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    I forgot to make a post a few weeks ago on my 15th anniversary of this site. I used to be much more active e but stupid adulting has taken my time away. For those not aware, I am your resident Marlins fan from Iowa... Davenport to be exact (been dealing with quite a bit of flooding lately!). I became a Marlins fan in 1995 when I was 12 years old when my hero, Andre Dawson, signed with the Fish. I grew up idolizing him when he was on the Cubs. When he went to the Red Sox for two seasons, I became a Sox fan. When he went to the Fish in '95, I became a fan of the Marlins and have been a fan ever since. I remember that '97 World Series game so vividly as a 14 year old. That hooked me in and there was no going back. Flash forward to 2003. What a magical run that was. Being surrounded by Cubs fans, game 6 was one of the more amazing life events. Words can't explain the level of excitement (and fear) I felt being in a bar with 100 pissed off Cubs fans in my Marlins gear. It was amazing. I would say though, during that magical 2003 run, that the best game of the entire playoffs was game 3 of the NLDS against the Giants. The Jose Cruz error, falling behind in extras then Pudge ending with 2 outs and bases load... Amazing. Then the next game with Niner to Pudge to end the series.. so awesome. Then beating the Cubs.. and then winning a world series IN Yankee Stadium. Boy oh boy. Any way, I am rambling. The last 15 years have been tough but my level of fandom has never swayed. Seeing your favorite players continually traded, cheap owners, terrible farm system.. I still never gave up on them! Granted, I would throw hissy fits and say eff the Marlins every once in a while, but I would always come back (I'm an adult and not capable of switching loyalties). I try to go to a Marlins game or series at least once or twice a year. Have already gone to a Brewers game (we won 8-3.. we had lost the last 6 times I had seen them!). That may be it for this year.. all the games I go to (Milwaukee, Chicago, StL) happened very early in the season. Also the owner at my local bar knows to put the Marlins game on the TV when I am in the place (Doesn't exactly make me popular.. lol). I would say that I am pretty excited for this current team. I feel that Jeets is turning a corner and I really hope it keeps up. The young pitchers are incredibly impressive. Really hope that we are able to give them some offense because I think this turnaround could be a lot quicker than people expected. Anywho, just thought I'd ramble on a little bit. I haven't done that too often during my 15 years on this site. Keep believing Marlins fan.. our loyalty will be rewarded again... it has to!! Larry -- Thanks for everything. You've always run a good site. I'm sure when Jeets gets this train rolling that we'll be seeing quite a few new faces on this site! Go Fish
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    I can't wait for your third scouting report on him!
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    Absolutely. This kind of play should expedite the plans. We are getting a clearer picture of the team's specific needs. It is no longer "everything".
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    Marlins radio play by play guy absolutely NAILS it in reference to the Marlins and their lack of support at Marlins Park. Read the whole thread it’s worth while
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    You have the most wins, but also the most loses. That puts you in 7th for win%. @rmc523 has the best win%, but has only done a single game. I would say @THRILLHO is the leader among qualifiers. 1st: @rmc523: 1-0 (1.000) 2nd: @THRILLHO: 7-4 (.636) 3rd: @el_gmac: 3-2 (.600) 4th: @Das Texan: 2-2 (.500) 4th: @SilverBullet: 1-1 (.500) 6th: @pollythewog: 2-3 (.400) 7th: @SonOfJack: 10-16 (.385) 8th: @SongInTheAir: 1-3 (.250) 9th: @Michael: 2-7 (.222) 10th: @DTrain: 1-4 (.200) 11th: @taiwanmarlin: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Marlino: 0-1 (.000) 11th: @Ema2R: 0-2 (.000)
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    my official detailed scouting report on Sixto Sanchez is that dude's a monster.
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    Really? I remember reading comments and things all the time about "reported attendance is X, but there definitely was a lot fewer than X in the park"
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    To be serious, I can say that I keep renewing, not to show support to the marlins for the way they do things, but for my own selfish reasons. I grew up down here and a diehard baseball fan. Walking in the stadium that first game in 1993 was magical, I stopped and just said "oh my, a regular season game and our own team". Sure, the "experience" and "experiences" over the years challenges anyone to keep supporting this business, but to a baseball fan, it goes beyond a business. I differ from the example if the food is really bad at a restaurant, you won't keep going unless they improved it. You can choose a different restaurant, but there will not be another team to go watch. I started taking my daughters to games and my older one and I watch almost every game together, either in person or on TV. You can't beat that except I have now taken my 4 yr old granddaughter to games and she is getting it and asking a million questions. Last Friday night, we were babysitting and it was bedtime and she said "grandpa, can we watch a little baseball before I go to sleep". Her favorite is Brian Anderson. Then she says "I want you to teach me baseball". So, yea, I view this from a different perspective and it is not rare or unusual. The fan base in other cities were built from the same relationships with the kids and the generational growth. This is what we are striving for. And I do not want to lose this team no matter how bad they can be and for this I always say thanks that Loria got it done, regardless of the methods.
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    As far as Geffner is concerned, I know for a fact that he goes to almost every game home and away. This is a real fan. Yet, our fans keep coming up with reasons not to go.
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    The Phillies don't beat writers, the Mets do.
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    It wouldn't be an over the hill guy like Encarnacion but it is interesting to think if they might sign a bat if they do continue to show improvement throughout the year as they've been doing lately. 20 of 35 lately right? A couple more stretches like this might be enough to move to the next stage of the rebuild even if they still finish in last place. Also remember they made a push for DJ Lemahieu last offseason... this ownership might not be as far from free agency as we think.
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    it does give you hope for a year or two from now when even more of the top arms in the minors are in the mix too (and hopefully more bats). on that note - I'm gonna go watch Sixto pitch tonight.
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    If no one is willing to drive from Tampa to St. Pete, why do they think they will be willing to drive all the way to Montreal? Terrible idea. #FuckJeter
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    Gallen's stuff is fucking nasty. Not bad for the spare parts we got for Ozuna.☺☺
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    I bet that hurts passing a gem through the esophagus.
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    You know your organization is bad when your fans start threatening you with a switch to the Marlins.
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    Finally a beat reporter giving us some credit
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    in a row here, this might help: https://www.lenscrafters.com/lc-us/find-a-store
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    so in order to sign "Cal Ripken, Jr." we had to sign "Billy" too
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    I’m with you on Hernandez & Gallen. I think things will sort themselves out as the year (and next year) goes on. For me, Gallen is the only lock. Caleb (and now Pablo) need to prove they can throw 160-180 innings a year, Sandy and Richards need to develop their secondary offerings, and Hernandez just needs more starts in general. I think you’re going to see them go with a rotation of Caleb, Gallen, Sandy, Richards, Yamamoto for a good portion of time, with Hernandez filling in when they determine they want to limit some innings and skip a start. I expect they will be very cautious with Pablo The great thing is as we start to learn who these pitchers are over a full season, guys like Sixto, Neidert, and even Rogers/Garrett/Cabrera get closer to entering the picture as well.
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    I feel like the people who are "boycotting" the team since Jeter made all those trades are the same people who were "boycotting" the team when Loria made the trades in 2012 and "boycotting" the team at the old park when they realized it is hot in Florida.
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    My lifelong dream is to use that hashtag on the Instagram post that celebrates the final out of our next World Series win.
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    Rendon may be "early" but if you can sign him, you do, as he'll be here in whatever competitive window you create (you're not signing him for a year or two) - he could be that Werth type signing where you get a guy maybe before you're ready to be truly competitive, but he'll be there, and show everyone you're serious. We'd presumably have a protected first pick, though, right?
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    Just read through it again, excellent. I wonder if there was a specific thing that fired up Glenn for this since he never does this. Also, he is showing Frisaro how it's done who tries these bold comments in a smarmy way while Glenn is here using facts and professionalism to get his points across.
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    Clearly this thread pissed him off.
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    Is this why you constantly mix up player first and last names?
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    The veterans we have aren't important or useful. Get more prospects.
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    I honestly think this team will send Adam Conley to the all star game that way he’s already there and ready to pitch the home run derby
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    Way to stay with that one, Harold.
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    Luckily for the Marlins, they only play the Braves 3 times in the next 44 days. Because the Braves own that Marlins ass no doubt.
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    Harold's not THAT bad. He rates best in left field, so should probably leave him over there. Can't just move him to first base, either, he's only 5'10 and his speed would be wasted there. Cooper is fine at first. Lindor I wouldn't mind signing, or Rendon.
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    I honestly want the Phillies to stay in contention so that they can trade more from their depleting farm system, but by God it is fun to watch the Philly fans crumble on twitter. Almost as fun as watching Mets fans wearing bags on their heads.
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    Just use Cooper at first, no need to use sign one of those aging vets.
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    Anderson was 25 last year. Unless he found a way to age in reverse or he found the fountain of youth that Juan Ponce de Leon used to pitch against us this week, I don't see how he would be 24 this year.
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    Jerar does it again 2nd homer in as many days in Jupiter
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    "the Marlins should never have gotten rid of Straily fuck Jeter for being so cheap Straily was probably going to be a Cy Young contender"
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    DFA does and yes Puello took that spot.
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    Might want to get Bleday signed first, then Misner after - see how much they have left on signing bonus for Misner. Bleday top priority.
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    Marlins gave up cash for him? they couldn't give up a top prospect? #fuckjeter
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    Spends 11 years in the minors, finally gets called up for 12 games, hits .390/.500/.683 and gets dfa'd. Weird

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