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  2. Interesting that Monte Harrison is no longer in the Top 100. Either way, 5 in the top 100 looks pretty good. And there are a few others who reasonably could have been in there.
  3. He’s just glad Alcantara isn’t on the Dolphins.
  4. Yes that was brilliant. In November maybe I’ll head over to a dolphins board and long for the start of spring training
  5. The Vic D post in today’s game Thread was hilarious, though. Vic D can’t WAIT for football season to get here. Does Vic D know the Dolphins won’t win 6 games this year?
  6. The ol’ We Lost By 9 runs and got swept but da future is so bright I gotta wear shades post.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Missing : Kolek, Conner Scott, VVM... etc. btw, where are Trevor Rogers and Braxton Garrett?
  9. Hey, come on now, he's done it. Remember when he signed Derek Jeter to be the CEO of the team with some massive incentive bonuses? HUGE contract!
  10. Funniest thing you’ve ever said. Jeter signing someone to a massive contract.
  11. An overmatched series. We didn't have enough power to compete the team that have been had powerful rotation and hitters. Just be patient.
  12. If he maintains a .305 average Jeter will automatically sign him to a massive contract.
  13. People are way too focused on Caleb's age. If the Marlins do what they want and are sustainably good in 2-3 years then him being 29-32 years old is perfectly fine. I mean I know he isn't super young but the talk about his age is making him sound like he's 37 and at the tail end of his career.
  14. Nah, I'm in my teal 97 Bonilla jersey
  15. TV showed a dude wearing the blue jersey was that you ?
  16. I paid money to come to this baseball game and I have to watch Chen pitch?
  17. Looked like batter interference
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