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    They don't need Straily anyway. Did you see O'Grady tonight? 2018 opening day starter.
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    We never had an opportunity to sell high on Koehler. He was consistently mediocre.
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    A Mets fan that pretends to be a Marlins fan by running a Marlins fan website.
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    I like how the Marlins have decided to wear a patch on their jerseys to signify how many investors are buying the team. Nice touch there.
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    Wow. I just stumbled into this old thread. For those curious, here's what I actually did. It was Valentines Day (yes, typical I know, but she thought it was just me being sweet at the time). I set up the table all fancy like, turned of the lights, and served a homemade candlelit dinner to '80s love ballads (don't judge me, it's how I roll). Anyhow, I made an amazing steak, roasted red potatoes, and pan fried asparagus. I don't even like asparagus, but it was amazing. I even bought a $50 bottle of wine just to make the steak sauce. I went all out. Even dressed up real nice like. Anyhow, when the time came to pop, the question, I was so nervous. I had hidden the engagement ring on the underside of the table. And I did a spoken word version of Never Gonna Give You Up. "Joanna, we're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I." Pull out the ring box and open it as I say, "A full commitment's what I'm thinkin' of." Well, she did a double take and said, "HOLY CRAP!" followed by, "Is that real!?" and "Yes! YES! YES!"
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    i can't believe some people are saying JT needs to go - wait...oh that's right i'm on this board....yeah, unless we had Posey back there nobody will be happy. Realmuto has a shot at being the best overall catcher the Marlins have ever had outside Ivan. Catchers that produce and that can block and actually throw out runners are NOT easy to find...but oh hey, his pitch framing must be why the fish pitching staff sucks. get rid of him! get a life.
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    Mattingly can be very frustrating with his in game decisions because sometimes the better decision is super obvious... but I really feel like he's shown us a lot with how well the team has played considering all the injuries, lack of pitching, and the overall flaws of the roster itself. I think Mattingly deserves some Manager of the Year votes for the way he has led this team.
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    Replace it with and animatronic jumping Marlin. It can stay hidden like the apple in New York and hopefully it will look cooler then that ugly sculpture..
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    A Mets fan who creates a Marlins forum and gives admin power to a Cardinals fan
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    The only Cardinals fans I dont like are Cardinals fans that used to be Marlins fans
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    I see your two cards and I Raise you two Of his game used bats. The one on the left he hit a Hr 9/4/12 with it. ?? sorry bro!
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    Mas said to be in talks to join Jeter for Miami Marlins. I think having him aboard would also be great for the franchise and the community. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-12/jorge-mas-is-said-to-be-in-talks-to-join-jeter-for-miami-marlins
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    From the past, not from the dead. My choice:
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    Riddle's mom will probably go to games now that she won't have to see her son play for the rest of the season.
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    "Tommy John was a great pitcher. I look for Tommy John qualities in the pitchers I acquire"
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    If this was the best deal then you hold onto him. He's not a rental. Not good value.
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    Mets fan here. (hope that's OK). I thought I'd tell you a bit about who you got. Merandy is a nice prospect. BA"s mid season ranking put him at #8 on the Mets top 10 and MLB's mid season at #9 ahead of former first round pick Cecchini and masher and 2nd round pick Alonso. He's not going to sniff anyone's top 100 list, he's not close to that, but he's a nice prospect having a great year. He touches 97 and the general sense is that he's a future back of the rotation starter. It hurts a little to give him up cause future starters are essential to today's game and he has a decent shot at being one. He also needs to be added to your 40 and protected this rule 5. (international signings often need to be protected early). AA in 2018 should be a better test and he could be starting game for you in 2019 if things break well. Ricky Cespedes (no relation) was the top dollar international signing by the Mets in 2013. They had to wait till he turned 16 on August 24 to sign him for $725,000. He was a 6'2 skinny kid who had lots of tools but needed work. He played a good CF (BA praised him in GCL for his glove in 2015). Last year he put up a good average for Kingsport but no power and not enough walks, so it was a very empty .322 He also put on enough weight where his future in CF is uncertain and RF might be more likely. I wouldn't pay attention to his stats this year cause he's been dealing with injuries and it's not enough ABs. The tools are there. He's got some glove, some speed, some arm, good athleticism and a lowish K rate/good contact and the power might come, but he needs time. Still very raw. Turns 20 next month. He's a lottery ticket who was signed more for his good body and athleticism than his ability to hit a baseball. Has the ceiling of starting RF but the floor of a guy who never makes past AA. If you wanted more, I totally get that, but you got 2 players I liked and watched with interest.
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    I have no problem if they want to keep that core of hitters, but Dan Straily should not be an untouchable player. That is ridiculous.
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    Framing is overrated. You realize that framing is trying to steal a strike that wasn't a strike to begin with and fooling the umpire into thinking it was a strike. How about we just find capable starters that can actually throw strikes? J T is a really good catcher.
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    I say if we go another week with a similar 6 of 7ish type of run like we have of late and especially if we gain a game or more then yeah we can definitely start looking at the standings more intently. Still a longshot of course but we've definitely picked up some steam recently.
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    Every night I look forward to watching/waiting in anticipation of Stanton coming to bat wondering if he will homer. And every at bat anticipating HIS swing that will take the ball out of the park. Even in a BAD game there is that chance!! Why oh why would I want him to leave? Yes, I know, I know, look at the haul we could bring back for him. I want something to look forward to NOW. We lost Jose and now lose Stanton?? And I'm not convinced that the current administration and whoever may be coming in shortly can make a proper decision on his worth without really fucking it up. I'm of the belief a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Ridicule me if you must, but that's my opinion.
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    Come on STANTON. We need #41!!
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    I'm thrilled and a little worried. Can't I be both? There are positives here and unknowns. At least we no longer have the worst owner in sports. Do you think the media is going to blast Jeter any chance they get going forward? No way. No longer being the joke of MLB is kinda nice for right now. I'll take it.
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    STANTON DONG!!!!! #40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The thought of someone who has spent the last 20 years doing nothing besides being an overrated player and fucking models being placed in a position where he can make franchise-changing decisions is pretty scary, considering that he has little financial stake in the team's success. It's certainly possible that he could run this team into the ground and not suffer from it. I feel like MLB and owners would vote something like this down in most instances, but probably won't because it's the Jeets.
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    The Herald now says the Rothbaum Bush Glavine Stewart Shoneys CEO etc etc group is out because Rothbaum has grown impatient with the process and that both Jeter and Mas have gained more investors and have gained steam. We're almost numb to any of this news lately but if the Rothbaum group is out that actually is some significant news there.
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    Several teams offer some variety of this. Most are obviously low on attendance (Reds and A's come to mind but there are a few others). Nothing to be embarrassed about though.
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    @taiwanmarlin is such a diehard fan, than he'll take loads of jizz to the chin as long as the team wins.
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    We all can't wait.
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    Who knew JT Riddle's mom as lesbian.
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    He isn't talking about a specific player. He's talking about a type of player. Stick to the easy fob targets for the name the player meme.
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    Would be funny if Ellis brings back more than Ramos.
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    wonder if there's some 30 FV prospects we can get for straily
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    like me except the throw hard part
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    Ended before that but regardless Koehler can't return for 2018. Give someone else these innings.
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    Realmuto is the least of Miami's problems, also he isn't a problem.
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