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  2. I don't trust you I need a real Astros fan confirming it
  3. Yes, I can confirm that this is correct.
  4. Sheesh, that guy was out by a mile.
  5. is the dog years or Michael hill's years ?
  6. You're a Marlins fan, you're never winning.
  7. Small sample sizes, but 4.8 runs per game in the last 5. Plus reinforcements of Monte, and Diaz and perhaps a reinvigorated Brinson.
  8. I didn't ask you for a card. Actually, what the hell? I didn't even know we were playing. Am I winning?
  9. The problem with expecting our offense to get hot is that we literally do not have an offense.
  10. If the Marlins win today, then they will be 16-31, the same record as the Houston Astros were in 2005 after 47 games. They went on to win 89 games and won the pennant. During their rough start they had solid pitching, but struggled to score runs. The offense got hot and propelled them to the finish line. In their final 115 games, they scored 4.5 runs per game and gave up 3.5 runs per game. Not saying the Marlins are gonna do any of that, but at least there is a precedent.
  11. Today
  12. Remember when the Mariners were 13-2? That poor team ... lol
  13. Indeed - 1.151 OPS the last 10 games, and .834 the last 30 (first bit of that was still part of his slump). He's turning it around, good to see.
  14. I would think Vaughn would move through the system the fastest - he'd be our starting first baseman right now, really! Bleday isn't a bad choice, of course, just like Vaughn's numbers more. So many more walks than strikeouts, although the latter did increase this season - still not much. Regarding the previous quote - if it comes down to execs vs scouts, then it'd be Vaughn, I think. Just out of curiosity, what's your opinion on who goes 1-3?
  15. The horse never died, the horse currently leads the AL West race by 7.5 games. It's a very healthy horse.
  16. The horse died and came back to life and died again.
  17. Glad this game is an afternoon game so I can watch it and still watch my Astros later tonight.
  18. Anyone else noticed that Isan Diaz has been absolutely destroying triple a pitching this month.
  19. Oh nice, I'll be able to stream it at work.
  21. 1:10 start time. Going for their sixth straight win (and second consecutive sweep). Richards on the mound working that changeup.
  22. Getting one of the higher picks can definitely help but I'd say getting more picks (as in quantity) and making sure you draft well properly is probably more important than just having the top pick. I like the line used by the Marlins front office about "layering" their talent throughout the various levels. Doing that to an extent in the draft as well is a smart move.
  23. Definitely. The draft doesn't start until like 7pm so everyone will be there at 4.
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