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  3. Severino basically taking what I said and just changing the words!
  4. I agree because while I said the hitting isn't the deciding factor it sure does help. With that said, don't forget Herrera is on the 40 man roster while Guerrero isn't. Sometimes that's the real deciding factor sadly.
  5. Right and I am getting the sense Guerrero has a leg up.
  6. Granderson doesn't have to prove anything except health. His chances on the team have zero to do with spring training numbers, rightfully so. A guy like that just uses spring training to get his timing and routine back, not for proving himself. Herrera is a little different case though because he's a defense first versatile utility player. Not hitting well in spring means nothing. Is he still playing good defense? That's what they'll look at because he's not here for his bat. I think people overlook the role of backup CF, and there are only two candidates for that spot: Herrera and Guerrero. One of those two will make the team because they need a backup CF regardless of how they hit.
  7. I never said anything about trading him. I know he's untradeable. I don't agree that he's not needed to eat innings though. In recent years the Marlins have needed around a dozen starters to get through a season. Absolutely can't expect our young starters to carry the load the entire season. Guys like Chen and Straily still serve a huge role there. That's not holding guys back, that's allowing the young guys to ease into their roles.
  8. Early spring training is one thing, but winning the ST games late when it's mostly your starters against theirs looks a lot better
  9. I'm not worried about wins and loses. I'm more concerned about holding young guys back for no reason. We have so many young arms that are ready that we don't need Chen to eat innings. Also, he will never have trade value both because of concerns over his elbow and the fact that he just sucks ass. I get what you are saying but I don't agree. As a fan, it's bad enough following a terrible team. At least let us watch guys that might have a future.
  10. Granderson yeah, I am not so sure about Herrera.
  11. Ironically, a couple of the guys who have sucked (Granderson and Herrera) are likely going to make the team.
  12. You know, the fans and the media always say "it's just spring training" and yes they're right but there's no way this isn't good for the players even if it's just for the mental aspect of it. The positive vibes should at least carry over into the first few games of the season if they can manage a few more wins in the last week of ST games.
  13. 10th straight win on the day that they're 10 days from opening day! Someone should make an Instagram post about that!
  14. Nationals had a split squad today...most of the scrubs went to play the Mets while they sicced most of their big boppers on the Fish...hahaha.... nice try Nats
  15. Easy money! I know this is just ST, but i can see a lot of "real fans" hopping in the bandwagon. Like i've said many times here... This team is gonna surprise a lot of people. Lets go fish!!!! #KeepDoubting
  16. looks like the real Brinson is showing up
  17. Most likely yes, Currently it looks like there may be 7 "starters" on the roster.
  18. Does Smith make the team? I know nothing about our rotation now.
  19. That Marlins. They're so hot right now.
  20. You haven't been LAID since the 80's. Difference.
  21. This was a lot more than one line, SilverBullet! Please do not lie to us.
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