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    Someone sent me a link to this conversation. Great stuff. One of the big things the Marlins need is more fans like most of you who have posted here. I appreciate everyone’s passion. One of the commenters wondered what motivated me to send out the Tweets I did Sunday night. I’ll answer that question here. I was on the team bus, heading from the ballpark to the airport after the Marlins finished off the sweep of the Phillies Sunday. I was reflecting on a 20-15 stretch and, especially, the just-completed 5-2 road trip, watching the team play so well for a week in a couple of great baseball markets in ballparks packed with 40,0000 passionate fans each night night. And then I thought about flying home to an incredible ballpark but only 6,000 fans and Max Scherzer Tuesday night. It just hit me that things are beginning to change for this franchise on and off the field under this new ownership, and it’s time that people begin to acknowledge that. Things are improving in tangible ways that people in this discussion can see. As someone who grew up down here and left the Boston Red Sox because I wanted to work for my hometown team at a time when I probably still smelled like champagne after winning a second World Series in my last 4 seasons there in 2007, it frustrates the heck out of me that too many people just won’t move on from things that happened under previous owners 5 or 10 or 25 years ago. At some point, you’re either a baseball fan, or you’re not. You’re either a Marlins fan, or you’re not. In my eyes, it’s not a crime to not care about the Marlins. That’s cool. But eventually that’s on you. That’s not on a former owner. It’s not about needing a new ballpark or needing to be out of the heat and the rain. It’s not about trading away players people loved but somehow played in front of the lowest attendance in the league year after year. At some point, own it. It’s on you. Now, I realize that most of the people reading this don’t fall into that group. As I said in the thread, I can’t begin to express my appreciation for those who are dedicated fans of this team. I acknowledge it hasn’t always been easy to be a Marlins fan. But you know what? Your faith and your devotion is getting closer to being rewarded. For the first time in its history, this franchise has a plan that is being adhered to and is in the earliest stages of bearing fruit. As much as we want to celebrate some of the exciting things beginning to happen as some players graduate to the big leagues, others begin to establish themselves and some begin to produce because they’re finally healthy, we’re still in the 2nd or 3rd inning of this thing. There is so much more talent on the way. Guys who will be here before the end of this season. Some who will arrive next year. Some further down the road. They have transformed the scouting and player development operation. They are doing things internationally that have never before been done here. They have transformed the clubhouse and organizational culture. They are bringing in talented players who want to be here and are being taught daily what it takes to sustain success. And they’re immersing themselves in the community and have worked hard to improve the ballpark experience through various enhancements, including cheaper tickets and concessions. You can go to a game for $10 and buy ballpark staples for $3 or $5. I could go on, but there’s probably a character limit at some point. Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who have been supportive of the team and to those who supported my thread the other night. I hope you guys will keep coming out to Marlins Park and will encourage others to do so. Explain to people what you and I are seeing that maybe they don’t yet see. It’s not going to win over everybody, but that’s fine. Fans like you can be part of the solution. Thanks for the passion! Look forward to seeing you at Marlins Park, and here’s to some great days down the road for this franchise. Fans like you deserve them more than anybody. Glenn
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    I can't wait for your third scouting report on him!
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    Hi all just joined the group today, looking forward to many great discussions with you all. Been a fish fan since 93 and I figured I’d start off by offering my all time best Marlin 25 man roster (based on Marlins stats only) Starting pitchers Kevin Brown Josh Beckett Jose Fernandez Dontrelle Willis Ricky Nolasco Bullpen Felix Heredia Dennis Cook Matt Mantei Jay Powell Bryan Harvey Antonio Alfonseca Closer Rob Nenn Starters C Charles Johnson 1B Derrick Lee 2B Luis Castillo SS Hanley Ramirez 3B Mike Lowell RF Giancarlo Stanton CF Juan Pierre LF Gary Sheffield Bench Jeff Connie JT Realmuto Edgar Renteria Cliff Floyd Kurt Abbott Love to hear you guys’ feedback
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    I'm pretty confident they will. He is insanely valuable. The best catcher in baseball, coming off a huge breakout season, at 28 years old, with non-guaranteed salaries past 2019, leverage to buy out his prime because he's 2 years from free agency, at the toughest physical position so he will take the buyout, and the rest of the NL East going bananas acquiring guys to pit the Braves and Mets against each other. I think we'll be happy about this one. Yelich will still be the only wart.
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    I don’t know why they don’t do it. Also, if you look at the blueprint they’re trying to follow of championship teams that built from the ground up, they all had a guy they committed to before they reached the point of being great teams. The Astros gave Altuve an extension, the Cubs did it with Rizzo, the Royals committed to Salvador Perez. Etc. Even now, with a team like the Braves who have gotten a lot better, they built around Freddie Freeman. At some point, you have to keep some players. JT Realmuto is a keeper for many reasons. A case could’ve been made for Yelich, but maybe more so for Realmuto considering he’s a catcher. It’s incredibly difficult to find a catcher to build around. We would know that considering all the bad catchers we had in this franchise post-Pudge/before Realmuto arrived.
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    Blah blah blah I'm Robert Manfred and I tell fans how they should feel. Fuck off.
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    I mean, before this year Chisholm had a .271 batting average in the minors. I know that this is not as high as the .278 batting average that Gallen gave up last year in AAA, but there should be no alarms going off about Gallen, right? People are overreacting to Chisholm's bad batting average this year, even though better stats like wRC+ show him to be above average offensively this year despite it being a down year. It is the same way that they are overreacting to Gallen's success this year. Gallen has taken a big step forward, but his underlying stats like BB9 and opposing bapib show that he is still likely to end up as the mid to bottom rotation piece everyone expected when he was acquired in 2017. Marlins have enough pieces who have higher ceilings that he became expendable.
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    So unprofessional Heyman. We should only be talking about the guy's baseball skills, not his bedroom skills.
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    Osiris Johnson 2018: Osiris Johnson 2019: So I guess stress fractures in your leg improve your hitting and leave everything else the same, but overall you get worse. Good job mlb.com.
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    Helps. Their specific needs would be more obvious and they’d be closer to contention in that scenario. They could bump the off-season spending up to this coming off-season instead of the next off-season.
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    Ok, so I just listened to it (he was on for about 30 mins), and took a bunch of notes for everyone if they don't want to listen. A good chunk of this is stuff we already know, but he also gave some insights into other things and reasons for things. These comments go in order of the interview. ---- Homer: will move outside and be part of a new artwalk outside the park goes off for home runs, wins, and every day at 3:05 (am too....just kidding). he mentioned the art that's already around the park, but it sounded like more would be coming - I'm guessing the "our colores" campaign is a good representation of the type of art that could be coming......it'd be cool to see some of this type of thing on the parking garages or the side of the building in areas didn't specify if this would happen for 2019 SRO section (where the sculpture was): when he arrived, he saw a lack of engaging sections - the Budweiser bar was good, but wanted to see more as we've known, the top section is for everyone, middle for SRO tickets only, bottom is for groups didn't really have any good group areas (aside from suites), this new setup gives them a new area for groups General ballpark comments: Blue walls - there were too many colors before Green wall (didn't elaborate much on this or what type of plants they'd be) They want to create a "that's Miami" look and feel with the new look; they feel this new look is "Miami today" The Club: direct view/access to the field (currently you have to go through back corridors and hallways to get between the Diamond club and field/seating area) view of batting cages (I'd assume it'll be mirrored glass to not disturb the players) more flexible arrangement off seats - not just the 4-8 top tables they have now new food options DJ booth (I question whether that crowd would like that, but ok) revamped bar like you'd see in Wynwood or Brickell General comment: like the idea of small bites/craft cocktails They want care and attention given to ALL areas of the park/experience, not just certain areas. EX: same time/energy devoted to kids area as The Club He hinted at a longer range plan to make further changes, and said they can't do everything at once Promenade/concourse area - the host asked what the casual fan will see has changed in terms of food/beverage: EVERYTHING is changing. Every concession stand is changing - the look, feel, food offering/menu will all be new Bringing in outside-branded concepts iconic to Miami (I'm sure they'd have to keep some traditional places too) more small items (not necessarily a big meal) handheld items - mentioned Peruvian and Argentinian - items that reflect Miami they want the entire experience to reflect Miami, not just relegated to a corner (current Taste of Miami) - again, hopefully that doesn't mean completely eliminating traditional options like burgers and pizza. they want people to experience the smells of food cooking as they walk in the park, like San Francisco with the garlic fries and San Diego with fish tacos didn't say anything about concession prices (like what ATL did with the Falcons), but wasn't asked either They want the park to become a destination for people - a 'home away from home' "Party en el Parque" - weekend themes: Fridays - Little Havana Nights - come relax and blow off steam of the week Saturdays - Party Before Dark - 6pm start times, fireworks. He said earlier start times are better for families and for people that want to go out - it gives them time to go out after the game. Miami has great nightlife. Sundays - Sunday Funday - family oriented, kids-centric - from PA to music, etc. Colors: black/teal represented Florida/Miami then with the new colors, they wanted to create/represent Miami today - he mentioned nightlife several times, which goes with our dark/neon lights theory didn't specifically mention the current colors, but I guess the same comment as the walls/park would apply - too many colors --- Overall, it was good interview. It seems like they have put a lot of thought into what they want to do and improve, and he seems like a great hire for the organization.
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    So from the article, they describe the three tiers: He described “Homer’s” current home being transformed into a three-tier structure, with the lowest floor reserved for large groups. The upper two levels would offer all ticket holders a place to stand and watch the game on one side and admire the sights outside the park through the retractable glass walls on the other. “What we think is so great about Marlins Park is you have a beautiful ballpark with an unbelievable view of the downtown Miami skyline,” Bowers said. With “Homer” in place, he said, the plan can’t move forward. “It’s the only place you can do this.” I did a rendering of what I think it could look like:
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    The Miami Marlins now have a legitimate top 5 farm system according to some baseball insiders. It’s time to think about the 2020 Marlins and what they will look like. In my opinion, the future could very well be next year for the Marlins. They will probably have a new manager. It is the last year before their tv deal expires. It is going to be a very pivotal season. With that being said, I would like to see a lot of our “Baby Fish” make their debut. I strongly believe that this could look a lot like (not exact obviously) our 2020 Miami Marlins, which resembles the 2006 Marlins a lot with all those Rookies. I am really excited for next year because it looks like we are finally going to be seeing some of our highly rated prospects come up to the show. 2020 Miami Marlins Rotation Sixto Sanchez Caleb Smith Edward Cabrera Sandy Alcantara Jordan Yamamoto Bullpen Tayron Guerrero Jarlin Garcia Austin Brice Ryne Stanek Jorge Guzman Jose Urena Pablo Lopez Line-Up CF Monte Harrison 2B Isan Diaz RF JJ Bleday 3B Brian Anderson C Jorge Alfaro 1B Lewin Diaz SS Jazz Chisholm LF Jesus Sanchez P Bench Miguel Rojas Bryan Holaday Garrett Cooper Neil Walker Jon Berti This is not a playoff roster. But I think between 2021-2023 is when you will start seeing the Marlins being really competitive.
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    I don't mean this as a joke but imagine what a boost if Brinson does figure it out. And... if he doesn't? The organization is already showing what they can do when a top prospect doesn't work out. This is key because many won't work out and so they're already covering their asses and not putting all their eggs in one basket. It's like not they said Brinson has to be the guy so we don't need any other outfielders because he must pan out. Awesome.
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    Maybe we should do minor league game threads instead
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    A loss is still a loss but if you've actually watched these games you've seen this team has battled and kept itself in every game even when its felt over early. Some hate when this is said but a break here and there and this team could have seriously been 6-0 right now. For a team that many expect to approach 100 losses you can't complain about the competitive spirit this squad has shown thus far. Eventually some of these breaks will go our way. Let's get em tonight!
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    Just imagine, if the Ump made that call against the Yankees in NY..
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    Oh definitely, he'll be in the bullpen before every start. That's where all the starters warmup.
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    Ok y’all got me more on board with the Blues. Name and numbers look awesome in the sun. Love this new look more and more seeing it outside and on players.
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    If they deemphasize the "baseball" portion, they may lose out on the main demographic of FanFests - kids who want autographs. There seems to be a tension in the marketing department between appealing to the typical baseball crowd (families with kids) and some idealized version of the Miami nightlife crowd. I get that for games, but not a FanFest.
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    I wish we could just delete all your posts.
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    There are no road uniforms. At the urging of Wei Yin Chen the Marlins have decided to not play any road games next season. All 162 games will be played at Marlins Park.
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    I tried a few quick variations of these two:
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    I sincerely hope they do make some noise and get these guys on board. I know some of you think I'm on here trolling about the moves they've made and I'm not an actual Marlins fan but I assure you there is no other team I bleed for. Getting these guys and extending JT in the offseason would be a nice start to next year.
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    I'll take 2 WS titles in 25 years over 0 in 20 years (and counting) Ask the Braves how much playoff appearances without a WS title mean. They went basically every year in 90s and won it all once. The goal is to win titles, not just reach the playoffs and head home.
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    If you've never heard of them, why did you fire them, Derek?
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    Even dumber, now he's accruing service time without even playing. DEMOTE HIM.
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    You F’ing kidding me. What the F is going on with this franchise and fox sports.
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    Only one problem with that quote... Can't run the organization the way it's been run before??? THEN WHY IS MIKE HILL STILL THE GM????
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    @taiwanmarlin hurry and take a pic with before he gets traded
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    They got him for a guy they took off the Cardinals' scrap heap though according to you so it is a can't lose kind of trade!
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    That's the spirit, welcome aboard!!! It's funny how Sixto was a Phenom/Stud/Elite/Sensational prospect before he got traded to the marlins. Now he's a bum with no real talent, command and pitches. ????
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    Agreed. If all we're getting offered are the type of returns we got for Ozuna or Stanton then I'm confident we can still get that type of return even when there are less suitors or before the trade deadline. There's no reason to not wait and hold out and hope someone pulls the trigger and gives us a top prospect. JT is absolutely worth it and any team rumored to get him has the funds to sign him long-term. If you read the comments on twitter it's basically a bunch of fans from all the teams rumored to be interested saying some version of how the Marlins got a bad deal in the Stanton or Yelich trades so why are they being so hard to deal with now, should just accept what they're being offered. Sports fans are so dumb sometimes, they're basically answering their own question. If we wanted another mediocre haul, we can do it whenever the eff we want. Pay up or shut up. Fortunately there are actually a few fans that realize how good JT really is. I think we get something done with Dodgers or Astors at the end of the day.
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    I will say that after taking a year off from baseball, The new uniforms were definitely perfect to get me back in the mood for baseball and got me excited for the future. I’m going to be ready for spring training that’s for sure.
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    Wait until JT sees the new logo. He'll obviously change his mind then.
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    I want both jobs, I see myself as a Dan Jennings type.
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    A SOFT lineout. Soft. Like my dick when Tazawa enters the game.
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    no idea why anderson isnt up right now...telis fucking blows...move DD to 1st and put brian at 3b

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