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    I had a music teacher who, when berating the poor performance of the woodwinds, once asked how much sewage does it take to turn a glass of Pepsi into sewage? I contend that anything greater than a molecule or two of doody-water changes the drink from soda to sewage. Even a 10th of a teaspoon. His purpose was to get the clarinets to tune their dang instruments, but the analogy is relevant here. We know, without much doubt, that Loria was a very bad owner, an unqualified meddler and a penny pincher -- the worst combo. And yet, after a sip of the sewage Pepsi, we are now confident we don't like Pepsi. In reality, though, Pepsi just reminds us of sewage, and rightfully gives us a smidge of PTSD. But we don't really know what Pepsi tastes like. What I'm saying is I find it difficult to agree with this sentiment: "This rebuild is going great; let's fire the top executives." Without inside knowledge of who does what, how they perform in their tasks, and so on, I'd say the desire to call for Mr. Hill's firing is misplaced.

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