wrestling shows, so...

  11. Buckeye

    Buckeye WWCD

    It's being reported ECW is now going to be brand C of WWE.

    Apparently Vince was REALLY pissed after the last ECW house show where a fan got beat up for wearing Cena gear and reacting negatively to the whole show.

    There was more, but I don't feel like repeating it. The Torch reported Vince is pissed and that's about as much as I feel like reprinting.
  12. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

  13. Buckeye

    Buckeye WWCD

    Remember kids, don't do drugs.

    According to the drug policy WWE should release them (according to their own contract, which lists marijuana as on of their substances), whether or not that happens remains to be seen. my best is Sabu gets released while RVD gets a slap on thw wrist, but we'll see.
  14. MrAndMrsFish

    MrAndMrsFish Lets Go Miami Marlins! .

    Vince just got put into an intresting position with this news....Buckeye is right according to the drug policy both of these talents would be released....hmmm...what will Vince do????
  15. Buckeye

    Buckeye WWCD

    I think RVD might be the first World Heavyweight Champion I can think of who got arrested while being champion.

    Best part is WWE doesn't test for weed, which means they're merely asking you don't be dumb enough to get caught. RVD and Sabu, YOU GOT CAUGHT!
  16. RVD may lose the belt tonight....


    Rob Van Dam and Sabu appeared in High Times magazine several years ago. The magazine features RVD, Sabu & Bill Alfonso and reads "Extreme Championship Pot Smoking - Peace, Love and the Piledriver." Supposedly, this wasn't the actual front cover of the magazine, but rather a page within the magazine that was supposed to look like a magazine cover or something.
  17. From
  18. Accord

    Accord Semper Fi

    haha, oh man... I would pay to see that match.
  19. Spike

    Spike Hammerhead

    I was gonna wrestle a match, but then I got high

    I was gonna walk out and kick some ass, but then I got high

    Now I lost my belt and dont know why (hey hey hey ya)

    Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high
  20. geemoney

    geemoney This Space For Rent

    No surprise to hear of the change in the ME. I'm sure they want to get the strap off RVD ASAP....Torrie/Lita was a throwaway that wasn't good while it lasted....I like the 10-man tag idea, especially the faces that don't team together often. Could've gone longer....HBK looks for Mr. Fuji while chicks take off their tops. He's so edgy!....Highlanders got a nice pop coming out, but only a two minute match?....The implied oral sex was just a weird segment....Was that John "Big" Gaburick sitting by the door inside the production truck?....I thought Vince's mic was seriously fautly at first, because Lita's mic went in and out on Unlimited. Kind of a funny segment, though I thought they'd play Doink's music when he left....Man, Carlito hasn't been too impressive in the ring lately, and he wasn't great to start with....Nice of WWE to re-acclimate Orton to WWE by having him leering over Brooke....The three-way was decent, and I liked the finish.

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