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Stanton Open to Return- With Security

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Juan Rodriguez indicates that if the Marlins offered a contract along 8 years/146 mill should be about the right number to sign Stanton but if they wait to the off-season it will likely be rejected by Stanton
Stanton is not going to sign a contract for that "low" amount to wipe out all his free agency years and not give a second opportunity at a large mega contract, which is the whole point. Trout will be a free agent in his prime. This cannot be emphasized enough. The Marlins would have to step up to a $175-200 mil deal for 8 years (assuming he is awesome and what we all expect).

A much more realistic scenario if this is going to happen (which I think not and they trade him) is a 4-5 year extension at a lot of money, $20 million annual range. This allows him to be a free agent in prime (29-30 years old) to get an insane deal, and that kind of money sets him up for life and then some. There is still something to be said about a player 3 full years away from free agency where they'd sacrifice a few free agency years even if the Marlins have overwhelmingly blown it. That's where the focus needs to be with Stanton. Get 2-3 free agency years and feel happy you get those because you neglected to sign him 2012-2013 like a bunch of idiots.

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