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    No, he didnt have one chance to win them over. Pouring money into an already out of our means (payroll wise) team that would have at best been a wild card team and at worst was an injury away from being just as bad was a way to maybe energize a fanbase for a month and maybe also send both them further away and the team further from contention. If the rebuild works as planned and turns the franchise into a long term annual contender and the team shows a willingness to add to the base of prospects that they will have that hopefully leads to that long term contention via smart free agent additions as well as a willingness to spend in the draft and IFA, the fans will come. this whole idea that south florida was just clamoring for a new owner and would have immediately started coming to games in droves with the same mediocre team is just so ridiculous and such monday morning quarterbacking. south florida supports winners. if we made the same moves and somehow this current team was a contender right now the fans would be there right away. there is nothing that could have been done that would bring them back overnight. This was always going to need to be a long term process that did three things to win back the fans: change the team building strategy of ignoring the draft/ifa and trading away good prospects/cheap players for instant major league impact who are mediocre, change the way the franchise interacts with the community (both in terms of how they view and treat fans and how they interact with local businesses in a way that mirrors how the heat interact with the community), and change the perception that this team is run by a moron without a clue (which is just something that will take time given the history of the franchise). Given time and this rebuild going to plan, the fans will not only be back but they will have a bigger base of fans once this rebuild comes to fruition and shows in a year or 2 that this rebuild was the right thing to do to make this team better on the field and on the balance sheet/income statement and not just a money dump to make investors money.
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    Couldn't agree more with this. Unfortunately. If and when this franchise is ever in a position to contend again, its possible the South Florida market will by that time have become so turned off to Jeter and this team and for so long that it may not even matter. That is the risk this ownership is taking.
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    You're dealing with a very fickle fanbase and what he did is no way to grow or excite that base. He had one chance to win them over and he swung and missed.

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