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    I mean, before this year Chisholm had a .271 batting average in the minors. I know that this is not as high as the .278 batting average that Gallen gave up last year in AAA, but there should be no alarms going off about Gallen, right? People are overreacting to Chisholm's bad batting average this year, even though better stats like wRC+ show him to be above average offensively this year despite it being a down year. It is the same way that they are overreacting to Gallen's success this year. Gallen has taken a big step forward, but his underlying stats like BB9 and opposing bapib show that he is still likely to end up as the mid to bottom rotation piece everyone expected when he was acquired in 2017. Marlins have enough pieces who have higher ceilings that he became expendable.
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    So unprofessional Heyman. We should only be talking about the guy's baseball skills, not his bedroom skills.
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    The Miami Marlins now have a legitimate top 5 farm system according to some baseball insiders. It’s time to think about the 2020 Marlins and what they will look like. In my opinion, the future could very well be next year for the Marlins. They will probably have a new manager. It is the last year before their tv deal expires. It is going to be a very pivotal season. With that being said, I would like to see a lot of our “Baby Fish” make their debut. I strongly believe that this could look a lot like (not exact obviously) our 2020 Miami Marlins, which resembles the 2006 Marlins a lot with all those Rookies. I am really excited for next year because it looks like we are finally going to be seeing some of our highly rated prospects come up to the show. 2020 Miami Marlins Rotation Sixto Sanchez Caleb Smith Edward Cabrera Sandy Alcantara Jordan Yamamoto Bullpen Tayron Guerrero Jarlin Garcia Austin Brice Ryne Stanek Jorge Guzman Jose Urena Pablo Lopez Line-Up CF Monte Harrison 2B Isan Diaz RF JJ Bleday 3B Brian Anderson C Jorge Alfaro 1B Lewin Diaz SS Jazz Chisholm LF Jesus Sanchez P Bench Miguel Rojas Bryan Holaday Garrett Cooper Neil Walker Jon Berti This is not a playoff roster. But I think between 2021-2023 is when you will start seeing the Marlins being really competitive.
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    I don't mean this as a joke but imagine what a boost if Brinson does figure it out. And... if he doesn't? The organization is already showing what they can do when a top prospect doesn't work out. This is key because many won't work out and so they're already covering their asses and not putting all their eggs in one basket. It's like not they said Brinson has to be the guy so we don't need any other outfielders because he must pan out. Awesome.
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    Calm the fuck down. Don't just go around throwing out comparisons to Gallen. It makes you look ignorant. Nobody will ever come close to that level of talent.
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    AA Shrimp update since I'm at the game. Guzman throwin' fire, 8 K's through 4. Has not allowed a hit, though he walked the bases loaded in the 4th before getting out of it so at 69 pitches he may not last much longer.
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    Brinson's should just be AAAA
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    They got him for a guy they took off the Cardinals' scrap heap though according to you so it is a can't lose kind of trade!
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    This was a great move. I hate it, Because it was a great move. I am so shook right now. The organization we follow are doing what is best for the organization. I'm just shook, I really liked what we saw from Gallen. Strap in, anything is possible.
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    The Marlins traded from a position of strength to fill a position of need. It's lit'rally what teams should do in a rebuild. Even in Vallimont turns into an decent big league pitcher, we have SEVERAL other guys who are either further ahead in their development or have much more upside. This is NOT a Paddack/Castillo situation. Vallimont will probably be a solid major leaguer, but he's a 3rd starter at best, more likely a strong 4.
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    I wish I had known you were doing this. I would have offered you a friendly wager on the outcome.
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    CheapJeter wants field to be smaller so that a/c in marlin park cost less going to start having roof open even when sun is 99 degree in miami heat udonis haslem jeter say build that wall
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    They're too busy calculating the metrics from the game to see if he actually did toss a gem or if our eyes deceived us. I'm sure his BABPIPMADOO was terrible so the results were just luck. LMAO Just fucking with everyone. Seriously, his stuff is great. The fact that he can keep his velocity up in the high 90's late in the game is great. Seems like his biggest problem is confidence. When they can get him to be aggressive, he's almost unhittable. I'm excited to see him continue to improve. #SpareParts
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    I see what u did, because bark at the park
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    Gallen would not have been called a "sure thing" before this season. So any of the guys in the minors could become a "sure thing" after this point. It is a gamble, but worth it considering the system. There were more potential "sure things" on the pitching side, than on the offensive side especially at SS. For what it is worth, Chisholm was considered a "sure thing" before this season. He could become a "sure thing" again. Not that I believe anyone is a "sure thing" anyway
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    Nice to see Brinson get a couple hits last night. This team is not trying to win or trying to lose games. The games are played everyday and the outcomes aren’t really important. Prior to the trade deadline it seems to me sitting on my couch that the team was gaining a lot of confidence and putting together lots of great games. The deadline deals were exciting. We dealt from our pitching. But as a result of that and IL players we’ve been forced to give starts to guys like Robert Dugger. Now it’s really just about giving the right players the right amount of work against the right level of competition. Next spring training is going to be really exciting. The 25 man roster is going to be really exciting next year after whatever date passes that needs to be passed for service time manipulation
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    Mattingly isn’t hurting this team. He doesn’t have enough talent to win. As it is, the team is a not so terrible 32-34 since the 10-31 start.
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    I love Gallen, hated to see him go but I get why they did it. Jazz is something the team needed more and hopefully he pans out. I also hope Gallen has a great career, though I don’t believe he’s on the same level as a Chris Paddack.
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    I don’t see it as “putting our winnings back on the table”. Those early moves that were made were all about getting the best deal regardless of position because we had needs at all positions. This summers draft, IFA signings, and trades have signaled that we are in a position now to utilize assets to fill holes in the system. So to that end I feel like these trades are the logical next step. It would have been poor foresight if they waited until the rotation and bullpen were fully formed before looking around and realizing that significant deficiencies existed among non pitchers. They’ve got to time this thing right and if a “window” opens around our pitching talent and there are no system hitters on their way in then that’s when you panic and spend on vets that maybe you shouldn’t be spending on. It’s been a weird day. The Gallen trade shook me. But when you step back and look at where the organization is today compared to opening day I think we have gotten better
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    Back of the rotation guy? I disagree and feel he along with Caleb and Sixto could of been a good top 3 for years to come. Time will tell but you seem very sure hes pitching way over his head.
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    Solid OF prospect from the Rays. And what's not to like about a reliever who has a 3.17 ERA, 1.115 WHIP BB9 of 3.5, and SO9 of 10.5 in the last 2 seasons in the AL East?
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    If we keep Caleb, then this is fine.
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    People complained we didn't have any top 100 prospects... now we're getting some and on the offensive side. I love Gallen but I'm not pissed. I'd rather this than Caleb .
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    Prado was fine during the original contract he came with. The problem was the 3 extension years where his health failed him.
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    false bowel movements - maybe it's just gas.... or maybe he sits down to pee
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    So the Mets have decided to mortgage their future to pursue a pointless .500 season. This is excellent news for the Marlins. In 3-4 years when the other NL East teams are declining and start their rebuilds, the Marlins will be the only ones with a fresh system and will rule the East for years with little resistance.
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    Thinking ahead our future lineup is already looking pretty sweet... Alfaro, Anderson, Diaz, Diaz in the infield... and some combination of Harrison Mesa Ramirez or a finally good Brinson... plus you know they'll add a free agent or two when needed, I like how this is looking.
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    I regress, but I tend to remember that despite his lofty numbers (when he got hot after we were mostly out of the race) how many games were on the line in April and May late in the game with him at bat and runners in scoring position, cringing at him swinging at the pitch 2 feet outside and in the dirt for strike 3.
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    I think Jeter wanted to add Stanek for a tanking, definitely.
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    @SilverBullet, that's a VIDEO GAME stats ?
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    Shout out to Nate Adcock. Seems to have a real eye for talent.
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    In the meantime, Gallen continues to impress with 5 more shut out innings. Still bugs me that he was let go. Watch him turn into the next good pitcher this team let’s go....
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    It's all Jeter's idea, didn't he wants all the fans not identify what teams and what players playing on the field and just enjoying the experience in the ballpark ? you would have no idea what team and what player playing with those ALL WHITE jerseys.
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    Yes. Paddack for Rodney was a GREAT deal at the time! This one? Insta-bust.
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    I was watching on the mlb.tv app while at work, and I got the notification before it happened on the stream. I checked it, and the app crashed. Missed the hr.
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    I bet Romo would have closed the 9th No problem
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    Are you Jazzed for Jazz? (Didn't think I had a Stanek card, apparently I did)
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    I honestly think that Stanek is basically a more polished Nick Anderson with a longer track record. Jesus Sanchez for Trevor Richards is a steal IMHO.
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    I'm starting to like the deal, the more I read about Chisolm. I've been a big believer in trading from strength. The team clearly needs offense in the system, more than it needs pitching.
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    Pipline has Diaz at #3. He's having a hell of a year at NOLA.
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    Immediately followed by him hitting a lead-off double! Woo!
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    Please keep your nightly activities to yourself.

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