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    I also love how Stanton last year said that it was the first time he was playing for a team that was not out of it by May and the media ate that up, and yet they still declare that the Marlins were a contender.
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    Did you guys know our farm system was bad? I had no idea. I thought having 6 top 100 prospects, and lots of fringe top 100 guys was the ideal spot to be when the mlb team was bad. I am glad articles like this exist so that I can be aware of how great the yankees are and how no uninteresting team could ever do anything smart against their might. Also, did you guys know that giancarlo stanton was a great player right now and worth all 30 million he is getting paid, and Jorge Guzman + Jose Devers have 0 hope of ever being anything. I am so happy articles like this get to tell me things that are 100% true.
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    I think the Angels are a great example of what we were and would be if we didn't start over and, in some way, it's almost what people act like they want us to be... a team that tries every year but also wades in mediocrity. Like, would people actually rather us be like the Angels every year as opposed to what we're trying to do now?
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    It seems more than just bad. It reminds me of elementary school writing assignments. Like when a 3rd grader has to write an essay on why they should serve pizza everyday in the cafeteria. They only make sense to the actual writer.
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    Also... they said the 2017 team that Jeter tore apart was a contender.
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    I love following our minor league teams, I can honestly say I haven't missed a box score yet this season. Exciting stuff.
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    We should DEFINITELY give up on Diaz. There has NEVER been a player who has struggled early in his career (other than Willie Mays, Mike Trout and “Sweet Lew”’ Brinson).
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    It is always funny seeing people actually give up on a guy this fast. I know most of the replies are jokes, but some aren't.
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    I regress, but I tend to remember that despite his lofty numbers (when he got hot after we were mostly out of the race) how many games were on the line in April and May late in the game with him at bat and runners in scoring position, cringing at him swinging at the pitch 2 feet outside and in the dirt for strike 3.
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    This is all under the assumption that the team was broken apart because it got expensive, rather than because the team sucked. I love how all of these websites that never paid attention to the team during the 2015-2017 seasons declare that the Marlins were contenders because they had a few good players. The Angels have several good players, but no one would say that they are real contenders.
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    And most people only buy one issue a year these days and with the internet, can't even know why that is the case.
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    The thing about Sports Illustrated is that they hire a lot of really, really bad writers.
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    I think Jeter wanted to add Stanek for a tanking, definitely.
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    No, yips dates back to 1723. Never really caught on though. However, wYIPS+ is a new age stat.
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    Through 135 PA (40 games), this one guy hit .220/ .281/.390 with just 5 HR. With a .672 OPS, the Angels should have DFA'd Mike Trout before he got expensive, but now they're stuck with him. Oh well. The lesson is: If a prospect doesn't immediately look like an MVP in this first 10 to 40 games, time to move on.
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    Why hasn't @SilverBullet apologized to Luis Castillo yet? He made this thread and passed around a fabrication it seems.

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