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UM vs Notre Dame

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Hotcorner, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    just because I need someplace to vent.

    UM should be killing this team right now, they can't get out of their own way. Dropped 2 touchdown passes so far and numerous others, penalties all over the place, a dropped INT, a BS roughing the kicker penalty...

    I don't have anything left in my house that isn't smashed to pieces already and it's only halftime. Thankfully the defense has tightened in the red zone and held them to mostly field goals. 13-3 isn't insurmountable, but jesus this team...

  2. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

  3. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    and Wieclaw misses a FG. Now I need a new flatscreen.
  4. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    Dorsett can beat their DBs easily, he just can't catch tonight. He's having a nightmare of a game.

    Our defense is horrible.
  5. BenderRobot

    BenderRobot Hello! VIP

    I'm not watching the game, cause I have no interest in college football, but if he's dropping all these passes and can easily beat the DB, do you think it may be a confidence thing? Or is the QB throwing em bad or are these throws that you and I could easily catch?
  6. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    He misjudged both td throws. They were good throws, just hit off his arms. Seems to be lacking focus tonight.
  7. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    ND really isn't a great team. This is exasperating.
  8. StantonisKing

    StantonisKing St. Petersburg College FTW!

    Another f**king drop.
  9. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    of course UM's defense is terrible so since the offense didn't show up tonight this is pretty much over. oh well.
  10. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    aaaaand now it's a repeat of the K-State blowout. nice!
  11. TheUFO

    TheUFO Muckdog

    ughh.. that game sucked. I thought we were "turning the corner" and then this happens. I shudder to think about FSU!
  12. PhxPhin

    PhxPhin Hammerhead

    I think they can beat FSU - I think they can beat a lot of teams

    It's just a matter of if they kill themselves with penalties and the game gets out of hand

    They've shown they can get a big lead, blow a big lead, come back and get blown out

    The ND game was a very winnable - but they couldn't get out of their own way early and then simply wore down

    The defense is horrible - I know it will take time for the secondary to develop and the team is really young, but there needs to be a huge talent upgrade ....... I don't know if it's because he doesn't have any help or if expectations were simply too high, but even chickillo hasn't looked that impressive, expected him to grow after last year but he's getting pushed around in the run game and isn't finishing when he does get to the QB on passing plays

    The DL looks awful and if they don't get better the secondary can't succeed ....... this has been a problem for a while ..... I like a lot o the pieces on offense and am really happy with fisch and morris has improved greatly ........ just need to hang onto the ball and execute the play on offense ....... I think this will happen as the group matures and the offense will be fine and balanced

    The defense I'm not sure I see a light at the end of the tunnel - they are just really bad right now

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