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Why I Quit Major League Baseball Posted by Adrian Cárdenas

Discussion in 'Major League Baseball' started by dom2613, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. dom2613

    dom2613 Hammerhead

    Since I know he was a local kid I figure some of you may interested. It's a pretty good read and probably something I am sure many couldn't fathom doing.

  2. Wild Card

    Wild Card Batting Third

    Pretty great read. My brother played with Adrian often on the Miami All-Stars when they were kids, he always speaks highly of him as a player and person. I always found it odd how he disappeared from the game when his career looked to be so promising, I didn't know why until now.
  3. Erick

    Erick Marlin

    My brother was one of his coaches in high school. He and Chris "Nene" Marrero were incredible back then.
  4. ArtisticHate

    ArtisticHate Libraries gave us power...

  5. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    this guy clearly does not fit my convenient stereotype of professional ballplayers so I'm glad he's quitting. music and creative writing? what would Tim McCarver say??
  6. squall

    squall 8==========D VIP

    Good read. I'm looking forward to the next article about how he made a huge mistake quitting baseball. I expect to read it when he's about 45.
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  7. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    I'm not in his shoes, so I can't speak to his feelings, of course. But this write up does little to tell me why baseball was so utterly dehumanizing that he simply couldn't continue. Certainly he had no obligation to continue, but I just don't see it here, don't really empathize with his thought process.
  8. ...

    ... Sun

    To each his own, but the average baseball player isn't quite as sensitive as this guy.

    The average baseball player also has absolutely zero possibility of making 500K or more per year doing anything else, which explains why 99% of them will put up with cheap hotels, buses and all of the other indignities of the minors for as long as it takes to get called up. And, if they get to MLB, stay there as long as possible.
  9. Hotcorner

    Hotcorner Teal Avenger .

    my big thing is that for the most part these guys don't have long ML careers. Gut it out for five or six years, make a few mil and you can fund whatever else you want to do for the rest of your life. sort of agreeing with mystikol.
  10. mystikol87

    mystikol87 Boom Shaka Laka VIP

    Yeah, that's what I was implying. I mean, it's feasible that baseball was just so awful and so detrimental to his personal, creative soul that he had to leave. But, I don't really feel it out of this piece of writing. And for a creative writer, well, that's surprising.
  11. FutureGM

    FutureGM All Star

    Well the good news is that we don't have to hear what McCarver has to say anymore
  12. Sirspud

    Sirspud Sun

    I agree with others here, it's not a good move to turn away a career that doesn't have to dominate your life till normal retirement age. Play a couple years, make some money, and then do what you really want to do. It seems as if he is bitter about the whole roster shuffle process. Sure, it isn't easy, but it's a temporary thing.
  13. Great article but damn this guy gave up too easily. People around the world would kill to have the opportunity he had and to throw it all away that quickly and easily is almost upsetting. I'd bet those life longer minor league guys like matt treanor and even ed Lucas wouldn't be too sympathetic with this guy.

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