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Discussion in 'Miami Marlins' started by marlin2266, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. marlin2266

    marlin2266 Grasshopper

    ..... the Marlins had a rookie come up and really have a break-out year?

    I can only think of Livan in 97, and that was just a half-year. AGon was an All-Star, but performance was not ROY caliber. CJ was solid but nothing to rave about.

    It's hard to believe that a farm system such as ours, which is consistently rated above average, has not had one real ROY candidate in 10 years. Comments?
  2. minus

    minus Hammerhead

    Good point but hopefully DW stick around and rewrites Marlins history!!! :hat
  3. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    Had he stayed healthy Josh Beckett would've had a shot at it.
  4. Ramp

    Ramp Hammerhead

    Preston Wilson was a pretty good rookie

    2nd in ROY votes i think
  5. orisha

    orisha Hammerhead

    hey, what about renteria, he hit around .300 his rookie year, i would have voted for him over hollandsworth.
  6. marlin2266

    marlin2266 Grasshopper

    Alpha Centauri has arrived (at last).

    Go get 'em this weekend, DTrain!
  7. Renteria in 96 (should have won)
    Livan in 97
    AGonz put up strong numbers but then faltered
    PW had a strong rookie year too...

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