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Ruggiano to Cubs for Bogusevic

Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by Larry, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. The same organization that signed Garret Jones to a 2/7.5m contract?
  2. Larry

    Larry The Head Fish .

    1/2.5 mil man, we'll deal him before year 2 at 5 mil
  3. curveball

    curveball Grasshopper

    ^^ lol just what I was thinking, but afraid to post.
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  4. curveball

    curveball Grasshopper

    I agree with that, I just don't understand that move at all. I am guessing they think that LoMo will command more next year in arbitration and that in the two years Jones will cost less. Its the only thing that makes sense, unless LoMo was ordered gone from up above.
  5. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    They're basically trying to erase the majority of the suck from the last 2/3 years and are replacing those players with new sucky players.
  6. Those rotten backloading bastards.
  7. h2r09

    h2r09 Hammerhead

    I like this deal.You would think Ruggiano was hitting 30 hr's the past 2 years each instead of just 31 combined. Calm down he's really not good at all.

    Bogusevic was drafted as a pitcher and only started hitting in 2009 and he's put up a career OPS of .800 in the minors so that isn't terrible plus he had a great year in AAA last year and was quite solid for the Cubs with an ops of almost .800.

    Ruggiano stinks and i hope we continue to purge the team of parts that have been on the team the last two years.

    Bogusevic gives the team a cheaper, lefty bat off the bench with more speed and better defensive value. Good deal. Use that money on a 3rd baseman.
  8. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    I don't understand why the Marlins would sign Greg Dobbs for $1.7 million and then trade Ruggiano for a cheaper option in a cost cutting move.

    It makes no sense but that's the Marlins way. Dobbs is a professional and Ruggiano isn't, I guess.
  9. Oh god I forgot bout that Dobbs thing. That makes this whole thing even more hilarious
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    So, no platoon now? Jones will be the full time starter at first?
  11. Duh. his best years were when he had 500 ABS (who cares if he had a .532 OPS against lefties that year). Marlins baseball!
  12. Entendu

    Entendu sXe

    Catch our moves!
  13. el penguino

    el penguino Marlin

    Ed Lucas, I guess, unless more moves are to come.
  14. Entendu

    Entendu sXe

    Of course more moves are coming. We have like 10 people left from last year's roster.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Sun

    I forgot about him. This might explain the interest in Delmon Young, too.
  16. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    I don't know why anyone would be upset about Lucas platooning, he should be just fine with Jones.
  17. I feel almost as sad as the day they traded Cody Ross away. I'm really going to miss Ruggs
  18. MrMarlinPride

    MrMarlinPride Unsung Hero

    How dare you compare Ruggiano to the Legend known as Cody "Cowbell" Ross.
  19. Eddie Altamonte

    Eddie Altamonte Hammerhead

    With the Marlins payroll they really needed to save that million dollars....
    Another scratch you head move by this FO
    They did say they were going to shake things up!
    This lineup may end up scoring less runs if that is even possible
    don't think Salty can possibly make that more difference
    Now they trade power for more contact in the Ruggiano trade after
    they went for more power then contact with Jones and Salty
    I know it's still early in the offseason but this FO does not appear to
    show any rhyme or reason so far
  20. Entendu

    Entendu sXe

    Nice free verse poetry!

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