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    I forgot to make a post a few weeks ago on my 15th anniversary of this site. I used to be much more active e but stupid adulting has taken my time away. For those not aware, I am your resident Marlins fan from Iowa... Davenport to be exact (been dealing with quite a bit of flooding lately!). I became a Marlins fan in 1995 when I was 12 years old when my hero, Andre Dawson, signed with the Fish. I grew up idolizing him when he was on the Cubs. When he went to the Red Sox for two seasons, I became a Sox fan. When he went to the Fish in '95, I became a fan of the Marlins and have been a fan ever since. I remember that '97 World Series game so vividly as a 14 year old. That hooked me in and there was no going back. Flash forward to 2003. What a magical run that was. Being surrounded by Cubs fans, game 6 was one of the more amazing life events. Words can't explain the level of excitement (and fear) I felt being in a bar with 100 pissed off Cubs fans in my Marlins gear. It was amazing. I would say though, during that magical 2003 run, that the best game of the entire playoffs was game 3 of the NLDS against the Giants. The Jose Cruz error, falling behind in extras then Pudge ending with 2 outs and bases load... Amazing. Then the next game with Niner to Pudge to end the series.. so awesome. Then beating the Cubs.. and then winning a world series IN Yankee Stadium. Boy oh boy. Any way, I am rambling. The last 15 years have been tough but my level of fandom has never swayed. Seeing your favorite players continually traded, cheap owners, terrible farm system.. I still never gave up on them! Granted, I would throw hissy fits and say eff the Marlins every once in a while, but I would always come back (I'm an adult and not capable of switching loyalties). I try to go to a Marlins game or series at least once or twice a year. Have already gone to a Brewers game (we won 8-3.. we had lost the last 6 times I had seen them!). That may be it for this year.. all the games I go to (Milwaukee, Chicago, StL) happened very early in the season. Also the owner at my local bar knows to put the Marlins game on the TV when I am in the place (Doesn't exactly make me popular.. lol). I would say that I am pretty excited for this current team. I feel that Jeets is turning a corner and I really hope it keeps up. The young pitchers are incredibly impressive. Really hope that we are able to give them some offense because I think this turnaround could be a lot quicker than people expected. Anywho, just thought I'd ramble on a little bit. I haven't done that too often during my 15 years on this site. Keep believing Marlins fan.. our loyalty will be rewarded again... it has to!! Larry -- Thanks for everything. You've always run a good site. I'm sure when Jeets gets this train rolling that we'll be seeing quite a few new faces on this site! Go Fish
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    And so many things would have been different if the D-Backs did that deal. Crazy to think about.
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    No, it is MarlinsFan19. Just like your name is SilverBullet.
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    Love how you have the local bar put on the marlins. It is Iowa, after all. Down here, used to go to Duffy's in N Miami Beach and they touted themselves as Marlins supporters, but often, none or just two sets of about 40 were tuned in the Marlins. You wouldn't just see Mets, Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, but sometimes you would see multiple sets on the KC Royals vs. Indians. Drove me crazy.
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    For @SilverBullet's amusement
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    You really ought to give @Iowa Hawkeye Iowa Dubuque, Des Moines Davenport, Marshalltown Mason City, Keokuk, Ames Clear Lake Ought to give Iowa a try!
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    I just heard a loud yell from Taiwan.
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    Pretty sure we scored seven against Scherzer earlier this season.
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    I bet that hurts passing a gem through the esophagus.
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    Iowa, in my experience, there’s a great deal of secrecy about where Larry is. Does he still post here under a different name? Does he not post but still run the site? Lots of unanswered questions. I’m personally curious because I’ve gone to a couple of Marlins games with Larry (going back to around 2007). Anyway, I just remembered my old username from back in 2005; TheDon. My friends and I used to call Dontrelle Willis “The Don” back in the day hence the name.
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    Richards has one of the best changeups in baseball and one of the worst fastballs in baseball. He NEEDS to develop a passable breaking pitch or improve on that fastball. It's why he can look so great sometimes and so unable to close out at bats other times. If his changeup is anything less than 100% werqin on a given night, he's very hittable.
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    Iowa is good people. I joined in 2005. I think I had a different username back then. I remember Ramp, Hugg, pierremvp, Dodge, el penguino, Festa, markkotsay7 from the old days. Good times.
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    It's been such a long ride. From Larry to Ramp and all others. I remember being a freshman in high school when I signed up to this site.
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    15 years, man. Same here, or just about to be anyways. Crazy. Hopefully that wave of new faces comes in with some knowledge, at least! I remember the 2012 wave ... oof.
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    About damn time. Now we just need some of the Marlins "fans" to give them credit too.
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    Finally a beat reporter giving us some credit
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    Absolutely. This kind of play should expedite the plans. We are getting a clearer picture of the team's specific needs. It is no longer "everything".
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    I can't wait for your third scouting report on him!
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    Clearly this thread pissed him off.
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    I'm agreed with it because I have confidence in this front office.

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