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  3. Your optimism never ends. Such a shill.
  4. No, maybe the Miami win and the Marlins loseā€¦
  5. Wow look at those lineups... I haven't seen so many busts in one place since _____________?
  6. Like the way the broke up the lineups....lots of lefties and switch hitters!!!
  7. Has Jazz Chisholm's WAR surpassed Gallen's yet? Because that's the only way to win the trade.
  8. I doubt we would see Conley and Guerrero in our pen next season.
  9. Besides the three HBP in the first inning, he's pitched not bad.
  10. Let's go Pablo! Staying up late to watch my boy pitch
  11. Yesterday
  12. Just remember this. Always collective intelligence did NOT make a correct decision.
  13. I think the next GM should be a committee of members of this forum. Between all of us combined we are experts on everything.
  14. If you had to choose, would you pick Sabean or Dombrowski?
  15. Marlins have clinched the #7 pick in next year's draft. 1 more loss or White Sox win will make it #6
  16. Before the rise the scored 4.438 runs per game and allowed the same. After they scored 4.406 runs per game and allowed 3.014. When you look for reasons for a turn around you look for the factors that changed. The offense was basically identical in terms of run production. It is the pitching that improved. Unless you are saying that his lineup presence helped the pitching staff you argument doesn't really hold up. Maybe he has had a lineup presence all year but as was seen in the 44-45 start it doesn't do a damn thing if the pitching sucks.
  17. I watch the Cardinals regularly. I follow the Cardinals. The Cardinals would not be where they are without Marcell Ozuna. He gives the Marlins a presence in the lineup. The Cardinals rise can also be traced to Matt Carpenter being hurt and then finally benched and Dexter Fowler being moved to the 1 slot. Stats are not the end all be all. They never have, they never will. There are many, many other factors that arent on the stat sheet that go into winning baseball.
  18. On July 12th the Cardinals were 44-45. They were still in the division hunt being 3.0 GB because neither Chicago or Milwaukee were playing particularly well. The reason they are in their current spot is because they have gone 39-20 since. Due to injury Ozuna was not a part of that until August 3rd. Since August 3rd, Ozuna has a wRC+ of 103. This means he has only been 3% better than league average. In fact he has been absolutely terrible in September (about as bad as Brinson- arguably worse) when they need him the most. BTW, since July 12th, the Cardinals have been 25-14 with Ozuna (.641 win%) and 14-6 (.700 win%) without so they have actually been better without him.
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