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    Jordan Yamamoto makes his second start. And for laughs... Mistakes like that irk me, not because it's the Marlins but because that's at a major league ballpark, mistakes like that shouldn't be happening, comes off super lazy and unprofessional.
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    I don't understand pinch hitting in the pitcher's spot if you're just going to bunt anyways.
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    Dang, did he run to make sure everyone was OK?
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    Hot take: Mike Trout is the most underrated player in baseball. Not because people don't think he's good, but because people don't realize how good. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball by many value stats since 2005. Mike Trout wasn't even drafted until 2009. He is already one of the greatest players of all time and he isn't even halfway through with his career. Michael Trout
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    Check that, he just gave up 3 more HRs in 2 innings tonight. ERA almost 10 now.....

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