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    Last home game of the year. If you’re a diehard Marlins fan and you live in the Tri-County area and you won’t be in attendance, you mildly suck. I will be there. Section 27, Row J, Seats 1,2 and 3. Come catch Marlins FEVER.
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    a DP just like how @SonOfJack likes it
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    stop being a brown nose agreeing with me
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    I'm not sure if I should agree with this or not, do you agree?
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    I'll agree with this, the original Rock. Awesome.
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    I thought he meant this rock...millennials
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    he got extended at the end of the 2017 season
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    The fact that Elieser has become an option worth considering is awesome in itself. Most thought he wouldn't contribute at all here.
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    You wouldn't want to see a contender in 2020? Odd for you to turn against them if they somehow did contend.
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    It is time for Dawson and Perez to get over it. Jeter could’ve acted like he did nothing wrong but instead he reached out and tried to make things right. What he did was shitty, but not attending his induction would also be shitty.
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    Another guy asking for proof? Haven't we gone over this thing enough? Seriously. Nobody here is 100% sure of anything but we all have been following all of this pretty closely for, well, like forever, and we can only go over the evidence we have and compare it to all the reports and stories that have come out over the years. And based on what we've seen there is strong evidence that Hill has been a better GM in his time under Jeter and Co compared to his time under Loria and Friends... don't think anyone can truly argue that. Yes we could all still be wrong and Mike Hill might be a total moron of a GM but it's getting reallllly hard to argue that Hill isn't better without Loria around. You choose what you want to believe but if I hear my window break and then I go over and I see a rock in the pile of shattered glass I'm gonna believe that that rock broke my window even though I didn't 100% see it happen. Why is this concept so hard to understand?
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    It's not my business but if you're taking up three seats it might be time to start watching what you eat and some exercise wouldn't hurt.
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    Yeah I think the first few starts really skewed his reality for me personally. When it should have been taken with a grain of salt. If he turned out to be a solid 4 or 5 I'd be very happy. Idk who I like more: Elieser or Jordan?
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    Royals are winning their game 9-5 Shit this feels like loser playoff run..so excited
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    Only if @SilverBullet also likes it

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