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    It should, but not as important as his expected adjusted HNHZY-. Or even better, his Batting Leverage Opportunities With Massive Expectations, aka BLOWME. Very advanced stat there.
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    You can believe in whatever stats you want to believe in, I don't care what you enjoy. I choose to not use them because if a guy has a good HNHZY+, it doesn't mean much to me. I saw enough evidence of the faults in having so many stats when there became ways to prove any point about any player. You can use some 4 letter stat and show me why Player A is better than Player B. Then I can reference a five letter one with a plus sign next to it and prove the opposite. Totally cool that some people like them and believe in them though.
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    You didn't enjoy the ballpark experience, NOW Jeter will be concerned.
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    Do you remember who won or lost? Or who even was playing?
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    Weird fetish bro.
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    Because most are college seniors who will never be drafted again so they aren't able to ask for more. They either take it or leave it and never get signed at all. And even then the lower amount is a huge improvement of what they were getting before so they take it. Yes there's a huge gap between 100,000 and 300,000 but if you weren't making much before then even the 100,000 is an excellent amount at this point so they take it.
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    No one is requiring anyone to understand advanced stats in order to enjoy baseball. In the same way I can enjoy the weather without a meteorology degree, you can certainly enjoy baseball without understanding why the teams shift the infield or bat Castro 4th. However, I don't expect my complaints about the weather to have much merit given I know very little about how clouds move or storms develop. This is a commonly held position, but also a straw man argument. Do you have any examples of the analytics community sharply dividing on the analysis of certain players or strategies? More often than not the opposite happens. Because most baseball analysts are using similar statistics and similar statistical methodologies and best practices, there tends to exist more consensus, bordering on echo chamber risks, than bitter disagreements. I can think of, in the last 15 years, maybe 3 or 4 hotly debated topics within the analytics community (aging curves, wOBA vs tAV, and a few other small ones). More often than not, new statistics created say similar things to the old ones -- xFIP, SIERA, and DRA all agree with FIP and even ERA that Clayton Kershaw is great. This of course is not say that a fella, let's call him Hodd Tollandsworth, can't dig up weird, useless, esoteric stats to build his own narratives. If today he feels like Rojas is clutch sometimes but not all times, he'll dig up Rojas's batting average with runners in scoring position during the last 3 day games. That's a split of a split of a split -- all using a 200-year-old statistic from when the game was VERY different. Hodd's stats? Yeah, those are utterly useless and a stain in the general baseball conversation.
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    If they killed, they'd be in jail and wouldn't be able to make the debut. Think before you speak.
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    Hey I appreciate all the responses. I see that a lot of you have had similar experiences at the ballpark. I'm just as tired of the attendance narrative that infects everything Marlins. This was never meant to come as another complaint in a long line of them. I was genuinely dejected leaving the stadium. I agree with all the factors (Monday game vs cardinals with no runs), but the place was LIFELESS. I agree in general with Jeter's plan to rebuild the farm system....I'm just not sure how much longer baseball in Miami can go on like this.
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    Ballpark atmosphere in terms of the on field product (as in nothing to do with concessions and music and other between innings entertainment) is very dependent on if the team is good (or at least playing well such as a few weeks ago) and on how much offense there is. There isn't much that can be done when the team stinks and isn't scoring runs. And I say about scoring runs because we could be a one hundred loss team and the home fans will still be invested in an individual game if they see home runs and multiple baserunners as those things create more exciting on field situations even if the team ultimately loses.
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    If I understand it right... They drafted college seniors and juniors who aren't gonna demand more money and so they sign those guys below value and that allows them to allocate the saved money to sign the first rounders to higher bonuses to ensure they sign. It's either smart use of the money or it's just #CheapJeter... you decide which you want it to be.
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    Is it weird that I enrolled my kid in all day summer camp so that he can get off my ps4 and I finally get some real time on this game? Don't tell the wife though.
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    Welcome aboard! This city has shown they go to sporting events when the team is playing well. Doesn't matter if they're cuban or Turkish, if there's a good team on the field people will come. No one came to see Hechavarria, and no one has declared their allegience to the marlins for signing the Mesa brothers. I'm cuban, but I don't want this team trying to use the "hispanic" card to draw people in. Let's build a classic baseball culture in the city and let it cultivate over generations like the other teams have.
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    Hot take: Mike Trout is the most underrated player in baseball. Not because people don't think he's good, but because people don't realize how good. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball by many value stats since 2005. Mike Trout wasn't even drafted until 2009. He is already one of the greatest players of all time and he isn't even halfway through with his career. Michael Trout
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    just how @SonOfJack likes it
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    It’s very simple. Every great crowd in sports has a hearty bandwagon. You’re not going to find 40,000 fans that will live and die with a team under every circumstance. We don’t have a bandwagon. To get one we must be good for a prolonged period of time. We’ve never done that. Once that happens then maybe our bandwagon will assemble and create the much needed atmosphere. But until then no amount of parties en el parque or uniform changes or instruments or whatever else marketing come up with is going to create an atmosphere. People do. We need a bandwagon. Every great crowd has a significant bandwagon.
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    YOUR Miami Marlins host Western Pennsylvania's own Pirates at Marlins Park in muggy Miami, Florida. Trevor "Dicks" Richards (3-6, 3.31 ERA) takes on Steven "Don't Taze Me" Brault (2-1, 5.05 ERA) in the opening game of the series. According to Baseball Reference's WAR calculation (rWAR), Trevor Richards has been the best pitcher the Marlins have so far this season. He is fifth according to calculations on Fangraphs (fWAR). (If you're wondering why I personally take Fangraphs WAR more seriously, Baseball Reference says that Miguel Rojas has been the second most valuable player on the Marlins roster this season.)
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    Thought this was worth sharing... Hat Club exclusive designs of MLB caps if they were in neon lights which really makes them all in the style of the Marlins' logo design... heavy on black with a vacant/more black middle of each logo to accentuate the colors of the outlines. Here are a few examples. Some are pretty cool and I think it kinda "proves" what the Marlins were going for and shows that it can work even if it's different and not for everyone. One more, there's a few retro versions as well and here's the Florida Marlins logo, not too much different since the F was already black in the middle anyways...
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    This is nice. The 4 guys you have competing for the 5th spot should all be good enough on their own. Definitely seeing the depth now. Also we might still have a couple more who sneak into the picture by the time we're ready to compete.
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    There's no way they can sign all the draft picks from this year. The Marlins can only sign the ones that they drafted.
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    I think at this point granderson should be DFA and they might as well bring brinson back up. If you're going to have an OFer hitting below .200 at least brinson plays better defense. Castro should be moved down in the lineup too. Let ramirez or alfaro hit 4th.
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    Shouldn't need to take a calculus class to enjoy baseball
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    They are, but I don't think the world needs so many.
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    Fangraphs says Alfaro has been our most valuable player, followed by Cooper and Anderson (tie), Neil Walker, and Harold Ramirez, THEN Miggy Ro.
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    Probably means the exact terms can be renewed twice at five year intervals. The rest of the lease likely says which party (probably both) are responsible for exercising the option. Otherwise it has to be renegotiated
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    Let’s sticky this to stymie Jeter relocation conspiracy talk
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    it's only illegal if you get caught and convicted - he'd probably have a chance to make that debut as the justice system moves slowly
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    Hill went to Harvard, he is probably not dumb. He is just not the best GM in the world.
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    He was definitely out there throwing gas (even though it more closely resembled baseballs)
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    I agree with this 100% BUT, we have that whole 90% humidity problem.
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    Something Marlins Park suffers a great deal from. And I’m not talking good noise (home fans cheering). I’m talking incessant noise created by a DJ (a fucking DJ at a ballpark?!?!?!?!) and noises created by a production team.
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    You'll have plenty of people who consider the traditional ballpark experience boring though. Especially in a city like this where there are so many cultures represented, so many other fanbases represented, and honestly so many other entertainment options as well. Gotta do things to try and make the place fun beyond the on field product. If they don't and just keep it "traditional" you'll have a lot of people complaining that they don't try and do more either... especially when the team sucks. With that said, not all of it is nonsense... what team doesn't do mid inning entertainment segments these days? Would you rather watch the defense do their warm up throws in complete silence? And what's wrong with Latin music? It's popular music in this city. It's not all bad music and enough people like it.
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    No way, man. You need to ascend, brother. Cleanse yourself of this fantasy world of "just enjoying the game." I just want you to be better, friend.
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    I meant all the people in the thread prior to my post, friend.
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    I wish it was just a traditional ballpark experience. Keep the walkup songs and mid inning organ, drop the dancers, spanglish, mid inning games/segements, and latin music. If the team sucks then so be it. Obviously that needs to be fixed, but all the nonsense on the side is a slap in the face. Just let me watch my shitty team in peace.
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    <insert Stanton chasing 60 home runs argument>
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    Elieser looked good. I'm surprised we aren't talking about that.
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    Honestly not much to choose from. Keep Castro out there in hopes that he gets hot again and builds ANY kind of value for the trade deadline. The logical choice would have been Walker but he is still injured. I'd rather they stop putting Riddle or Granderson out there.
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    Not saying Cubans go to the games but Cubans also don’t give a shit about “the Hispanic card”. That was one of the errors of the loria era.
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    Let me see if I understand... getting Yuli Gurriel is gonna suddenly bring in all the 200k Cuban fans who haven't gone to the games regularly before?
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    Watching him today I was already thinking about this thread. I'm down with cutting his ass.
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