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    TJ on both arms. Out for 3 seasons.
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    Would fans come? I read here earlier in the day some come to games for Steckenrider.
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    JB Shuck was only designated for assignment because the Marlins didn't want to pay his salary! FUCK SALE! FIRE JETER!
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    Is his mom going to have to help him masturbate? Oh shit, this isn't reddit...
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    Brinson obp is .282 the last 30 days, a near league low. He is hitting better, around .240, but the hits are swinging bunts and flairs etc. He is looking bad at the plate constantly. Except for a few gigantic homers no solid contact. Cant be good for him. I hope he becomes a star but he needs to work on his hitting. Also, I never said he was bad defensively just not great. Players hitting well in the minors should be given a chance. Dean has an over .400 obp and 8 homers (2 leagues). Could be someone else given the chance. Its not like this team is going for a pennant.
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    so when are you and SilverBullet getting married anyway?
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    I see that there were a few teams that weren't able to reach agreement with their 1st round or supplemental picks. Props to this FO for getting their signings done quickly. I'm not entirely thrilled with their IFA signings thus far as they seem to be going for quantity over quality. However, there is still plenty of time so I will reserve judgement until there's more of a clear picture of what they are going to do. #FuckJeterAnyway
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    Why not instead just take all of there people and change the yankees name to the marlins.
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    "Derek?" "Yeah" "Hey, first of all hashtag fuck you. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we're interested in Derek Dietrich." "Okay, we're looking for lower level prospects with one projectable tool." "That's great, we're just trying to figure out what Derek likes. Christian wants to get him a gift for his birthday."
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    And if they accept, sneak Chen into it last second.
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    Exactly like that except that it doesn't really work like that so nothing like that.
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    I’m not sure how accurate batted ball data is because it depends on context, but .093 BABIP is unsustainable regardless. His xBABIP is .171 though which indicates he’s not getting hit hard for the most part. His hard hit % says one thing but his barrel % is really low and his average exit velocity is below league average. Either way, lets get 3 prospects for him.
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    Relief pitchers are inconsistent, and a "super bullpen" is the finishing touch on a contending club, not the first thing you build. Trade all the relievers.
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    Yes, I noticed that. You should get credit for the win today. Good job. Lol
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    I will miss the energy inside Marlins Park when Donny heads to the mound and calls for Steckenrider to enter the game. When those doors fly open and he emerges...oh boy. I wish I could bottle that energy and sell it. Asses in seats.
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    Straily suspended for 5 games and Mattingly for 1 game. This is unbelievable. Where's the suspensions and fines for Bruce Bochy and Derek Rodriguez for intentionally hitting Brinson in the ribs? The umps screwed up this situation with the way they handled the warnings. The Giants should never have intentionally hit Brinson because he did nothing wrong. And once they did the Marlins should have been allowed one chance to do the same. Umpires should have issued warnings after Posey was hit, not before it. One hit for them one hit for them and move on. Anything after that is wrong. Doing it this way allowed the Giants one free shot at Brinson without allowing the Marlins the same. And if they wanted to prevent all of this they easily could have issued warnings before the game. I can't believe how poorly this situation has been handled and now the suspensions make the Marlins look like the bad guys when if you see the situation as a whole you clearly see the Marlins were just sticking up for themselves which they should be allowed to do.
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    I would agree with Frisaro a lot quicker on this than I do with the people who say it'll be a decade. 3-4 years was my guess but 2020 is possible depending on what they do free agency wise.
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    Mark Melancon’s contract is disrespecting the game.
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    Why reward them for this childish behavior?
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    I dunno why is it ok for a pitcher to show fire up emotions after a strike out third out with bases loaded but a hitter can not in responding situations
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    oh hell yeah obviously u haven't been with a french chick

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