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  2. What are the Braves displaying at this exhibition?
  3. Marlins visit Braves for exhibitions July 21-22 View the full article at Marlins.com
  4. It bothers me that I DO get this joke #old
  5. It bothers me how many people don't get this joke.
  6. FSU's Velez signs as non-drafted FA with Marlins View the full article at Marlins.com
  7. Mr. Cooper should help him, all he does is hang out with people.
  8. I was going to say, can we help him find it?
  9. You know I’m just go with it. If I’m going to type on the phone and it auto corrects, that’s what y’all are getting. F it. but for the record Alma Mater
  10. He'll be the head coach for your wife's soul later? Weird flex.
  11. Always liked Jack and he is consider a local guy to me now. He would frequent Grasshoppers games and his grandson is now head coach for my wife’s alma later.
  12. So on the Local Hour of the Dan LeBatard Show, Mike Ryan interviewed Trader Jack with David Samson via Zoom. Thought it was an insightful conversation. Jack told some great stories about 2003; don’t want to spoil too much but just give my thoughts. I don’t like how Trader Jack left the organization on bad terms because he says he still loves the fans down here and also said Miami was his favorite city. Considering McKeon is the only manager in Marlins history with a winning record (unless you count 1-0 Cookie Rojas), I believe he should be honored at Marlins Park in the future in some capacit
  13. Good point. The fence changes "will definitely help" the Marlins opponents as well.
  14. Are they gonna bring the fences in just when we’re up? Retractable roofs got nothing on retractable fences.
  15. Oh lord, I should know by now with you 😂
  16. Fyi you can go on the COVID IL without having the virus. It could be as simple as self quarantine for precautionary reasons.
  17. Probably because of good behavior.
  18. I don't blame them for hating us but why take that out on the Marlins?
  19. The first time they changed the dimensions and wall heights those changes were more noticeable and realistic. These new changes are really just a correction on what was still the one most extreme distance in center. Any changes after this would be probably just be seen as making it easier for them.
  20. Isn't it cheating to get help from someone not on your team?
  21. Does Marlins Park have a lost and found?
  22. The Miami Marlins won and also lost in a simulated game at Marlins Park on Thursday evening. With modified rules and a relaxed atmosphere, this was the first opportunity since early March, for hitters and pitchers to get into some type of game action. The outfield was as empty as the stands at times, with infield only alignments in play early in the contest. Pinch runners would run the bases for the lineup, but not replace those players in the batting order. A scorecard would be useless and even the most meticulous fan could not possibly have kept up with things. But heck, it was a live b
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