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    So here's an initial attempt at a MIAMI script and on the uniforms...... Also, forgive the quality of the uniform pictures, I'm pissed since I had to take screenshots to show you all because photoshop is glitching and not letting me save in any capacity - photoshop file or otherwise (the save, save as, nor open dialog boxes will not open.......does anyone have a solution to this? Otherwise I'm going to lose everything I did in photoshop tonight, thanks in advance) Anyway, enjoy! I'm also open to suggestions!
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    "he will definitely be wearing a different uniform by the start of spring training" No shit we're changing our logo and jerseys
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    Ok, so I only had time to do part of my "assignment". I constructed the logo in Illustrator from the two images we've seen (the one on the Spring training ticket and the cap picture) I then put them over 4 different backgrounds. the Salmon and blue backgrounds do need a black outline to keep the drop shadow of those two colors from being washed out I then took those variations and created caps of them: Tomorrow I'll work on the "MIAMI" and "MARLINS" script to put on some uniforms. Hope you all enjoy this step.
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    And now for today: All exterior signs displaying the current logo have been removed. Interior logos, and the Marlins Park logo on the roof remain intact for now, though. All banners Marlins banners that were on the parking garages were removed, leaving only advertising ones up Some seats above the home dugout have been removed now: The main part of Homer is still visible from the exterior: However! Homer is already being dismantled.......I found parts for it underneath the park in one of the loading bay: Work on homer's new spot in the north east corner hasn't begun yet, though. I also saw dumpsters full of debris and insulation on the west side in the plaza.
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    You continue to blow my mind...I’m really liking all your concepts. The all black logo really goes well with any background. I also like both letter styles you selected, any of them I would be happy with. If someone had gun to my head, I would probably go with the all caps lettering. Now I’m looking foword to this logo being it. The team will have lots of flexibility with the style and colors of the uniforms, the logo lends itself to that. @rmc523Thank you for taking your time to do this for us.
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    Hello Everyone, I will be starting a new Marlins Podcast that will debut every Monday, beginning January 7th, 2019. As a member of Marlins Baseball, I want to involve everyone in this website as much as possible by getting feedback from you, so you guys will be willing to tune in! Each podcast will be between 30 minutes and 120 minutes long. I will have more details about the podcast as soon as possible. These are the topics I have so far that I would like to talk about on the first podcast. Feel free to chime in with your ideas 2017 in Review Attendance Marlins Fired Coaches Marlins Sign Mesa Brothers Derek Jeter (Good & Bad) Marlins Minor League Affiliates Don Mattingly Home Run Sculpture Other Topics Marlins New Logo Changes to Marlins Park (Comunidad 305) Naming Rights TV Deal Trades Free Agent Signings Players who were cut 2019 MLB Draft 2019 Top Marlins Prospects Feel free to leave your opinion as to what we should talk about. I love marlinsbaseball.com and want to include everyone’s opinions as much as I can. This is the new logo of our podcast below. As I said before, I will post more details as they become available to me. Thanks! And Go Marlins!
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    marlinsbaseball.com now that's a respected and honorable IG account we can all be proud of.
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    @rmc523 gets a promotion to site fashion designer.
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    I tried a few quick variations of these two:
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    Wait wait so Derek Jeter is offering to pay $2.5 MILLION to the county if Red Grooms disown the sculpture..??? He's basically offering to buy it for himself if he has to! But I was told Derek Jeter was a cheap bastard who is only interested in cutting costs to line his pockets with profits! Keep telling yourselves that Jeter is just as bad as the previous owner. It's laughable at this point.
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    Jeter should prepare them for this questioning.
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    We only signed two of the three? So Marlins! #FuckJeter Lol. Just kidding of course. This is awesome. #StartingToBelieve
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    I think everybody knows Bobby Witt Jr. was the son of Bobby Witt…
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    It'd be so Marlins to have this hubub, only to announce they've begun moving the home run sculpture outside.
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    I wish. It's been a while.
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    Why would you want that? Save up and buy New York, dude.
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