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    If the Yelich trade has to be judged by the Marlins return equaling or exceeded Yelich's WAR then it's virtually impossible for the Marlins to ever win that trade and I don't think that would be a fair thing to say as 3 (if not all 4) of the players could still achieve their original intent of being longterm contributors to the next good Marlins team. If they do that then I think the Marlins will have done well in the Yelich trade despite possibly not match Yelich's WAR. I'll give you a similar example... did Ugueth Urbina ever match Adrian Gonzalez's WAR? Because I don't think he did but for anyone to say the Marlins lost that trade, which ultimately helped seal their 2003 championship, would be completely asinine.
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    I also love how the Marlins get trashed for making trades and then the same article trashes the Marlins for trading a player acquired in one of those trades. I mean if Gallen is so valuable then maybe the Marlins know what they are doing with player acquisition and so it is far too early to write off the guy who has yet to make it to AAA just because Gallen is doing well.

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