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    The loyalty to the Fish…
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    I'm having a small ceremony to celebrate my accomplishment. It will not be hosted IN Marlins Park. It will be outside, as going inside would mean being a fake fan. Gifts are not required, but will be accepted. Feel free to bring signs in protest. Unfortunately, March 5th (3/05) has already passed. So it will take place on May 3rd instead (5/03) at 3:05pm. Please RSVP here!
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    https://t.co/4XLtXRPhdH PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Lewis Brinson went home last offseason determined to make a change. After batting .199 with a 30 percent strikeout rate in his rookie season, the Marlins outfielder knew things could not continue as they were. He hit the cages hard—“I kind of lived in the cage almost,” he quipped—but it wasn’t in a quest for a swing change. For Brinson, what he needed to alter was his approach. “I did my homework, did my research and tried to find myself a little bit,” said Brinson, who entered last year ranked No. 18 on the BA Top 100 Prospects list. “This offseason it was just more about approach. Just trying to stay up the middle, the other way. Try and lengthen my swing out a little bit and keep my bat in the zone a long time. Nothing real major. More approach than anything.” Brinson, the top prospect the Marlins acquired in the Christian Yelich trade, showcased what’s changed in the Marlins’ 14-6 loss to the Mets on Wednesday. He hit two mammoth home runs, including one that clanked off the scoreboard at First Data Field. But as notable as the home runs themselves was the leadup to them. In Brinson’s first at-bat, he took a first-pitch fastball low and inside from Mets lefthander Steven Matz to get ahead 1-0. Last year, low and inside was the location he swung at more than any other when facing lefties, and the spot he whiffed the most too, according to Baseball Savant. With his altered approach this year, Brinson instead took the pitch to get ahead and forced Matz to come into him with a fastball over the plate. Brinson didn’t miss it, launching Matz’s 94 mph offering deep beyond the fence in left-center. In Brinon’s second at-bat, he again got ahead 1-0 by laying off of another inside fastball, this time from righthander Walker Lockett. Lockett again had to come into Brinson, left a hanging curveball over the plate, and Brinson sent it halfway up the scoreboard. Last year, Brinson was likely to swing at both of the first pitches, putting himself in a disadvantageous count from that start and changing the entire makeup of the at-bat. Now, he’s putting himself in a better position to succeed with his new approach, and the early results are showing it. He’s 4-for-9 with three home runs and a double to start spring training. It’s still the early part of spring and there is a long way to go, but Brinson knows if he can stick with his new approach, he has a prime opportunity for a bounceback year. “Now it’s just translate my approach that I have into the season,” Brinson said. “Same pitchers out there, brighter lights, but it’s still baseball. I’m just going to take this approach I have in spring and take it into the season.”
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    While I agree that it is a bannable offense, I do not agree that I should be the one banned. Thus, I have decided I am going to ban @pollythewog for 10 minutes so he can think about what I did.
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    Look guys, made in the US!!! I think this is our @el_gmac For those who don't have ig:
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    I haven't watched a game in years. How's Bret Barbarie doing?
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    If Richards isn't an All Star and he's still knocking on the door security will probably ask him to leave. Just sayin'
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    How come no one has given credit to Mel Stottlemyre Jr yet? "Its only spring training" but this hot streak on the pitching side happens basically immediately after Mel gets a chance to work these pitchers while this never once happened under Juan Nieves. Maybe the Marlins got really lucky bringing Mel over and hopefully it makes a difference sooner than later.
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    Let’s enjoy our Spring Training winning streak.
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    Kind of odd that you'd remember how nice his glove was.... I'd be more interested in how well he played.
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    Sorry guys, I'm being a REAL fan today.
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    9 days left, you'd know that if you followed marlinsbaseball.com on Instagram, the largest and most active online community for Marlins fans!
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    Early spring training is one thing, but winning the ST games late when it's mostly your starters against theirs looks a lot better
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    So if a position player who is not designated as a pitcher comes in with a 7 run lead and gives up a homer to the first batter would they be required to pull him or would that violate the 3 batter minimum rule?
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    I've never been in it to verify, but these come up when googling:
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    would have these help?
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    He most likely lives in Taiwan so that would be a heck of a commute for the rest of the team.
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    The articles that are constantly dished out about the Marlins by idiots that don't follow the team, and just repeat what they read by another idiot, is a reason why we need to have a fan led website with articles by us. I used to do this for this website and for Fish Stripes. Of the two, I preferred this, but preferred the old format that Larry had that allowed for some of us that wrote to put in our pieces and points of view. E!SPN and the rest of the plagiarists that follow them will not give respect to the Marlins. It's all about Red Sox and Yankees with them.
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    Excuse me sir. I take offense to that. I identify today as March 27th, and I expect you and Jeter to accept that.
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    MLB.TV is the best purchase I've ever made. It's been with me through my entire army career. I've followed this team from all over the world. It's clearly the best deal ever. Add MILB.TV as an add-on, and it gets even better.
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    Uh I have thoughts. Wtf is this garbage?
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    I said it before, but the reality is - he's completely right. A lot of people go to go, and don't care about the game. Sometimes my mom will come with me and my dad and brother or if we go with other friends. She could absolutely care less about the game, she's there to be with us and (hopefully) have a good time. By adding all these little things and different foods, they're not only appealing to the fans that DO want the team to win, they're also appealing to those types of people like my mom, who come along just as something to do/tag along for entertainment. If she has a good time, maybe she'll want to come back next game instead of staying home, and that means one more ticket sale, and X amount more concession sales. Multiply that by however many groups there are, and you have a good number of additional folks that may come. It'll take time, but its painfully obvious what they're doing once you actually look at it. Like you said, it's a good business strategy, and I think we'd be criticizing him if he wasn't doing things like this.
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    You're the best Cuban, @SilverBullet just wants a good one.
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    I like the idea of playing with the colors for fashion caps but the blue has to be the one emphasized for my tastes as opposed to the red.
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    I personally don't think we will have to wait that long to see significant progress.
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    https://store.google.com/tw/product/chromecast_2015 Get this, plug it into an HDMI port and your TV will have MLB.tv again along with other apps for relatively cheap. https://www.mlb.com/live-stream-games/devices/chromecast
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    Also don’t have to water anything this way. Using so much water can really add up.
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    How cheap is Jeter? We can''t even have grass?
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    Victor Mesa Jr Mesa Victor.
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    I think that the Cardinals are in trouble.
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    get two MVPs outfielders and we'll be set
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    Rickey Henderson has been revealed as another new legend in the game, so that's awesome. So you can buy multiple packs - for example, with the Digital Deluxe edition of the game with pre-order, you get 30 standard packs + 1 guaranteed diamond pack (1 flashback from each team, you choose) + 1 classic stadium pack (used in Diamond Dynasty) + 1 gear up choice pack (equipment, used in Diamond Dynasty for a created player [that you work up through missions, caps at 88 overall] or Road to the Show). You also get a free pack every ninth day you log in. Usually don't get anything in those but it's free, so hey. You can also buy stubs for Franchise Mode if you want to use them to increase your team's budget, just throwing that out there. Like 1000 stubs can get you an extra $4M, 5000 stubs gets $20M and so on (I could be wrong on these numbers). You can also earn stubs through missions in Diamond Dynasty, or just by simply playing the game. Just simply playing the game, gather stubs, do missions, you can buy packs that way or buy players outright from the market. Some people have actually gotten all their stubs and their players simply by using the market and doing a buy low / sell high method. I've tried it a few times with varying success, usually more success with the lower tier players since people are much more likely to put no second thought to buying a common tier card for 60 stubs than a diamond tier card for 60,000. So SilverBullet got this out of the way - exhibition modes and home run derby you can use everybody on day one (I did this with Babe Ruth in 18 in a Derby, hit like 75 homers with him in 3 rounds lol - have him be the lowest seed so he always goes first in each round) and Diamond Dynasty you have to unlock or buy them. They've added a lot (A LOT) of variety in this game. The "first inning" mission (which runs from launch to April 19th) can get you a choice pack at the end of it, with options of Andruw Jones, Cy Young, or Goose Gossage - all diamond cards in the low to mid 90's rating overall. (Yes, Cy Young is in this game!) They have Team Affinity missions which can be linked to the March to October mode, but can also be done by simply repeating their innings requirement over and over - 250 innings with players from that team - now that adds up with each player from that team you use so say you were working on the Marlins Team Affinity mission, you can use an entire team of Marlins and in a 9 inning game, you get 81 innings done. So essentially, three games (with one going a little into extras) and you get five percent of the mission done. The March to October mode, if you do it successfully on Legend, will get you 60% in one shot. Honestly, play Diamond Dynasty for fun - you don't have to play anyone online, not required at all - just play the single-player modes, Play vs CPU and Conquest - they're really a lot of fun and Conquest has been a great way to build up teams on a budget (or, really, FREE) the last couple years. In MLB 18, the rewards were a flashback of Cole Hamels, Edgar Martinez, and Luis Gonzalez, and once you completed the map once, they did Conquest Extreme afterwards where you had to go through a bunch of missions using other players you unlocked during the first Conquest runthrough, and then after all THAT is done, you get huge rewards for getting all 30 strongholds in 12 moves or less (which I did eventually ... lol). Those got you some pretty good cards as well. MLB 17 has flashbacks of Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia, and Reggie Jackson (which is a card I used for the entire year - absolutely raked with that card). Seriously just give it a try, have some fun! The missions are fun to get done and have no need to pay anything other than the base game to play successfully and enjoy. Gosh I said a lot in this post, I'm just really excited for the game.
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    Fun fact - I went to high school with Michael Taylor (and several other guys that play/have played in the MLB.
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    I didn't even watch it (I scrolled through that "preview" window) because it showed absolutely nothing I'd want to see (the new CF zone, etc.) Seemed pointless.
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    The three batter minimum makes no sense. So say its a 1 run lead in the 9th inning with 2 outs, you can't bring in a lefty to face a lefty?
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    I'm so good, I can even stalk a place I've never been! The new design looks warmer and more inviting vs. the "colder" look before with the use of the browns and greens.
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    Trade Granderson right now, his value will never be higher!
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    Our poor players are going to be so tired after playing 2 games at the same time, at least they are using 2 different pitchers
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    Imo there should never be a pitch clock in baseball..... don't keep ruining the game manfred!!!

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