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    This is a dumb take by Mish. No manager was going to change this team from a 100 loss team or last year’s from a 98 loss team. Don makes some bad decisions but with a shit roster to work with, his job wasn’t to win games really. It was to help mold a young roster into a winning one. It was to keep a good clubhouse. It was to keep guys fighting and clawing even in the dog days of summer. The clubhouse seems to love him and they do try and win even while having one of the worst records in baseball. Their failure to win isn’t on him. I would say he did a good job based on what was expected of him.
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    We obviously won the cardinals and mariners trades. We won the yankees trade so far more so because of the offloaded salary and Stanton's injuries rather than Castros WAR. Phillies trade looks decent so far, too early to tell. Yelich trade may be considered the worst in franchise history when all is said and done.
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    I’m really not worried about it. With all the contracts that have come off the books since they bought the team the time has finally come around to fill the roster out with new players. All the talk around here, Twitter, in the media, from the front office has been focused so much on the minor leagues. Restocking the minor leagues. It was the right thing to focus on. It’s gone on so long that I think a lot of fans may be locked in on that and penciling in opening day 2021 lineups using all marlins farm hands. This is obviously not going to happen. It’s great we have a too five system now. We will get our core out of there. But some of those players will get flipped for other assets. Free agents will be signed. The restocking of the farm and shedding bad contracts phase has been completed. We are entering a different phase and I would expect the moves we make to take a different feel. It’s the only logical thing.
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    No this is not good. I recently read an article that says they should consider deviating from the plan already because the 2019 team record is awful.
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    I also love how the Marlins get trashed for making trades and then the same article trashes the Marlins for trading a player acquired in one of those trades. I mean if Gallen is so valuable then maybe the Marlins know what they are doing with player acquisition and so it is far too early to write off the guy who has yet to make it to AAA just because Gallen is doing well.
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    Let’s also not forget how we’ve had some shitty pitching out of the bullpen for some stretches this season (Chen and stanek for example). So a one run a game improvement and a slightly better pen would make us a middle of the pack team.
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    Last home game of the year. If you’re a diehard Marlins fan and you live in the Tri-County area and you won’t be in attendance, you mildly suck. I will be there. Section 27, Row J, Seats 1,2 and 3. Come catch Marlins FEVER.
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    Omg why do I agree? Seriously yes he's proven himself to me and I'd almost be afraid that a replacement could be worse.
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    How crazy would it be if he got traded back here because he didn't have the foresight to include the Marlins in the no-trade clause?
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    I'm usually on board with Mish's thoughts, but his comments yesterday (Abreu/Markakis) and acting like Mattingly should've won 100 games with this roster today seems odd.
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    I really hate how teams use a manager during a rebuild and then just toss them when they are ready to compete. I mean you are just treating the guy like garbage saying "deal with our crap and when we're ready to reap the rewards of your hard work we're gonna kick you to the curb."
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    Cool! I really like Don and was certain he’d be gone after this year.
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    good for Miggy Ro more than anything else. He hasn't whined like ol kneecap up there in Milwaukee or our former catcher now playing in Philadelphia.
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    This thread inspired them to fight back and win. Damnit @DTrain we want a better draft pick.
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    Yeah I'm already convinced we've won (or at least "didn't lose" those three trades because we got enough back even if the guy traded has done well too)... but I'd be curious to know what the Mariners Cardinals and Yankees fans would say about those trades in hindsight now.
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    a DP just like how @SonOfJack likes it
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    stop being a brown nose agreeing with me
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    I thought he meant this rock...millennials
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    he got extended at the end of the 2017 season
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    The fact that Elieser has become an option worth considering is awesome in itself. Most thought he wouldn't contribute at all here.
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    Much respect to Jeter for reaching out and trying to make amends on this situation.
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    Please delete this as it doesn't fit the narratives.
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    I can see the headlines: "Jeter does Yankees another favor by taking oft-injured Stanton off their hands."
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    If they followed their own narratives the media would be universally commending the Marlins for trying this even if Mattingly isn't the greatest. But of course this is more proof of moving the goal posts. The Marlins can't ever win.
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    This doesn't really fit because his contract was up now so now was the time to make the move smoothly without backlash of firing a guy. And you'd also want their guy to come in as soon as possible, you wouldn't necessarily want your guy to come in the one year you think you'll be competing because there can be an adjustment period needed as well.
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    But the thing is...talent.
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    For the record, I get why we're like this, but it's funny that the Marlins change managers like they change their underwear but the one time they finally extend a respectable manager this is us...
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    Really surprising. At the end of the day, though, Donnie isn’t the reason we will lose 100+ games and he won’t be the reason (if) we win 82-90 games in 2021.
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    lol. I stand by my opinion that it looked like a good signing at the time, even if it was expensive. His numbers in Baltimore/the AL were fairly good for years - theoretically those numbers should've been maintained or even a bit better. Obviously that train flew off the rails immediately, though.
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    I should down-vote your ass for this
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    My source (you) is also telling me this, so it seems we're getting a lot of corroborating reports.
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    But as I understand, the Giants get to keep those. They won't stay underneath Sabean forever.
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    Austin Dean maybe starting to turn a corner? My boy Diaz 2-5 with a double I'll take it
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    Like the way the broke up the lineups....lots of lefties and switch hitters!!!
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    great!!! now I gotta start another game thread Cueto vs Hernandez
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    If the Yelich trade has to be judged by the Marlins return equaling or exceeded Yelich's WAR then it's virtually impossible for the Marlins to ever win that trade and I don't think that would be a fair thing to say as 3 (if not all 4) of the players could still achieve their original intent of being longterm contributors to the next good Marlins team. If they do that then I think the Marlins will have done well in the Yelich trade despite possibly not match Yelich's WAR. I'll give you a similar example... did Ugueth Urbina ever match Adrian Gonzalez's WAR? Because I don't think he did but for anyone to say the Marlins lost that trade, which ultimately helped seal their 2003 championship, would be completely asinine.
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    Why is the trade a mistake? If Jazz Chisholm is the starting SS on our next contending team then it was not a mistake regardless of what Gallen does. This team had/has pitching depth and a deficiency in offense so they used that pitching depth to acquire more bats. Good players get traded and it doesn't have to be labeled a mistake everytime a good player gets traded.
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    I'll agree on both points. As of now I still say the Cabrera trade is still the worst in franchise history because none of the acquired players helped US, and we basically gave up Andrew Miller for nothing before he became a top tier reliever. The Yelich one just looks awful right now, but if at least one of those players pans out, then it's already better than the Cabrera trade.
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    Calling the Yelich trade the worst in history is already a stretch... it's not like it was Yelich for Brinson straight up. We still have high hopes that Monte, Isan, and Yamamoto can all contribute at the big league level. Way too soon to write that trade off considering 3 of the 4 guys are meant to contribute to this team down the line.
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    And I do like your attitude about it all - you were very negative on him but unlike many people you're willing to give people chances to improve, valuable trait!
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    Downvote his post, not his ass. His ass is phenomenal.
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    Get new glasses then, text is clear on there.
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    I'm not a racist, but I don't like Hill's "flattery" face. How much did he flatter former owner Loria and prez Samson? A scumbag.

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