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  2. I would say he's more under the radar, obviously not getting much attention from MLB network or other media outlets, but probably not the most underrated I'd say Jorge Polanco would be in the running for that
  3. Yesterday
  4. There are a few rows that are freezing and then others that are like a sauna.
  5. It’s always hot as hell in the lower level. They really need to crank the AC. Imagine if the stadium was full
  6. Another L for Mattingly. Also I know dean isn’t the answer but I wish he’d give him consistent playing time. Especially over Herrera or granderson.
  7. Unless ALcantatra is on some sort of rookie innings count, there was NO reason to pull him early
  8. Exactly, at least a hit and run, if BA misses, you still have a shot of gettting Herrera in scoring position, but Dumb Donnie wants to lose
  9. Anderson is a DP machine as well. Should of sent Herrera for sure.
  10. The dumbest manager in baseball strikes again. No reason to pull Alcantara so early just like there was no reason to pull López yesterday.
  11. You have a speedster on first but just let him sit there for the inevitable DP ball... smh
  12. Hot take: Mike Trout is the most underrated player in baseball. Not because people don't think he's good, but because people don't realize how good. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball by many value stats since 2005. Mike Trout wasn't even drafted until 2009. He is already one of the greatest players of all time and he isn't even halfway through with his career. Michael Trout
  13. Don nust be happy they're losing again
  14. Anderson doesn't have it today
  15. goddamit Herrera you worthless piece of shit
  16. Pirates have had a lot of leadoff guys reach 2nd with no outs today... Alcantara likes to live dangerously
  17. They do have the "ophie" (I think) concession where you get the $5 rolling rock draft and $3 hot dog and the $5 pork tacos.. Beer is a good deal for me, I never want 16 oz of beer. Funny about the AC. Our seats for the past few years were in Sec 11 but towards the low number seats. The A/c was blowing so hard, your hair would be flying and it was freezing. I don't think they fixed it yet but we did have our seats moved all the way to the left and it is perfect, or much better. My wife and daughter were cold in July in Dolphin stadium, so they don't count.
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