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  2. Anderson playing in right field tonight. Thought they were adamant about keeping him at third all season. OK then.
  3. I have noticed that Marlins social media has been pretty keyboard PC warrior since the switchover. The designated poster is definitely letting a little to much of their personal opinions through at times.
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  5. I think he is saying that the Marlin are worrying about stupid shit like straws instead of the hazardous waste they are putting on the field.
  6. On an unrelated rate, I’ve actually never understood why coaches are always old has beens. Why isn’t it given to a current player who maybe isn’t great but at least has a more current approach. There’s no way these old coaches are too techy or analytical. Seems odd but idk, not really sure why it’s not a thing. Your manager at work can be your same age and it isn’t weird, not sure why it’s not like that in sports lol.
  7. This is a precursor to Herrera’s DFA. The question is, who goes down in a week with Cooper returns?
  8. I always tell my wife this but she says long equals 7 or more.
  9. Do we really need another bad player?
  10. Hanley Ramirez: long forgotten.
  11. Not if the Marlins bring him over
  12. And it makes total sense to keep him on the team and bench him. Smart move. Second straight day out of lineup.
  13. I’m glad it’s Dean instead of Brinson. Brinson has clearly earned the right to stay on the team.
  14. Never heard of him. Why don't we send Brinson down?
  15. If Das brings the first long win streak of the year, it'd be quite amusing. Long equals 3 or more.
  16. So when you don't pay attention, he swings the bat poorly?
  17. Right - @el_gmac it's loriarulz2006
  18. Berti's been swinging the bat well if I've been paying attention properly.
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