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  2. The Disney/Fox deal includes regional sports networks

    Mickey's not doing the hiring. He is the owner but he's letting Donald, a former SS for the local baseball team, do all the moves.
  3. Yeah keep wishing , they'll be a bunch of Goofys
  4. I hope Mickey hires Rich and Tommy.
  5. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/21766966/disney-fox-deal-add-22-regional-sports-networks-espn FS Florida and Sun Sports are now gonna be under the Disney/ABC/ESPN umbrella. discuss.
  6. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    I would still do his wife
  7. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Is Cater Capps involved in the deal?
  8. Rodney signs with Twins

  9. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Be careful. He has Herpes!
  10. JT Realmuto: Franchise Player?

    I think Yelich gets traded eventually.
  11. JT Realmuto: Franchise Player?

    And Yelich. Everyone else is gone.
  12. JT Realmuto: Franchise Player?

    Don said he wants to keep him, that he reminds him of Yadi.
  13. Not too many Realmuto rumors... Is he the one guy who's staying?
  14. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    This would be fun actually.
  15. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    How about a opening day roster including 25 rule 5 drafted players…
  16. Rule 5 Draft

    Exactly. We are stocking up the boat to see what surprises come out as the season plays on.
  17. Volquez released

  18. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    I'll be expecting my gift basket.
  19. Rule 5 Draft

    The entire team won't be close to MLB ready, so one more guy that fits that description shouldn't be a problem.
  20. Volquez released

    Yeah I don't understand how anyone can be upset about this move.
  21. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Jeter just climaxed.
  22. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Fuck it, just trade Yelich, Realmuto, Straily, Chen, Ziegler, Tazawa, and The Ghost of Edinson Volquez for a bench player in Low-A. Let's get the 2018 payroll under $20 million.
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