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    oh come on, that's foul!
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    Nothing to apologize for. Welcome aboard. We've been around forever and have a large membership group so there's always something going on here. You've come to the right place. We can be fun, we can also be rough around the edges at times so bear with us.... but we're all here for the same thing and we enjoy discussing everything about this team for better or for worse.
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    1- I agree, huge miscalculation there... 2- YOU tried to enroll to become a Marlins Member? You know that's meant for Marlins fans right? 3- I hate that thing too but I'd prompt you to prove your not a robot at least seven times myself so I can't blame them...
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    Hi, love the marlins and all the grief that comes with it. I got bored and found this forum and love it, with not knowing many Marlins fans I don't have too many people to talk about them with. Sorry if this is a s*** thread, just introducing myself cause i love talking marlins. P.S. im all about #TANKSEASON and am like that with most sports
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    Any parents on this message board? If so, please hug your kids and pay attention to them. Otherwise, this is what happens.
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    This is why I use pencils.
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    How so? I think it's an excellent idea. You're asking Spanish players to learn English already so all they're doing is teaching the English speaking players some Spanish so that there's an effort from both sides to bridge the language gaps. That's a great idea. It also shows the Spanish players that the effort is coming from all sides and it's not just on them to learn a new language. Also this is only being done in the minor league levels and it's short classes. Its not like the major league players are taking college level Spanish classes between games. They're basically just learning enough to greet and welcome and interact with the Spanish players. So how is this idea stupid?
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    So there have been a lot of changes implemented by the Marlins since the new ownership group has taken over. To me, it seems like Derek Jeter is trying to become one of the most progressive owners in MLB. Here are the cliff notes of some of the stuff he has done: 1. Decrease in 2019 STH Prices 2. English Players in the minor leagues are required to learn Spanish, as well as Spanish player taking classes on wlgish, cooking, and financial planning. 3. Continuation of Heritage Nights at the ballpark, as well as Pride Night. 4. Creation of New Section called Comunidad “305”. All fans will be encouraged to bring noisemakers, such as whistles, vuvuzelas, and drums. Food outside the section will also reflect diverse culture of section. 5. Derek Jeter stated last offseason that he would be alright if his players knelt for the National Anthem, as long as it was a “peaceful protest”. 6. More focus on signing International players and making the Marlins an International destination for players coming from Latin American Countries (DR, Venenzuela, Cuba, etc.) Marlins also want to bring in more international fans. (Totally unrelated, but Derek Jeter is the first black CEO in the history of MLB. Just saying.) 7. Dimelo, Miami. Where fans can offer their views on Marlins things. Next year, there will be concessionaires doing similar stuff to Dimelo, Miami. I believe that’s correct, if not, let me know. 8. In addition to building a better relationship with fans, Jeter wants to bring stars to Marlins Park, such as Shaq and DJ Khaled, as well as repair the relations Loria destroyed with local politicians. 9. New TV Deal will be in play soon and rebranding is also a huge possibility, if not a certainty. 10. More expansive food options at Marlins Park in 2019. I don’t believe I missed anything here. So, how do you feel about all these things? Do you like all these things? What things do you not like? Oh, and I would also add keep the roof closed as much as possible, please 😬 Comments? Concerns?
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    Look at the Greensboro box score. It says Miller got the save but apparently now he has 0 total saves. How can that happen so taiwanmarlin is asking if maybe before that game his save total was -1 and now after this save his total is 0. Get it now?
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    Starting to get excited about this guy. Just 22 and his individual pitch metrics are extremely promising and the command is translating to mlb. Might really have something with him!
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    Yeah they need to stop airing that. I understand they need to fill time with programs, but, c'mon. How about a minor league game instead?
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    The Marlins have a pretty nice bullpen. The park is only a few years old, there's plenty of bullpens in worse condition than ours.
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    The team being based in Miami makes this automatically NOT stupid. As @SilverBullet said, it's a way to bridge the gap and make it an easier transition for the primarily Spanish speaking players. On top of that, get the guys coming up learning Spanish, they can now communicate with a wider amount of the fanbase [especially once it's a little more established]. A lot of little things here, and everything that OP listed that Jeter has done, in my opinion, are massive steps in the right direction.
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    I do, bitch.
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    I think it’s fine. I don’t notice it. I would like the stadium to be like the World Baseball Classic. That was so much fun.
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    I think it speaks volumes that the Marlins traded Yelich, Ozuna, Gordon, Stanton and Bour and they don’t have ONE “sure thing” type prospect. NOT ONE.
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    Franco's total WAR in his career of 4+ seasons is just barely higher than Brain's WAR in 2018.
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    He either searched for Ben Holmes or clicked on his name, Michael.
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    The Comunidad 305 section is separate enough from the rest of the sections to not be a nuisance to those who might be turned off by it. And I don't know if it's a ridiculous gimmick... this is Miami, I'm not guaranteeing it'll work but if it will work anywhere in this country it's here. I think it's closer to the local culture than people realize. It's not for "everyone" but there's definitely plenty of people that it's for. Worth a shot I say, what do they really have to lose? I also didn't realize until the other day that they're offering cheap season tickets in that section. Interesting to target season tickets there. That's bound to attract several new members.
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    The best case is that he gets traded.
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    I think speaking in the same language (English or Spanish) would make better the cohesion in the team.

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