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Telling it like it is about the fish while rooting for the Cardinals

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Innings Deficit

For weeks now I've been talking about the Marlins facing an innings deficit with their projected starting staff.  When they are right, they have the potential to be very good.  There is no denying this, lets be perfect clear about that.  Full stop. However... In 2024 there are silly little things like innings limitations and pitcher health et al. Starting pitchers (especially young guys, of which all the Marlins starters would still qualify) are not going to be pushed more than 20

Impatience and Making Money

Bruce Sherman is bad for baseball. Bruce Sherman is bad for Miami. Bruce Sherman is bad for baseball in Miami.   Look at the crowds for WBC games.  Look at the crowds for the Caribbean Series games.  Miami is a baseball town.  It always has been.  But its a town that needs stars to thrive.  It needs winning to thrive.     The town needs to have someone they can commit to long term that they can graviate around.  This requires marketing (spending money).  This requir

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