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    Marlins radio play by play guy absolutely NAILS it in reference to the Marlins and their lack of support at Marlins Park. Read the whole thread it’s worth while
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    I can't wait for your third scouting report on him!
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    You have the most wins, but also the most loses. That puts you in 7th for win%. @rmc523 has the best win%, but has only done a single game. I would say @THRILLHO is the leader among qualifiers. 1st: @rmc523: 1-0 (1.000) 2nd: @THRILLHO: 7-4 (.636) 3rd: @el_gmac: 3-2 (.600) 4th: @Das Texan: 2-2 (.500) 4th: @SilverBullet: 1-1 (.500) 6th: @pollythewog: 2-3 (.400) 7th: @SonOfJack: 10-16 (.385) 8th: @SongInTheAir: 1-3 (.250) 9th: @Michael: 2-7 (.222) 10th: @DTrain: 1-4 (.200) 11th: @taiwanmarlin: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Marlino: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Ema2R: 0-2 (.000)
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    THEY have been doing that and all Glenn is saying is that maybe it's time for more fans to stop with their tired excuses. Also he specifically said he's not asking for people to suddenly go to every game but if people just go to even five more games a year it will start to make a difference. All he's saying is the Marlins have shown that they're doing their part maybe it's time for the fanbase to do the same. The way you are looking at "prove it first" makes it sound like the fanbase should wait until game 7 of the Marlins' next world series to start showing up.
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    To be serious, I can say that I keep renewing, not to show support to the marlins for the way they do things, but for my own selfish reasons. I grew up down here and a diehard baseball fan. Walking in the stadium that first game in 1993 was magical, I stopped and just said "oh my, a regular season game and our own team". Sure, the "experience" and "experiences" over the years challenges anyone to keep supporting this business, but to a baseball fan, it goes beyond a business. I differ from the example if the food is really bad at a restaurant, you won't keep going unless they improved it. You can choose a different restaurant, but there will not be another team to go watch. I started taking my daughters to games and my older one and I watch almost every game together, either in person or on TV. You can't beat that except I have now taken my 4 yr old granddaughter to games and she is getting it and asking a million questions. Last Friday night, we were babysitting and it was bedtime and she said "grandpa, can we watch a little baseball before I go to sleep". Her favorite is Brian Anderson. Then she says "I want you to teach me baseball". So, yea, I view this from a different perspective and it is not rare or unusual. The fan base in other cities were built from the same relationships with the kids and the generational growth. This is what we are striving for. And I do not want to lose this team no matter how bad they can be and for this I always say thanks that Loria got it done, regardless of the methods.
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    I feel like the people who are "boycotting" the team since Jeter made all those trades are the same people who were "boycotting" the team when Loria made the trades in 2012 and "boycotting" the team at the old park when they realized it is hot in Florida.
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    Good. Anchorman 2 was a huge disappointment.
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    My lifelong dream is to use that hashtag on the Instagram post that celebrates the final out of our next World Series win.
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    As far as Geffner is concerned, I know for a fact that he goes to almost every game home and away. This is a real fan. Yet, our fans keep coming up with reasons not to go.
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    The Phillies don't beat writers, the Mets do.
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    Well maybe the bigger guys start to notice, like Rosenthal. Then again, The Athletic ESPN and Sports Illustrated try and write anything positive and we are immediately told it's just a Jeter loving fluff piece. Man we really can't win even if we actually do win lol.
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    Just read through it again, excellent. I wonder if there was a specific thing that fired up Glenn for this since he never does this. Also, he is showing Frisaro how it's done who tries these bold comments in a smarmy way while Glenn is here using facts and professionalism to get his points across.
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    Absolutely. This kind of play should expedite the plans. We are getting a clearer picture of the team's specific needs. It is no longer "everything".
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    It wouldn't be an over the hill guy like Encarnacion but it is interesting to think if they might sign a bat if they do continue to show improvement throughout the year as they've been doing lately. 20 of 35 lately right? A couple more stretches like this might be enough to move to the next stage of the rebuild even if they still finish in last place. Also remember they made a push for DJ Lemahieu last offseason... this ownership might not be as far from free agency as we think.
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    Luckily for the Marlins, they only play the Braves 3 times in the next 44 days. Because the Braves own that Marlins ass no doubt.
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    Harold's not THAT bad. He rates best in left field, so should probably leave him over there. Can't just move him to first base, either, he's only 5'10 and his speed would be wasted there. Cooper is fine at first. Lindor I wouldn't mind signing, or Rendon.
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    I think it is a bit early. Honestly, I think they should start giving Harold some reps at first. He's a terrible OF and there are a ton of great OF in the minors. If you want to sign a big 1B. I have my eyes on Rizzo in a few years. Him along with Lindor would signal to the whole league that we are ready. This off season, I would rather see them go for a few relievers.
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    I can't believe he'd choose his family over us.
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    FWIW, Yadiel Rivera was hitting .444/.454/.667 in his last 10 AAA games prior to the call up
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    People seem to forget that roster moves are made for specific reasons... Rivera came up because they wanted/needed an extra middle infielder... Lewis Brinson isn't a middle infielder. Yes it's likely time to give Brinson another chance but don't assume that calling up Rivera has anything to do with Brinson coming up or not.
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    Please don't use sinking boat gifs here.

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