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Silver Slugger Craziness

Discussion in 'Major League Baseball' started by Eddie Altamonte, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Eddie Altamonte

    Eddie Altamonte Hammerhead

    Awards sometimes do appear weird but at least you can probably see some reasoning behind them ....I cannot grasp as much as I liked Ian Desmond as a SS how could he have been given the Silver Slugger over Tulowitzki? I look at the stats and yes Desmond had more Doubles and a lot more SB but he also had 150 more at bats, scored only 5 runs
    more had less RBIs and less HRs
    OPS .784 vs .931
    AVG .280 vs .312
    HRs 20 vs 25
    RBIs 80 vs 82

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