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    See look. We dont disagree on EVERYTHING.
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    Halfway competent and not such a little bitch that blocks people would be a start, tbh.
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    Trade deadline hasn't passed yet. Trading a couple of guys doesn't change that from being possible. No team stays 100% intact, even defending WS champs make a couple of changes.
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    Any time he disagrees with somebody, he’s very unprofessional about it. Even blocks people on Twitter for no reason. He’s done it to a couple of people on this board. He’s very biased, and never reports anything negative about the team. He pretends like Jeter is a god now, but the reality is he defended Loria a lot too. He thinks whatever the Marlins do is good.
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    Marlins should have signed more veterans to one year deals over the winter like I said back in the winter.
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    You make it harder on yourself to understand. Any trades we make this next few days will be made with the intent of competing sooner rather than later. Trading Barraclough Conley Ziegler Straily or Castro isn't going to prolong our rebuild... if done right it will actually get us better FASTER.
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    Why does he have your number and why does he call you bitch?

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