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    I don’t know why they don’t do it. Also, if you look at the blueprint they’re trying to follow of championship teams that built from the ground up, they all had a guy they committed to before they reached the point of being great teams. The Astros gave Altuve an extension, the Cubs did it with Rizzo, the Royals committed to Salvador Perez. Etc. Even now, with a team like the Braves who have gotten a lot better, they built around Freddie Freeman. At some point, you have to keep some players. JT Realmuto is a keeper for many reasons. A case could’ve been made for Yelich, but maybe more so for Realmuto considering he’s a catcher. It’s incredibly difficult to find a catcher to build around. We would know that considering all the bad catchers we had in this franchise post-Pudge/before Realmuto arrived.
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    And I’m not just posting this because he’s swinging the bat well right now. Offer JT Realmuto a nice extension and build around a good player. He’s perhaps the closest thing to a 5-tool catcher in the big leagues. Lets not trade him for more prospects who are going to strike out 40% of the time.
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    8-4 win vs the Phillies, good hitting, great bullpen work [except Bearclaw but defense bailed him out], and some spectacular defense. Oh and three straight wins.
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    Hard to believe it has been 15 years since McKeon went to the mound and basically told Dontrelle Willis the same thing. Turned D-Train around from that point.
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    The DL list is getting shorter...?
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    Clearly, she already took off her pants
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    While I think Miami ultimately will win the Yelich trade, this is a ridiculously optimistic statement even coming from you.
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    I think Yelich and Realmuto were the ones to build around. I don’t give a shit that he requested a trade. He was just butthurt that they traded a couple guys but he would have been over it. trading him for top talent would have been fine but honestly this package sucked. They rushed into trading him to the first team that didn’t offer peanuts. Brinson has a terrible approach at the plate and a terribly long swing. Yelich is a proven all star outfielder and in my opinion warranted a Robles/acuna type talent. If you don’t get that, keep him. Just like they did with JT.
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    @SilverBullet1929 @hovertical @Nsant013Glad you enjoy them. I was going for an accurate depiction of events, but since I think we’ve all got a sense of humor about this team it turns out to be funny. I gotta give credit to the posters that were contributing to the game thread on Saturday when Tazawa gave up the walk off. There was a collective feeling of doom when the 9th inning started and the look on Tazawa’s face demanded a screen cap. I tried out a face of the day post on Sunday but it wasn’t great. Watching the game unfold yesterday there were so many moments in time that told a story so I thought it warranted a post. If people like this then I’ll do more down the road if a game warrants one.
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    Let’s all start a movement on the Marlins “Dimelo Miami” page to make sure this team doesn’t trade JT Realmuto, a top 5 catcher in his prime. Lets see if this ownership truly cares about what the fans think.
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    @THRILLHO ...I gotta tell ya, I enjoy these screenshot posts. Not sure if you meant them to be so funny but they crack me up and they're fun to look at.
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    "Hey, not bad. I guess we're about middle of the road in pretty much every stat." "Oh shit, that's in the NL only?"
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    Seriously, why is this guy in the big leagues?
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    Aroldis Chapman has a career 4.06 BB/9. I think he's ok.
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    "Doing in the ballpark"? Is that what they call it now? This sounds hot.
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    Yeah, you and I have logged about two decades here! lol
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    Thanks, I've been been a marlins fan since I was a kid as well as a dolphins fan (great draft) I post on finHeaven alot. I've been looking for a marlins forum and read alot of comments and everyone seems pretty cool.
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    That's all this guy wants is to settle. This is the latest scam in SFLA. It's happening to many employers. Even if they didn't break any laws it's cheaper to settle. That's why they are doing it. I hope thw Marlins fight this and win it.
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    Definitely some combination of 2005 and 2012 lead the way here along with varying degrees of disappointment between 2015 and 2017 which were three seasons where the teams weren't "great" but were deceiving enough for us to believe they could have been better than they were. It's pretty astonishing that we didn't even finish at .500 any of those three seasons. Also, honorable mention: 2010. Again, we weren't "great" but the way 2009 went I think 2010 has to be considered a disappointment for the tremendous step backwards that we took that season.
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