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Marlins Demote Meyer: Head-Scratching Move or Calculated Strategy?



The Miami Marlins sent a shockwave through their fanbase on Monday by optioning Max Meyer to Triple-A Jacksonville. This move seems counterintuitive considering Meyer's recent success.

Despite not making the Opening Day rotation, Meyer has emerged as Miami's most consistent pitcher. His two wins account for two-thirds of the Marlins' meager total. He even silenced the potent Atlanta Braves lineup in a recent outing.

Fans are understandably confused. Speculation revolves around two main reasons: workload management and service time manipulation.

The Marlins might be attempting to limit Meyer's innings after his 2023 Tommy John surgery. However, this logic weakens if Meyer throws regularly in Triple-A with similar pitch counts. Minor league innings still contribute to fatigue.

Another theory centers on service time manipulation. Meyer's time on the 60-day injured list in 2023 already burned a year of team control. Perhaps, in a likely losing season, the Marlins want to delay his free agency even further.

The Marlins need to clarify their reasoning. "Workload management" doesn't fully explain the decision if Meyer keeps pitching in the minors. "Development" seems equally questionable given Meyer's age and recent performance.

Until the Marlins offer a more convincing explanation, fans will continue to question the team's commitment to winning. This demotion raises serious concerns about the Marlins' direction in 2024.


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