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    This is like wiping your ass and still seeing shit
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    Since there is a boycott the team thread, I figure a positive (even if delusional) thread should be made too. The offense is coming around, a little consistency would be nice, but G is getting hot. Some starting pitchers are coming around nicely (Urena, Straily). BP did good today too. Post positive thoughts before the bandwagon gets overcrowded. Life is good.
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    http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/giancarlo-stanton-is-changing/ Hopefully this continues to be the case because I agree with Blengino. I really like the idea of Stanton hitting 2nd btw. Way better than Prado who actually hit into a bunch of double plays.
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    likes high school boys!!!!
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    The Cubs are a better team, why are we surprised that we're losing to them?
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    Kudos to Bour and Phelps for turning their season around this month. There, I said something nice.
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    Yea they might as well shed his entire salary in this potential trade but I think there's a strong argument that this is not just a salary dump and there is a legit baseball reason for this trade and that reason is clearly JT Riddle. If Riddle hadn't been doing what he's been doing this past month this trade absolutely doesn't happen right now. And a salary dump of about 4 million? Even the Marlins can afford that. The Marlins have a younger and cheaper option at short now, so yeah might as well move the perennially underachieving Hech now but this is not just a salary dump. I also think this trade would still be happening if the team was in first place and 20 games over 500, assuming the same situation played out with Hech and Rojas' injuries and Riddle getting the playing time.
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    You and I have the same dreams.
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    clarkspencer ✔ @clarkspencer For 1st time in team history, Marlins today won a 9-inning game with 2 or fewer hits and no HRs. Joe Frisaro ✔ @JoeFrisaro Nearly no-hit @Marlins spoil Scherzer's no-no bid, rally for win Joe Frisaro ✔ @JoeFrisaro Amazing game. Unconventional eighth inning lifts Manny Navarro ✔ @Manny_Navarro Before today's loss to #Marlins Scherzer was 14-0 in the 14 games he had given up 2 hits or less & pitched at least 7 innings @clarkspencer Todd M Hollandsworth ✔ @hollytime28 AMAZING win 4 the @Marlins !!! Stayed with it all afternoon, kept it close. @danstraily67 outstanding, #bullpen outstanding, @Giancarlo818 clarkspencer ✔ @clarkspencer The Nationals were five outs from a no-hitter. Then the Marlins found a way to win.
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    Our "super pen" has the 5th worst WPA in baseball. It is the 2nd worst WPA in the NL next to the Phillies. Basically, when the game is on the line, you can always count on them to fuck it up and be super for the other team. A perfect way for the legacy of Mike Hill to end. He builds a "super pen" and it sucks in super fashion. They're actually the main reason why this team sucks.
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    I think if we can win all three games then we can definitely sweep them.
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    The way the Marlins are hitting I wouldn't put a fork in us just yet. If we can hold our own against the Nats and Cubs at home we should be in decent shape. Sweeping the Braves would really help that situation but sweeps aren't easy. We must win 2 of 3 at least against the Braves. We still have a lot of games left against the Nats. If we can get back to .500 and narrow the gap with the Nats to within 5 or 6 games by the All star break we will have a slim shot. Again, this is all assuming that this offense can keep producing like it has been for the last several weeks. If they can't it will be over quickly.
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    Our pick is scheduled for Tommy John tomorrow morning
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    Riddle broke the No No and does it Again!!!! hear dat Exshavarreah
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    For as much as Stanton gets hurt it's pretty much never his fault or anything he could do or have done to prevent it. As much as people wanna label him injury prone he's arguably not. It's basically nothing but bad luck.
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    No break. X rays negative. Day to day. Thank God.
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    See if somehow we do get within touching distance of a wildcard spot over the summer - look at our September schedule. 15 games against the Braves and Phillies. We could make a late push....
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    Are we just gonna keep acting like we're not gonna make the playoffs?
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    Hech takes your apology and hits it as hard as he can. It ends up near the second baseman, who easily makes a throw to first base.
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    srsly it's baseball the dancing is good/funny
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    I think Stanton should not start. He can be a bench player, and only come up to pinch hit when the bases are empty. That way, he will never hit into a double play again.
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    Is Cashner available?
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    At least someone is asking the important questions.
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    Some of you guys are too literal, this is not an actual award from MLB. It's a weekly article on mlb.com and the writer chooses one bullpen to write about and calls it the bullpen of the week. It's not like there's a secret voting process and a trophy.
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    that was one of my favorite pitching performances i've ever watched live
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    Says kiss my ass motherfuckers!
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    Just hope somebody closes on this already so there can be some progress for the team.
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    did he actually get a GF of legal age or something?
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    into exile..to the Mutts forums
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    the marlins would be insane to take the every day job away from Riddle
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    Not too much or you'll go blind.
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    i was told go ALL-STAR VOLUNTEER.SESSION june 18 this cool be part first all star game in miami i remember when first was taking always
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    It doesn't have to be a full fire sale. Just a rebuild. The outfield can be kept in tact. And realmuto also. Riddle can stay at SS. Trade prado, TK, Ramos phelps Ziegler etc. Maybe Ozuna. But a total fire sale where you lose Stanton and yelich in particular would be horrible for new ownership. The only way to get fans back is to make them feel like the team is committed to winning and keeping its good players.
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    his english lost velocity
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    Never start Hech again
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    garbage team,just trade Realmuto !!
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    seriously his other pitches aint even been bad this year...look at the curve...0 swg strks...like 1.7 ops against
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    I'm still here, reading the comments. Barely following the team. I'm a terrible fan. But this is a terrible team.
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    See: Miller, Andrew.
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    I didn't realize there were any of those.
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    I cannot believe we beat the Braves. We NEVER beat the BRAVES. We always seem to lay down and let them step all over us. We become like chickens like our heads chopped off in every position. Yeli was .600 tonight and 3 rbis out of 5 runs. Bour had a HR, walked and STOLE a base. Straily PITCHED a great game. Bullpen was good. And NO ERRORS. So a GREAT night, and ONLY a little amount of their chant. Sounds like a perfect night for/to me! BUT no monkey
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    marlins won? how fuck up are the Angels?
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