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    Scott Van Slyke is going to hit 324 home runs this season.
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    Hey, I know we've met before But this is still crazy But here's a number ($3.25 million) So Cameron Maybin
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    Did Fernandez rise from the dead with Chen's 26 year old left arm in this scenario? Didn't click.
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    Players should also stop sucking once they sign their free agent contracts and maybe smaller market teams wouldn't be so scared to spend money on them. Exhibit A:
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    What if I write "We're better than Rays" on my sheet of paper here?
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    Funny thing about the Nats is that they’ve never been a product of the 1-game playoff. They’ve won the division every year pretty much, and still can’t get out of the 1st round. I know it’s a crapshoot any given year, but they fail year after year.
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    if so, hopefully I won't see or talk to you
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    I'm sure some people will go yeah. Doubt the stadium will be completely empty.
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    I'll pay to read @taiwanmarlin's survey
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    If you could get $10,000,000 to do literally nothing, wouldn't you?
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    if i havent made myself clear, I think both things are true. The marlins would have been competitive with pitching additions (you guys are really discounting how horrible marlins SP was at 4/5 spot) and the tear down was the best way forward. I'm excited for this season .
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    Darvish and Chatwood are projected to have 6 WAR between them. So that would get the Marlins to .500. So sign Arrieta too, probably Mouse, field a $210 million payroll, and you have the honor of getting knocked out by the Nationals or Dodgers in the NLCS with the worst farm system in baseball and depreciating assets with only 1-2 years of control left for Ozuna, Realmuto, Stanton, and Straily. This is hot garbage.
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    Knowing he will be a free agent earlier impacts that buyout deal, so anyway you slice it, it is a stupid decision and costs them millions of dollars (literally). It's honestly not just about Brinson either, it's about organizationally not understanding why it is important to preserve a year of control (or deflect a Super 2 deadline, etc.). The Cubs deflected Bryant. The Braves are going to keep Acuna down a few weeks to start this year. Brinson though? The Marlins apparently need to play Brinson in a 95+ loss season for 6 weeks, because they don't want to DFA someone like Austin Nola, who wouldn't even be claimed. That's fucking stupid. I am all about rewarding players for good performances, but Brinson is the # 1 asset in the organization and he needs to be treated differently. Having him with the team before May 8thish or whatever is exponentially more egregious to me than any of the trade returns. However mad anyone reading this is about Stanton being traded, I am 10 times angrier about Brinson being on this team opening day. That move would be clear evidence there is a systemic problem with their operations, as this is an unforced error. Stanton had a big contract they had to move. This? Why the fuck is he up for 6 weeks this year and you lose all of 2024.
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    I know something I could have done in those 5 seconds.
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    on the contraire the smaller the stitching the harder for the machines to reproduce
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    I'm convinced the uniforms will change sooner than later and have told myself that I'm not buying one more piece of merchandise with the current stuff until the rebrand just because I no longer want to attach myself to a logo/identity that I know is on the way out. Basically saving up for the spending spree that I know I'll go on whenever the rebrand comes. I'm that guy that buys a couple caps, every jersey, a few shirts, shirts and caps for the wife and kid, as well as shot glasses, beer pints, lanyards, keychains, bottle openers, license plate holders, a collar for my dog... holy shit, I may have a problem.
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    Yes but this is marlinsbaseball.com not tigersbaseball.com. Go discuss that logo change over there.
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    Someone has to water the grass.
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    PPL cheers for stupidity, why do you think @SilverBullet1929 gets so many likes
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    6/15. Thank God I'm not a loser
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    His other initials are JT, not DFA.
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    It is a build, not a rebuild. Please forward $5 to Jeter as your fine.
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    I hope he does too, but he doesn't strike me as much of a "sell high at the deadline" candidate.
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    You may laugh but I actually have a team issued Maybin jersey, one of the old black alternates from the tealish era. Ironic considering it’s about the only one my fat ass can wear now.
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    @taiwanmarlin Get a Maybin jersey.
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    Is this the guy the Marlins got in return for Starlin Castro?
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    Maybin they will, maybin they won't, we'll see.
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    What an ignorant statement. If the team he helped construct succeeds, it most certainly is due in part to him. He made those tough calls. If they work, he should get the credit for it. I know you'll blame him if they fail since you're preemptively doing it so you can't have it both ways.
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    At least he's starting this up at the beginning of the season and not a few weeks into it to save on service time.
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    I am guessing we are seeing some of the first work from the Warriors' honcho we brought in, I like this very much. I am doing the survey now.
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    Only an ignorant fool would suggest a team deep in debt increase their payroll to 180 million or so when they would have just a CHANCE of making the playoffs. For those playing at home, the payroll would've been 140 before adding anyone if last year's team was kept intact. They'd have to have one of the top 5 payrolls in all of baseball probably with new SP additions and they wouldn't be a realistic WS contender. A playoff contender maybe but a one and done type.
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    A moment of silence please for the Harrison Appreciation Thread as well as @Retro_Marlins25's Opening Day lineup prediction.
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    Yea but he shouldn't. It's not what's best for the organization. Unless they plan on being really aggressive with pursuing an early extension with him. Which, to be honest, probably wouldn't be too hard to convince him to sign if the offer is fair.
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    The things they do with technology these days.
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    Where did he leave it? Maybe he should check the lost and found?
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    I prefer the bigger logo when looking at the comparisons.
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    I'm filing a grievance because I think the Marlins payroll is currently too high. Seriously, why is Starlin Castro still on this team?
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    This is such a crock of shit - anyone who lives in the Tampa Bay area (whether you're on the Tampa or St. Pete side of the bay) is a moron if they think it's some horrendous measure to get to the ballpark. That ballpark is literally the easiest park to get to/from from anywhere in the bay area. There's virtually no traffic going towards the games in the evening because rush hour is headed the opposite way. You see the stadium and take the exit and boom, you're there. The stadium itself is an eyesore but in terms of location I'd gladly go there versus a downtown Tampa site. Plus, downtown St. Pete is WAAAAAAY more entertaining and filled with culture compared to Tampa which is an utter shithole. I lived in the Tampa Bay area for 25 years and people just like having an excuse why they aren't going. Same shit as with the Marlins stadium when all the people liked blaming it on Joe Robbie/Sun Life or whatever the eff it was last called.
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    If that's true, why aren't you leading the website in likes?
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    In no particular order Signing Julio Pablo Martinez (which the dedicated thread seems to suggest is impossible given the size of our pool) Getting a good full season in the minors from Tyler Kolek. First full year after TJ, hopefully he can display some of what made him 2nd pick overall in 2014 Same for Trevor Rogers (sans all the injury stuff). Would really like to see these two pitchers flourish. Alcantara develop a good third pitch making him a legit rotation option instead of a hard throwing bullpen pitcher Monte Harrison destroying baseballs at whatever level he ends up playing this year. Getting big first halves from Straily, Bour, and Prado and possibly moving them to a desperate contender for some value. Everyone stays healthy Nothing happens to significantly change any expectations for the prospects we’re counting on.
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    UGH!! That's it, Brinson is a bust already!