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Impatience and Making Money

Das Texan


Bruce Sherman is bad for baseball.

Bruce Sherman is bad for Miami.

Bruce Sherman is bad for baseball in Miami.


Look at the crowds for WBC games.  Look at the crowds for the Caribbean Series games.  Miami is a baseball town.  It always has been.  But its a town that needs stars to thrive.  It needs winning to thrive.  


The town needs to have someone they can commit to long term that they can graviate around.  This requires marketing (spending money).  This requires free agents (spending money).  These are the realities of the market Bruce Sherman decided to purchase a baseball team in.

We can go through the whether MLB should have even allowed this to happen (they shouldn't have).  But in the end, this much is clear, Bruce Sherman is not equipped and Bruce Sherman does not care about putting a winning product on the field and in turn increasing the attendance in Miami.  

And really why should he?  There is no incentive for Bruce Sherman to do this.  Bruce Sherman is making by many accounts $150 million a season (some say thats really closer to $200 million) per season from shared revenues from broadcasting deals, from his local deals and from revenue sharing as 48% of all revenue is shared among all teams.  If Bruce Sherman spends a total of $100 million on payroll he stands to profit between 50 -100 million (AT LEAST).  

The local media needs to hold Bruce Sherman to the fire.  They will not becuase they have never shown the ability to do this.

Bruce Sherman is now on his third 'plan' in some six years of ownership. First it was Denbo/Jeter which was rooted in the  Yankees ideals which requires spending of money.  Jeter and Denbo for all their faults realized that Bruce Sherman is allergic to the commitment to winning. 

Enter Kim Ng.  An otherwise very well qualified General Manager.  And guess what in spite of what many have said, she did a fine job.  She gets blamed for the poor farm system, but really she only had 1-2 drafts under her watch.  The best prospects in the Marlins system are from the last 1-2 years, but you do not get instant gratification in MLB drafts.  This is a failure of the Denbo/Jeter years.  Kim Ng led this team to a playoff berth.  She wanted to essentially build upon this momentum, but that required spending money.  Again, Bruce Sherman is allergic to what it takes to consisntenly win in baseball.  Kim Ng left rightfully so.

Enter Peter Bendix.  His only baseball knowledge is rooted in the Tampa Bay world.  Now Bruce is talking, cheapness is the Tampa way.  Bruce Sherman has allowed Peter Bendix to hire very many assistants.  However, ALL are unproven in their roles.  The Marlins are taking gigantic gambles in their approach to building this team.  Peter Bendix only knows one way of building.  Every other main contributor has never done what they are being tasked to do.  Will they succeed?  Some probably will.  But some will most likely fail.  As long as Bruce Sherman's cash cow is rolling through, things will not change.  That is a guarantee.

This offseason has been an absolute joke and embarassment to all of baseball.  At this point, the Miami Marlins are the biggest embarassment in all of the sport, other than the Oakland franchise.  And that's sad for the city of Miami.  That's sad for all of Major League Baseball.

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I'll push back on the idea that Kim wanted to spend money - we don't know that for sure.


That said, yes, it's incredibly pathetic how the team is being run.


Also, I'd argue you could throw the Angels in the embarrassment category, but at least they try without success.

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