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    They are also sending five Cardinal fans to attend all Marlin home games. They will sit behind home plate to give the appearance on TV that there are fans at the game.
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    Blah blah blah I'm Robert Manfred and I tell fans how they should feel. Fuck off.
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    I think Cardinal fans are not as happy about the amount they gave up because they know that Mike Hill is a retard and if they tried hard enough they could have probably gotten Ozuna for literally nothing.
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    Here's how I covered the deal for Rotoballer:
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    And this: https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/12/09/giancarlo-stanton-trade-yankees-marlins-brian-cashman-aaron-judge-gary-sanchez "And then there are the Marlins. What else can you call this trade other than an abject disaster for a franchise seemingly committed to being a pointless mess for the rest of its existence? Jeter can’t be faulted for the no-trade clause that Stanton used to blow up his plans; that was the parting gift of Jeffrey Loria, steadfast in his devotion to screwing the fans of south Florida. But no one forced Jeter to work out trades before even knowing if Stanton would approve them, and no one made him offload his franchise player despite Stanton’s refusals destroying Miami’s leverage. Conspiracy theories will follow Jeter trading his best player to his old team right after taking over, but it’s not that complicated. This is just an owner completely in over his head getting worked by someone far savvier. Pity, then, Marlins fans, who have stuck by this team through firesale after firesale only to be rewarded with yet another, and this time by an ownership group that looks poised to do less for the franchise than even Loria. By dealing Stanton, Jeter and company have showed that all they care about is the bottom line, not the product on the field. The result will be a completely awful and unwatchable team that should, to Jeter’s great joy, cost nothing. The Marlins will be burned down for the insurance money under the guise of rebuilding and getting rid of onerous debts that the owners would claim impeded winning. But a team in one of America’s largest media markets shouldn’t have to sell off its best assets for pennies on the dollar or punt on fielding even a nominally competitive squad. This is a terribly sad day for baseball in Miami, and a shameful moment for MLB, which never should have allowed Jeter and Bruce Sherman to buy the team."
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    I hope that's true. Stanton is so awesome for basically standing up to Jeter and telling him to fuck off.
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    when this story broke, the wife and I made the mutual decision to not pay for the MLB Season pass next season so we can watch the Fish way out here in Phoenix. As someone else mentioned, the best things about the Marlins were Rich & Tommy, Jose, and G (100% he's gone). Both of us certainly appreciated and enjoyed watching other players (my wife is in love with Bour, who will also likely be gone unfortunately) but those 4 were what made this team watchable day in and day out. None of the idiots they ran out there came close to replacing T-Hut. I wondered how well Rich would hold up not having his sidekick with him and although the spark wasn't there with any of the people over these last two seasons he showed that he is a damn fine analyst and can carry a game on his own. Jose's death brought the team closer together than ever. I don't know if I'll ever see another player like him. Talent-wise of course there will be others but not that combination of talent and just electric personality and such a joy of the game. When G was on his gigantic MVP tear this year my heart hurt from wanting to see Jose going nuts in the dugout with each bomb. You KNOW he would have practically been doing cartwheels along with Dee. Generational talent. 110%. So G finally puts it all together for a season and becomes an absolute monster. I was a little surprised to see the vote THAT close actually. His trade will be devastating from a PR standpoint. It is such a shame that the marlins basically had shit luck on nearly every pitching FA they brought in because they have a WS caliber offense now and made games so much fun to watch once our MVP got rolling finally. Jose, Chen (had he continued his career norms), Urena, Straily, and (insert journeyman here) would have been a competitive starting rotation to go with this offense. There has been so much "classic Marlins" with this new regime so far - dark cloud of the impending firesale, ditching a beloved analyst (don't give 2 shits what FSN said in a release, this is 100% new ownership), whining about finances (shouldn't have bought the fucking team, assholes), dumping the international money via trade, Mike Hill remaining (the one guy that should have been shown the door ASAP), and just the general constant reminder that once again (and seemingly always after some positive strides made during the season) we aren't going to be players in FA and are generally going to be worse off again next season. So yeah, i will be following them via boxscore and I'll watch them when they play the Diamondbacks since they'll be on locally but I am not shelling out one cent to them any longer. MLB fucks this team over time and time again by allowing garbage owners to take the reigns. If Jeter hadn't been attached to Sherman there is no way in hell he'd have been the winning group (yes, I know..Loria's yankee obsession) or the finances been approved. Blah. Letting Rich go was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Only sport to watch now is hockey. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone lol
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    terrible move for Waltz. Loved him as the play by play guy. Preston and Conine are whatever, but Waltz deserves better.
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    Trade still sucks. I hate Mike Hill.
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    It seems they focused on the quantity, not the quality.
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    The Marlins get fleeced so often they should start a sheep farm.
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    They need to keep Yelich. He's under control for 5 seasons cheap and fits into any rebuilding timeframe. The only scenario you trade him is if you get such a ludicrous herschel walker package you just have to move him. You trade Ozuna, Castro, Straily, and Bour now for as much as you can get, maybe Barraclough, Urena, Conley, and Dietrich if you get a good package for them but they are more likely to me as July trades, Realmuto now (or maybe the deadline) if he refuses a 5+ year buyout (Salvador Perez got 5/$52.5 after his 4th year of service time with comparable numbers to JT. JT is at 3 years of service time so he might slot a little lower. I think he'd take $50 million guaranteed 3 years from free agency and that's a good deal), and really suck in 2018/2019 while you let all the young pitchers spend .5-2 years in the minors. But back to Yelich, he's a 4.5+ WAR monster under team control for years 26-30 for cheap. He's different than everyone else on the team as no one comes close to him in the years of control they have versus his production. You build around him. He's an alpha player. He's a top 3 player on a contending team and they have him locked up for the start of the next contending period in 2-3 years. No reason to move him. This is also because, they are going to have a dozen SP candidates soon. They have Rogers, Garret, Guzman, Neidert, M. Gonzalez, Peters, and some other guys (Kolek, C. Smith) who could stick as starters if everything cuts right. They are going to get 3-4 more good SP prospects at minimum for Ozuna, Castro, Straily, and Bour. It's very likely they will take some early college SP arms with their 1/2/supp round picks in 2018/2019 drafts. You can never have enough pitching, but this is a lot of club controlled arms to unleash 2020/2021. Even with an over 50% flame out rate/guys moving to pen (to join a nice young pen core of Garcia, Wittgren, and Steck as a sidenote), they are going to get their rotation out of this. Getting another guy or two for Yelich doesn't move the needle here compared to what he brings. So bats? It looks grim in the system right now. Yelich is the only star. Realmuto should be a solid regular. Maybe Anderson works out as an average regular somewhere. That's it. It's going to be hard to replace him with prospects. Maybin and Hermida were top 10 prospects in baseball. Maybe they would get a Hanley versus them, but why risk that? He is awesome and signed cheap for 5 years. Keep him. And if all the pitchers blow out their arms, he is easily tradeable next year or two. His value isn't changing with that awesome contract and how good he is.
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    Just have the payroll consist of those bad contracts and the young players. Trade guys like Ozuna for the most you can get.
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    I really hope Jeter plans to rebrand the franchise by either 2019 or 2020. I know this seems cosmetic, but 2012-2017 have truly been the darkest, most depressing years in franchise history by a long shot. They really need a new logo, colors, uniforms, and removal of the HR sculpture in order to excise the rather painful memory of how egregiously incompetent and misguided everything has been managed under Loria, Hill, and Samson after the move to the new ballpark.
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    Wait until the Cuban community gets a hold of "Jeter trades away Stanton and brings Castro to Miami" ...this stuff writes itself.
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    Marlins fans can never have nice things. I've been praying for years that Preston gets canned. It finally happens but he has to bring Waltz with him.
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    The problem is that the Marlins have been excruciating to watch on television for most of their recent history because of bad play and poorly constructed rosters. Hutton and Waltz deserve credit for making Marlins broadcasts watchable in a way that few other broadcasters do.
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    Honestly don't see a reason to watch a game next year on FSN.
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    You F’ing kidding me. What the F is going on with this franchise and fox sports.
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    Only one problem with that quote... Can't run the organization the way it's been run before??? THEN WHY IS MIKE HILL STILL THE GM????
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    5 hours after scouring the Internet you found one. I’m happy for you. Seriously
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    "We'll give you Mike Matheny" "Okay, cool. I guess we don't need Realmuto anymore. You guys want him too?" Sources- Marlins trade Marcell Ozuna and JT Realmuto the the St. Louis Cardinals for manager Mike Matheny "Wait, manager? Ooooohhhhh you guys got me! You got me!"
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    I think we need to grade this deal on a curve for Hill. For most GMs, D-. For Mike Hill this is a solid C
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    Gallen is probably in the Marlin rotation at some point in 2018. If he is the other prospect we have to lose, I'm ok with that. Great deal for the Redbirds!
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    The ceiling vs. floor talk is just semantics. Bottom line is that Alcantara is not an exciting major piece in an Ozuna deal.
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    Why would they trade Yelich or Ozuna for that matter (this year). They already traded two allstars and they will trade two more? Young players with reasonable contracts. Three of these players came up through the Marlin's system. The Marlins have invested 10 years in them and now they will get rid of them so the owner can make money? You know how hard it is to develop an allstar caliber player? For example, the Marlin's don't have any minor leaguer in their sysyem right now, including all the crap they got in recent trades, that looks likely to become an all star. What kind of product will they put out next year? Why would anyone watch? The owners will make money when the franchise is sold via appreciation, just like Loria did. They have already trimmed $40 M off the budget. They also have assets that competing teams will take like Prado, Ziegler, Tazawa, although they may have to take back lesser contracts. I don't see anything positive taking place. No effort at improvement. MLB should be looking into this. I say Bull Shit.
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    Not sure what your issue is here. You're allowed to have disagreements with people, and SB isn't one to disagree just to disagree. I'm not going to remove your account, simply because this is an open forum, you're free to speak your mind. If you want to leave, that's up to you, I nor anyone else will attempt to stop you. Maybe just calm down for the night and come back later.
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    There's certainly room to disagree on that point, because it's subjective, but that's my opinion based on the proximity of fire sales, lack of competitiveness, poor on field performance, lack of minor league depth, poor free agent signings, and blatant mismanagement that put the franchise on a path to financial ruin. Things got more comical with the manager hirings and firings. Then there's the Jose death. Things have been miserable since moving into the new ballpark, particularly with how the team was run. At least with 1998 until 2002, you could see a talented core developing that stuck around and won a championship.
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    Fans sure didn't show up to watch Stanton's pursuit of 61 HR, so I don't see why the new ownership should attempt to appease them when making their offseason moves
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    You're forgetting a few things. One, Cabrera and Willis were both cost controlled where Stanton has the biggest contract in MLB. They just got rid of a huge albatross around this franchises neck. And once Stanton exercised his NT clause for the St. Louis and SF deals the Marlins leverage was pretty much shot. Secondly, NY also traded for the 2003 AL MVP as well, some guy named Alex Rodriguez, who by the way is a better hitter than Stanton and how many WSC did the Yankees win in all those years? One. Anyone that is under the delusion that the Marlins were BOTH going to jettison that horrible contract AND get a haul of prospects is a dope. Hey Jeter, keep dealing!!
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    I mean let's be clear: Stanton could have fetched more with his large contract if: - The Marlins didn't have a history of firesales - The Marlins weren't just sold under premise of a firesale - The Marlins weren't hemorrhaging money - Derek Jeter didn't publicly announce the Marlins were shedding salary - Derek Jeter didn't publicly announce the target of $90 million - Stanton didn't have an opt out after 3 years - Jeffrey Loria didn't backload Stanton's contract (but I understand why) - An owner with more capital had purchased this team - Derek Jeter knew what he was doing
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    So for the NL MVP the Marlins couldn’t even swing two top 15 prospects. This franchise hits a new low. I don’t give a fuck what Denbo knows.
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    So basically the Marlins pay nothing up front. I'm sure that was enticing to Derek. The Marlins are a fat redneck on an electric scooter black friday shopping with a high interest credit card.
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    Greatest player in franchise history is being traded thanks to Loria and Manfred. Im glad you guys are happy that Jeter is gonna save some money.
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    Apparently, Jeter felt the guy should be doing his job and not wasting time in a hospital. Gave him the perfect reason to dump more salary!
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    I dont know why but I thought about if this would happen a few days ago. This is ridiculous. Why the fuck would they get rid of Rich Waltz?
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    Sometimes I get interested, intrigued, even somewhat excited about the possibility of a Stanton trade... and then it hits me that Mike Hill is still the damn guy making the moves here... Remember that. Just when we think we're starting to fix this mess of an organization. What a kick in the balls.