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  2. Boycott The Team

    Where'd he take you the first time? Outback?
  3. Boycott The Team

  4. Boycott The Team

    It was a family owned chain. I would've preferred "then I'll take it" as the confident answer. Also, I don't live in London.
  5. Boycott The Team

    Is it because you've permanently moved to London now? Because I was looking forward to our second date. Hopefully not at a chain restaurant.
  6. Boycott The Team

    Closest you'll ever get.
  7. Today
  8. Boycott The Team

    Not happening.
  9. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    this seems right and just highlights what ludicrous deals some of these teams got. At the same time it would be devastating if the Marlins just missed out on timing, which seems to be the case.
  10. Boycott The Team

    I'm going to take this as consent.
  11. Boycott The Team

  12. Boycott The Team

    Make his cheeks rosy.
  13. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    I agree with this and predicted it years ago when the negotiation was first mentioned. I hope everyone is wrong and a massive deal is signed. Need monies.
  14. Boycott The Team

    I agree. @Dr Beinfest should be spanked.
  15. Boycott The Team

    A witch trial would be nice... But seriously once Loria is gone, it would be decent to hear explanations and rationale for transactions and how coerced transactions pressured by the top affectected their operation.
  16. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    I wonder how many people have to needless die because of aloha snackbar for some of you people to wake the fuck up. Stop accepting this regressive, blind acceptance of all things, especially Islam.
  17. Boycott The Team

    Wait? I thought I heard Mike Hill say the fan base was not smart enough to understand what they were doing.
  18. Boycott The Team

    I have posted this in the past couple of threads and, I'll say it again. The ONLY thing that can save this franchise right now would be the sell of this club, the sooner the better. The loss of Jose was not only devastating on a personal individual level but the truth is that it crippled this franchise. Aside from pitching every 4-5th day, he was literally the heart beat of this team. Now, we have Stanton, which he has his struggles and hot streaks but I do think he's worth the contract we gave him? No Way! A contract like that is probably only merited by Byrce Harper, IMO! I don't see the growth and progression I would have like to have seen by now from him. Back the organization. The Marlins have always had one great thing about them, which is that we had a very successful farm system, year in and year out. You used to be able to look at almost any winning ball club around the league, and see a former Marlin. We need to get back to our roots! We need to scout, and sign potential, and let the farm system organically raise the prospects into stars. Even if it takes trading Yelich, Stanton, Realmuto, and Ozuna, so what? We need to give to get, and neither one of those guys is enough to get this franchise churning again. I hope and pray this club is sold soon and whomever buys it, realizes the only way back to relevancy is by starting all over again, even if it takes 5 very dark years ahead for this club.
  19. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    So fucked up
  20. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    Keep hunting down and wiping these stains off the planet.
  21. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    This is getting fucking old.
  22. Boycott The Team

    I know their rotation suck,not sure they tried hard or not.
  23. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    I am disgusted
  24. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    Ramadan coming soon.
  25. Boycott The Team

    To be honest, they tried, they just failed miserably at it. Not having a farm system as of late didn't help much either. Your wording of calling it a mistake makes it sound like they chose not to build a strong rotation and that's not true at all. As if they sat around a table and said "should we build a strong rotation?" and then as group decided not to.
  26. Boycott The Team

    What would you like? A punishment for hill and Beinfest? An apology from them? I don't get what you're asking for here.
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