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    If Robert Dugger can play well down the stretch then it might be possible that the players the Marlins acquired will finish with a higher WAR total than guys traded this year on 3 of the 5 big trades (Ozuna, Gordon, and Stanton deals). That is really crazy especially when you consider the fact that there is at least 1 player from each of those trades who has not even debuted and Dugger will still qualify as a rookie going into next year. Pretty amazing since the Marlins lost every trade since Jeter took over...
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    I had a music teacher who, when berating the poor performance of the woodwinds, once asked how much sewage does it take to turn a glass of Pepsi into sewage? I contend that anything greater than a molecule or two of doody-water changes the drink from soda to sewage. Even a 10th of a teaspoon. His purpose was to get the clarinets to tune their dang instruments, but the analogy is relevant here. We know, without much doubt, that Loria was a very bad owner, an unqualified meddler and a penny pincher -- the worst combo. And yet, after a sip of the sewage Pepsi, we are now confident we don't like Pepsi. In reality, though, Pepsi just reminds us of sewage, and rightfully gives us a smidge of PTSD. But we don't really know what Pepsi tastes like. What I'm saying is I find it difficult to agree with this sentiment: "This rebuild is going great; let's fire the top executives." Without inside knowledge of who does what, how they perform in their tasks, and so on, I'd say the desire to call for Mr. Hill's firing is misplaced.
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    I also love how the Marlins get trashed for making trades and then the same article trashes the Marlins for trading a player acquired in one of those trades. I mean if Gallen is so valuable then maybe the Marlins know what they are doing with player acquisition and so it is far too early to write off the guy who has yet to make it to AAA just because Gallen is doing well.
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    We obviously won the cardinals and mariners trades. We won the yankees trade so far more so because of the offloaded salary and Stanton's injuries rather than Castros WAR. Phillies trade looks decent so far, too early to tell. Yelich trade may be considered the worst in franchise history when all is said and done.
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    Let’s also not forget how we’ve had some shitty pitching out of the bullpen for some stretches this season (Chen and stanek for example). So a one run a game improvement and a slightly better pen would make us a middle of the pack team.
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    And I do like your attitude about it all - you were very negative on him but unlike many people you're willing to give people chances to improve, valuable trait!
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    I think the next GM should be a committee of members of this forum. Between all of us combined we are experts on everything.
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    Yeah I'm already convinced we've won (or at least "didn't lose" those three trades because we got enough back even if the guy traded has done well too)... but I'd be curious to know what the Mariners Cardinals and Yankees fans would say about those trades in hindsight now.
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    The concept of "two batters away from winning" ?
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    Yeah that's pretty bad. I can understand if a typo like the pointed out "Californa" missing the i or something pops in every once and a while, but those other ones are BAD.
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    No one is saying this is a top of the list priority but you would expect the TV broadcast of an MLB team to put a little more effort into not making so many mistakes. It's minor but it's not minor enough to think it's ok either.
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    This reminds me of Stanton in 2014 when he got hit in the face and finished 2nd in the MVP race behind Kershaw and people were saying if he didn't get injured he might have won the award and I remember thinking his injury was the reason the Marlins missed the playoffs and that, to me, was more proof of Stanton's MVP case than Kershaw with the Dodgers.
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    Championship Series !!!
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    great!!! now I gotta start another game thread Cueto vs Hernandez
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    The chances of Diaz Harrison Yamamoto and/or Brinson contributing to a future successful Marlins team are a lot higher than the chances of your aunt suddenly growing testicles though. At the very least you'll have to let the careers of those four men gather a lot more seasons before making a final judgment on the Yelich trade though. With everything I've said though I can still admit that the Yelich trade seems tough to swallow today but I have a problem with it being labeled "worst trade in Marlins history" before those players are allowed to show what they can do. This is like planting seeds, sprinkling some water on them, and then immedietaly staring at the dirt and proclaiming that the plants will never grow.
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    If the Yelich trade has to be judged by the Marlins return equaling or exceeded Yelich's WAR then it's virtually impossible for the Marlins to ever win that trade and I don't think that would be a fair thing to say as 3 (if not all 4) of the players could still achieve their original intent of being longterm contributors to the next good Marlins team. If they do that then I think the Marlins will have done well in the Yelich trade despite possibly not match Yelich's WAR. I'll give you a similar example... did Ugueth Urbina ever match Adrian Gonzalez's WAR? Because I don't think he did but for anyone to say the Marlins lost that trade, which ultimately helped seal their 2003 championship, would be completely asinine.
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    Why is the trade a mistake? If Jazz Chisholm is the starting SS on our next contending team then it was not a mistake regardless of what Gallen does. This team had/has pitching depth and a deficiency in offense so they used that pitching depth to acquire more bats. Good players get traded and it doesn't have to be labeled a mistake everytime a good player gets traded.
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    Dude I’m sorry but there’s NO way that this trade even comes close to the Cabrera trade. They traded a first ballot hall of famer and NONE of those pieces worked for us. Mike Rabelo was useless, maybin has proven he was never anything but a fourth outfielder, Miller apparently didn’t speak the language of marlins coaches cause he blew up as soon as he left, and the only piece that ended up contributing even slightly was Burke Badenhop. So yeah the Yelich trade is tough but I think we’ll at least pull off one GOOD big leaguer from that bunch (I’m betting on Isan, he just needs time to develop confidence at that plate and adjust to the league.) and that’s fine considering Yelich was literally begging to be traded so it’s not like keeping him was an option
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    I'll agree on both points. As of now I still say the Cabrera trade is still the worst in franchise history because none of the acquired players helped US, and we basically gave up Andrew Miller for nothing before he became a top tier reliever. The Yelich one just looks awful right now, but if at least one of those players pans out, then it's already better than the Cabrera trade.
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    Calling the Yelich trade the worst in history is already a stretch... it's not like it was Yelich for Brinson straight up. We still have high hopes that Monte, Isan, and Yamamoto can all contribute at the big league level. Way too soon to write that trade off considering 3 of the 4 guys are meant to contribute to this team down the line.
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    Haha yeah I guess so, but the two batters seem like something we are able to get as opposed to the two top pitchers we needed back then.
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    Sandy really taking form lately. Whatever he's doing differently, he seems to have found consistency in doing so.
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    I don't really get your complaint here - the author said it can't be answered. He said will they pay to be better or will they follow the same path? He didn't make a definitive statement like "they're being the same old Marlins". Right. Adjustments to the plan are always made. But basing the thought of needing to throw out the existing plan because of the fact the major league team as is sucks is ridiculous. The team's record this year doesn't really have anything to do with the status of the rebuild - we knew the team was going to suck this year, it was just a question of how much. That doesn't mean you scrap the whole thing.
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    No, because he would cease to have an ass. I imagine not having an ass all of a sudden would be quite painful though, in general.
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    This one kind of annoys me. That question can't be answered yet because the rebuild has yet to be successful. The obvious hope is that the team spends but if we end up hitting on so many draft picks, even that won't be necessary until about 2025, which would be amazing. Other than that, good read.
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    And just like that the Brewers take the lead. I probably should not have started the thread...
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    The chopping tool or the antiperspirant?
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    Unless you are talking about the Gallen trade to Arizona. You can't give up a future Zac Gallen MVP of the Millennium award winner and expect to win the trade.
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    Crazy to think that the Marlins lost the Ozuna trade the instant it happened according to some armchair GMs, yet at the same time acquired both Sandy and the amazing Gallen in the deal. While Ozuna will be a free agent after the season. Almost like you shouldn’t declare a trade a win or a loss so fast.
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    Sierra was acquired in the Marcell Ozuna trade. I don't know if you have looked at his numbers lately, but Ozuna has not been the same with the Cardinals as he was in 2017 or 2014. This is the last year of control for Ozuna and he has been less valuable than the combination of Gallen and Alcantara. Adding in Sierra and Castano along with the 5 years of control for Sandy and Gallen and the Cardinals should definitely regret that trade. The Gordon and Stanton trades both look pretty good right now and even the Realmuto trade is likely to be a win considering team control between Alfaro and Sanchez compared to J.T. The only trade that is looking bad is the Yelich deal. But the Marlins still have a combined 21 years of team control to salvage from that one. Combining all of that with the International FA efforts, the better drafting and the community outreach and it is clear that the team is being run in a much better manor than Loria ever ran it. Likely within 3 years the Marlins will be a perennial contender. And stop with the claim that the tear-down was motivated by money alone. Any rational look at the state of the franchise would have come to the same conclusion as to the direction needed regardless of how much money they would be willing to put in.
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    Dombrowski's record: Deplete farm system to build a few championship clubs. Hill's record: Deplete farm system to build a 79 win club.
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    The Dolphins would be so much better if they had Zac Gallen on the team this year.
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    Mariano Rivera just did that so it's just not impressive anymore. Gallen is going to get more than 100%. Not only will 100% of the living writers vote for him, but they will find envelopes of all the voting eligible writers who have passed away giving their votes to Gallen as well.
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    why not until Gallen gets into the HoF as a first ballot nominee?
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    There is truth here. As a baseball fan, there are enough single moments, even with a bad team, to find to enjoy. Whether it is seeing Sandy develop or Cooper getting it done, Starlin on a great ride, yea, I can get on board with that even while seeing Chen destroy the morale of the team. A bad football team is unwatchable as there will be too few highlights to care about. It is much more a team sport and if the team breaks down, like the O-line sucks, it is doom for every other position player.
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    Says the guy who got rid of Mr. Marlin, Hawk, Tony Perez and Trader Jack
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    Lately I’m finding that I can’t tolerate Hollandsworth anymore. I’m very meh on Paul Severino. I want Rich Waltz back, though.
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    Did you guys know our farm system was bad? I had no idea. I thought having 6 top 100 prospects, and lots of fringe top 100 guys was the ideal spot to be when the mlb team was bad. I am glad articles like this exist so that I can be aware of how great the yankees are and how no uninteresting team could ever do anything smart against their might. Also, did you guys know that giancarlo stanton was a great player right now and worth all 30 million he is getting paid, and Jorge Guzman + Jose Devers have 0 hope of ever being anything. I am so happy articles like this get to tell me things that are 100% true.
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    Mission accomplished, great job everyone!

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