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    Marlins radio play by play guy absolutely NAILS it in reference to the Marlins and their lack of support at Marlins Park. Read the whole thread it’s worth while
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    You have the most wins, but also the most loses. That puts you in 7th for win%. @rmc523 has the best win%, but has only done a single game. I would say @THRILLHO is the leader among qualifiers. 1st: @rmc523: 1-0 (1.000) 2nd: @THRILLHO: 7-4 (.636) 3rd: @el_gmac: 3-2 (.600) 4th: @Das Texan: 2-2 (.500) 4th: @SilverBullet: 1-1 (.500) 6th: @pollythewog: 2-3 (.400) 7th: @SonOfJack: 10-16 (.385) 8th: @SongInTheAir: 1-3 (.250) 9th: @Michael: 2-7 (.222) 10th: @DTrain: 1-4 (.200) 11th: @taiwanmarlin: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Marlino: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Ema2R: 0-2 (.000)
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    my official detailed scouting report on Sixto Sanchez is that dude's a monster.
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    Richards vs. Ponce de Leon. I can't believe this guy is still around. Must be over 500 years old.
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    I can't wait for your third scouting report on him!
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    it does give you hope for a year or two from now when even more of the top arms in the minors are in the mix too (and hopefully more bats). on that note - I'm gonna go watch Sixto pitch tonight.
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    If no one is willing to drive from Tampa to St. Pete, why do they think they will be willing to drive all the way to Montreal? Terrible idea. #FuckJeter
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    I guess he did discover the fountain of youth.
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    Is this why you constantly mix up player first and last names?
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    The veterans we have aren't important or useful. Get more prospects.
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    I honestly think this team will send Adam Conley to the all star game that way he’s already there and ready to pitch the home run derby
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    Nice to see them paying attention. I sometimes felt like the old regime missed obvious decisions. Not saying Cesar is an All-Star but this was an obvious move for a team like the Marlins.
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    Jordan Yamamoto makes his second start. And for laughs... Mistakes like that irk me, not because it's the Marlins but because that's at a major league ballpark, mistakes like that shouldn't be happening, comes off super lazy and unprofessional.
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    I went to both the Friday and Saturday games (I have a 20 game season ticket package). Attendance on Friday was bad, the game was never competitive, and there was absolutely no energy in the park. On Saturday, the attendance was a bit better, the game was very competitive and fun to watch, and there was a lot more cheering and enthusiasm from the crowd. Much better atmosphere. So, for all we want to talk about "experience", it really does depend most on the quality of the game. I haven't experienced the A/C problems, unless you are talking about the wind tunnel effect in the top few rows of the promenade sections. Beyond that, I haven't experienced any temperature issues. Finally, concessions are overpriced but not terrible. As someone said, there are two "value priced" concession stands. And, anecdotally, the refillable, souvenir sized soda is $8 but is $12 or $13 at Dolphins games. I don't really see what Jeter and Company can do to improve the experience other than put a better team on the field.
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    Hot take: Mike Trout is the most underrated player in baseball. Not because people don't think he's good, but because people don't realize how good. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball by many value stats since 2005. Mike Trout wasn't even drafted until 2009. He is already one of the greatest players of all time and he isn't even halfway through with his career. Michael Trout
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    I’ll be out of communication on a family vacation til July 1 so will resume the updates then. and by reading twitter going to be so many new names everywhere as the baby fish have been in the move over the past few days biggest move is Jerar Encarnación and Chris Vallimint going from Clinton to Jupiter going to be interesting to see how they perform while I’m gone go Marlins #juntosmiami
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    I feel like the people who are "boycotting" the team since Jeter made all those trades are the same people who were "boycotting" the team when Loria made the trades in 2012 and "boycotting" the team at the old park when they realized it is hot in Florida.
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    My lifelong dream is to use that hashtag on the Instagram post that celebrates the final out of our next World Series win.
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    As far as Geffner is concerned, I know for a fact that he goes to almost every game home and away. This is a real fan. Yet, our fans keep coming up with reasons not to go.
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    The Phillies don't beat writers, the Mets do.
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    It wouldn't be an over the hill guy like Encarnacion but it is interesting to think if they might sign a bat if they do continue to show improvement throughout the year as they've been doing lately. 20 of 35 lately right? A couple more stretches like this might be enough to move to the next stage of the rebuild even if they still finish in last place. Also remember they made a push for DJ Lemahieu last offseason... this ownership might not be as far from free agency as we think.
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    I can't believe he'd choose his family over us.
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    And a nice quick inning for Jarlin. Give him the 7th.
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    Of all the crazy things some "fans" have said, this ranks as the nuttiest one.
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    There are plenty... Jeter is worse than Loria. Jeter is too cheap. Jeter purposely bought the team with the intention of losing to eventually relocate them. Attendance is bad. Jeter is gonna have a fire sale every year. I probably forgot a few.
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    Only if many many injuries occur. Right now it's looking to be on a good track.
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    Chen value has never been higher folks
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    I haven’t given his stats a look. But I did go to a Hammerheads game this year in which he played. On that particular day he looked good. It’s hard to say with him because I think this year is all about getting him back into the swing of things after having not played for so long
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    It's funny how this team is always either losing a bunch in a row or winning a bunch in a row. The record says the bottom line but one could pick up this team at any given day and easily be like "man they suck" or "hey they aren't that bad." I can't decide if that's meaningless or if it means something good may actually be brewing here.
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    Four pages into this thread and no one but me has said what they are gonna do at the deadline. Everyone just keeps mentioning what they think the Marlins should do at the deadline.
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    In his last 9 games, Brinson is hitting with a slash line of .333/.421/.879. He has 4 homers an 5 walks in that stretch. He has scored 10 and driven in 14.
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    lol Phillies post-game show - they are livid that they lost to the "stinking" Marlins; they can't admit that our starting rotation is not terrible
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    Complete speculation, but I imagine they have an innings limit on him for this year (maybe 120ish) and they want those split between AA/AAA this year. With Gallen being promoted (and some A+ guys ready for AA) this is a nice opportunity to get him up to NOLA and keep challenging him
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    There is a report that No. 1 prospect Sixto Sánchez is on his way to New Orleans
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    Marlins in their plethora of moves also promoted 4th rounder Evan Edwards from Batavia to Clinton and he had an RBI single in his first AB
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    Lolol I was literally thinking this.
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    Ump didn't help that inning.
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    This is the dumbest idea I've seen in terms of the future of the Rays.
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    Dang, did he run to make sure everyone was OK?
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    Good start for those 3 this weekend.
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    Yeah, it's not like we're competing and can't waste a roster spot, what a rebuilding team needs to do was trying all the players in the regular games.
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    Burdick kicking ass...
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    I understand the value of pitching depth, but this is the reason I want to trade Caleb (with the assumption that his market value isn’t ridiculously low). If we could grab a top 75-100 prospect for him with some other intriguing bats, sign me up. You’re still looking at a 2020/2021 staff of - 1. Sixto 2. Pablo 3. Sandy 4. Gallen 5. Richards Depth - Yamamoto, Neidert, Garrett, Rogers, Cabrera. And that’s with Guzman and Holloway getting moved to the pen

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