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    You people are way to negative. This group has yet to even say one word publicly and you’re burying them. There will be tough decisions to make since they are inheriting a mess, but Loria being gone is a huge positive for this franchise. I also believe that Jeter would not be involved in something that will tarnish his image in the game. Give this some time and I think he will get this right. Lots of work ahead though. This is a good day.
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    You bite the bullet. Mas would have.
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    the offense doesn't suck. this offense is playoff-caliber - only the Cubs, Dbacks, Rockies, and Nats have score more runs i the NL. i'd have zero issues going into a playoff series with their lineup. When, as a team you average nearly 5 runs a game over the course of the season (4.8 per game) and you still can't crack .500 - that speaks volumes to how atrocious the pitching is on this team. as much as I would want to, i couldn't start supporting a different team if they did another firesale. i just can't rewire myself like that. I'd so desperately want to finally latch onto a GOOD team that is a contender year-to-year but yeah...just couldn't do it. my heart wouldn't be in it at all. I will likely watch far fewer games next year though if they blow up the whole roster.
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    These firings will get less publicity than the Conine McKeon Dawson and Perez firings but they're more intriguing as these guys actually did things for the team. It's weird though to see DelPiano and Benedict leave before their work could be noticed. Clearly those guys were working on improving this team in a long term sense and there's no way anyone can judge what they did here at this point. We may never know how good or bad DelPiano and Benedict were here. Lastly, once again, the irony: Jeter cleans house on front office executives yet the one guy most responsible for this disaster is still standing through the wreckage.
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    He'll probably replace Billy the Marlin with himself.
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    @taiwanmarlin hurry and take a pic with before he gets traded
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    So like everyone else I'm ecstatic that Loria and Samson are out the door. I was willing to give the Jeter regime the benefit of the doubt and a clean slate, but I think that press conference was pretty disastrous. Jeter in particular was inarticulate and awkward, which makes you think that he's in over his head. He basically spewed non-answers for 30 minutes. That kind of thing might work in post-game player interviews, but not when you are assuming the role of CEO for one of the most struggling and floundering MLB franchises. At this point, I'm pessimistic about the new ownership. Rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt, they will need to earn my respect. Right now they already placed themselves into a hole that they need to dig out of for multiple reasons: 1.) The Marlins organization under Loria was a total mess in every aspect, ranging from scouting, baseball operations, player development, and marketing. It seems totally appropriate to fire/lay off every person who was on the Marlins payroll and start from scratch. Jeter has done an ok job with this so far by firing a bunch of people, but the huge elephant in the room is that Michael Hill still remains, which is an enormous cosmic joke. If the new owners don't identify Hill has a major reason for the team's failures, they come off as incompetent. 2.) I'm totally fine with a firesale. Guys like Ozuna, Prado, Straily, and Gordon should go, no questions asked. I don't think that this core is as close to winning as some people think--the pitching situation is a total nightmare. The team is in debt, attendance is low, and losing $50 million+ per season; none of that is sustainable. I really wish Stanton could stay, but it's cost prohibitive. And once they start trading away the vets, Stanton won't want to stay anyway. So I think it needs to be a foregone conclusion that they try to find someone to eat that contract and not to expect much in return in terms of player development. The sad reality is that the Marlins probably could have avoided a firesale and having to trade Stanton if Hill/Loria hadn't issued so many idiotic and ill-advised contracts over the last 1-2 seasons: Volquez, Chen, Ziegler, Tazawa, etc. Honestly I think that if those four contracts weren't on the books, the chances of Stanton staying would have increased. And of course, the greatest travesty about the firesale is that Mike Hill would still be around making decisions. 3.) The press conference was also a disaster because in their rhetoric they did absolutely nothing to calm the fears that they might not actually have the financial resources to successfully get the team out of the hole it's in. There was a lot of worrying about their lack of capital in making a bid for the team and Sherman/Jeter still come off as cash-strapped. 4.) They didn't say anything of substance to indicate that they actually have a plan in mind to improve both on-field competitiveness, team revenue, or attendance. It was laughable when Jeter said that "attendance is good" because there were 25k at the last game of the season. 2017 attendance as a whole is just about at Dolphins Stadium levels. I understand that they just only recently acquired the team, but in order to have a successful press conference they need to at least convey some indication that they actually have a plan in mind that could improve upon the status quo.
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    It totally amazes me that someone’s support of a team would be KILLED by a REBRANDING. Mind blowing
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    I'll throw my hat into the discussion, because Loria and his stooges nearly permanently killed my support for the team with the rebranding and subsequent personnel decisions. A team I supported from the start, even through the fire sales and losing seasons. A team I used to drive down from Orlando several times a year to see. A team I used to buy hundreds of dollars of merch for. A team that I used to come on this board and discuss daily. I decided at the end of the 2014 season that I was done with them as long as Loria owned the team, and instead have been supporting my college team financially. Haven't been down to a game since, and I got rid of most of my Marlins' crap. I've watched a few games on TV here and there, but my overall love for baseball disappeared with my support for the Fish. Now, however, I'm ready to come back into the fold. I'm willing to take Sherman and Jeter at their word that they're committed to changing the culture and breathing life back into the franchise. Even if it means yet another firesale and seeing Giancarlo leave, I think we almost need it to wipe the slate clean and remove Loria's stench. This team MUST rise from the ashes. I think the biggest impediment to that happening is Michael Hill. If we're going to trade our major pieces, we need to get quality returns to collectively attempt to replace the lost production. I don't want him anywhere near those decisions. We shall see, but for the first time in years, I actually care about what happens.
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    I'm surprised he didn't make Samson go instead
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    3/4 of the ballpark employees will be fired by the 7th inning stretch.
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    Mas got himself a virgin?
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    And he asked Samson to do the firing so that he didn't have to do it when he took over. And you all thought Jeffrey Loria was the biggest dick on earth. Get ready for the Jeter Era.
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    The grass isn't always greener on the other side especially if those on the other side don't have experience using a lawnmower.
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    Saw the title and all I'm thinking is...
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    are you talking about Lawrry. Lahree or Lauree ? (Laraldo, Lazarito)
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    Fox Sports Fla better think long and hard about the ratings in store for them on Marlins telecasts if Stanton goes and the team ends up losing 95 or more games with the core largely gone. Better for them, and for the team, for the TV rights package to be renegotiated now, and the possible additional Marlins TV revenue to maybe help in keeping G and some of the core pieces with the team. I fully get that Ozuna will have to be traded for pitching. If Stanton is salary dumped, I honestly don't see this franchise recovering with the fans for a very long time, if ever.
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    If you are losing money why would you spend more money to buy things that you can't afford?
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    People should give the new front office a chance. This team hasn't even had a winning record since 2009. No play offs since 2003. They've gone through multiple fire sales. They have traded future hall of famers. And now...just NOW...people threaten to stop being a fan of the team if the new ownership so much as sneezes. Really? You didn't leave under Loria but you want to leave now?? (This message is obviously not directed toward the person I quoted).
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    Welcome back! Posts like this are refreshing to see. Marlins fan through and through.
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    Outside of the general cutsie public relations language that will be said at the press conference I wonder how much of their immediate plan they'll actually reveal tomorrow. I wouldn't hold my breath for it but if Jeter has a clear plan to either rebuild or not he could flat out say it tomorrow without getting very detailed. And if he's doing something big like not trading Stanton he could easily say that and get the community behind him from day one.
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    The entire collection of bobbleheads is leaving yet the number one bobblehead in the entire organization Mike Hill is still here.
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    I want to agree with this but we also don't know who will be hired to replace these people. They could be good hires and experienced people. We'll have to wait and see.
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    1000% yes. Back to the original teal, black and logo. I've refused to buy anything with the new logo on it.
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    https://www.fanragsports.com/jeters-marlins-bid-may-be-voted-on-soon/ FYI Jeter will only own a 4% share of the team. Michael Jordan just half of one share. Sherman of course will be the control person with a 46% share. Also a COO will be hired to actually run the business side as Sherman has no baseball experience. It's amazing how little experience this entire group has. There's no guarantee any of this works out. It's a little scary how unknown the post-Loria era will be. We assumed it'd be only better things after Loria but I'm not convinced.
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    stop asking for a change. This set was fine and it went from this.... To This A whole mess
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    Having half of one percent of ownership is like being in the same hotel as a couple having sex in another room and claiming you got laid that night.
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    This makes no sense...why would you sink over $1 billion into a venture you want to fail ? Plans to be in the bottom ? I don't think that Jeter would be part of that, not his style and would hurt his rep.
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    We thought we'd celebrate this day.
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    Glad Loria is out, but this is going to get ugly, boys.
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    Nah man. I kept on being white after Jeremy Hermida.
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    His agent wouldn't be a genius without the help from Mike Hill…
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    No he should be ashamed for robbing the Marlins. But his agent is a genius if this was the plan the whole time.
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    I called this shit. He was stalling to get 2 years off minimum instead of 1. His contract should be void if he knew he needed surgery and knowingly put it off.
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    Excellent article... http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/article175185466.html
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    If Mike Hill stays on this is probably our Opening Day starter next season.
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    No wonder you want this team to always spend big in free agency no matter what. You're the Taiwanese Wayne Huizenga.
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    don't forget Alex in charge of the team meds
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    Good move. Maybe the cut payroll reports from before meant these guys.
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