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    Mike Hill should be banned from this year's draft. Actually, he should be banned from baseball.
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    I voted no. He gave us a great couple of years. Let him RIP, and let it go.
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    They don't really need a starter to be honest. Just forfeit the game. And the season.
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    I like this ownership group already.
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    Not sure if it matters, but this team seems to have great chemistry.
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    Phelps had a great inning, let's build a statue for him asap.
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    lol no one's coming here, to a dedicated Florida Marlins messageboard in 2017, and saying "bandwagon fans" people are mad because they have been mad for over a decade and nothing's changed.
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    Gotta love it! Bour turned the Pirates into whores. TK is a bulldog. Super bullpen throws 5 scoreless. Dee gave the Pirates the D. Hech is so good, he doesn't even need to know where the ball goes when he hits it. He just gets hits. Ichiro with a Hall of Fame walk. AJ Ellis tried. Big win & our $80 million arm pitches tomorrow. Order your rings.
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    Get rid of that piece of junk, get rid of the lime green, get rid of the uniforms, and get rid of loria!! And he can take all his artsi fartsi pretentious artwork with him
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    Oh look, a Bush finally won a war.
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    This team is absolutely terrible and depressing. Don't attend another game at Marlins Park until Loria dies or sells. Fire Mike Hill. RIP Jose
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    I disagree only because the ballpark means baseball in South Florida. From 98 to 02 not only were the teams shit, but the stadium was shit and the long-term security of baseball in Miami was in the air.
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    When is Prado not going to hit 2nd anymore?
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    I already knew he was bad so I didn't need to click the link. Thanks anyway!
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    Normally we find the ignorant media that mistakenly calls the team the Florida Marlins now years after the change to the Miami Marlins. But check this out. I recently came across some old yearbooks and in 1994 some kids family put a pic of him in the yearbook along with Orestes Destrade...and the yearbook called Destrade a Miami Marlins player... just wanted to share cuz that sure is odd... also the yearbook spelled the name Destrada and I'm awaiting confirmation on if the kid in the picture is@Admin...
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    I also have a life.
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    Stop worrying about how far we are behind the Nationals on April 27th.
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    Keep it. It's part of the ballpark now and not that big of a deal.
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    @canada-marlin24, we scored 3 against Perdomo. We did it!
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    Without hesitation. The facts of the incident don't negate who he was as a person.
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    (I'm the dude in the top right corner. I am not Christian Yelich's brother.)
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    Canada-Marlin called this one a loss in the 6th inning. Good thing they played the whole 9! I'm glad they won. I didn't want to have to wear a brown paper bag over my head to the day game Wednesday. Tough to slam beers that way.
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    Moore's homer: his first since September 20, 2015 as a National against the Marlins off Justin Nicolino.
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    During one of those fox sports fantasy auctions where people call in and bid for things and the money goes to charity, they had an artist making a big painting of Giancarlo literally during the game, an amazing idea for a broadcast to be honest, and people were bidding on the painting... Marlins Man was in attendance and was bidding like crazy on this putting up a shitload of money and it got to the point that the artist spoke about his life and stuff and he got emotional that his art was bringing in this much money and the guy was basically in tears of happiness it was very touching really but Marlins Man is basically repeatedly butting in on camera hogging the interview time with Minervini and repeatedly mentioning how much he loves giving back to charity and the community etc etc and the whole thing just came off like a huge attention grabbing Me Me Me move when this, with all due respect "starving artist" is there trying to take in the most successful moment of his life and this douche is stealing the spotlight. The "story" of that night/that moment was not about him but he was trying to make it about him. If anyone remembers this differently please chime in but that's how I remember it. I'm sure squall will say who cares he was hogging the spotlight because at least he was giving tremendous money to charity but there's just something odd about the whole thing. There are ways to give and be a good person without rubbing it in people's faces. And again, I don't think he does this on purpose, it's just his personality but man does it make me wanna kick him in the balls. Click here for video... http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2015/06/04/128582868/painting-of-giancarlo-stanton-earns-25k-for-charity Hey everyone look at how I bid on everything!
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    He was ok. Mediocre at best, but still a million times better than Hill.
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    Coming from a huge Ichiro fan...... I think Ichiro -and the Marlins- made a big mistake this off season. Ichiro had a really good year last year (as well as a historic year). He should have went out on the highest of all notes and said goodbye at the end of the 2016 season. And the Marlins enabled him to come back and take at bats away from someone more capable.
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    This is the dumbest team in the history of baseball. The franchise player has been in the league for a long, long time and still looks like a little leaguer on sliders away. Martin Prado hitting 2nd because he hits groundballs, which make for great double plays when our speedy leadoff hitter gets on base, which he rarely does get on base. But hey, at least he's fast. Hechavarria and Tom Koehler are among the longest tenured players in franchise history and they both suck. Also, I've never seen a team shift and have it backfire as often as it happens to this dumbass team. Why were they even shifting tonight anyway in double play situations? Ziegler gets groundballs and double plays so let's fuck up the infield alignment. At least two of the hits would've been double plays in a normal alignment. Oh yeah, how could I forget? Our pitching staff should walk more hitters, especially with the bases loaded. Nice to see the opposing team draw walks, which is something this dumbass team can't do.
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    This is a joke. The rotation is horrific. Never know what we are going to get and aren't even giving ourselves a chance. We probably average 4 innings a start.
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    Mike Hill built a super bullpen, and the best arm so far is a guy who wasn't supposed to make the team. Discuss.
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    other fun facts: although they're 22nd in ks, marlins are last in MLB in walks. This is all adding up to me as a philosophy approach thing ie hit it where they aint which is just a bunch of groundballs. bring back bonds
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    This is why I'm sitting two seats away from you.
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    Have a salad. It'll make you feel better.
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    Did the season end?
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    No it's Bush and Jeter
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    His mantra should just be: Don't swing at sliders down and away Don't swing at sliders down and away Don't swing at sliders down and away...
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    Nice Make The Marlins Teal Again
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    If this goes through I am interested to see if the "I wont go to another game as long as Loria is involved" people come around.
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    That's @SilverBullet1929 as secretary
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    it doesnt matter but they do indeed. fun motherfuckers
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    I will never forget Jose. I will never forget how exciting he was. I will never forget the positive spirit he lived with. I love and respect Jose the player and person forever. I honor him and still grieve for his death. He should be honored and respected. Somehow. Forever. But I voted "no". I do not believe any human should be worshipped in sculpted representation. And I do not believe in constructing statues of humans unless strictly for artistic expression. This is not ancient Egypt. He is not a Pharaoh. Jose should be honored, respected, and loved. He will forever remain in my heart. I think other ideas to honor him should be considered. It shouldn't just be "yes to statue or no". I believe an artistic mural as a tribute would be appropriate, for example. Somewhere in or outside the stadium. Showcasing his time with the Marlins and off the field contributions. And his determination to become an American. Not just a baseball player in America. A mural would also be able to express his positive spirit and vibrant livelihood more than a statue. His life and death should be honored openly and abundantly, but I do not believe a statue of him honors his contributions appropriately. Statues idealize humans, his life and death need to be honored, and respected.
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    Stanton says tomorrow is a must win. There you have it. If they lose, season over.
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    Stop hacking other people's accounts, CanadaMarlin.
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    Erick, watch your fucking mouth.
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    Being responsible for killing two other people supersedes being a great pitcher my friend